Tales of the Slayer

Shadows Across Arkham

A Buffy PBEM

Created by Rick Jones

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Milla Jovovich as Honoria Blackwell

(Scripted by Jae Walker)

Sophie Aldred as Jeanette DuBois

(Scripted by Chris Nasipak)

Chris Cooper as Clarence Holt

(Scripted by Pete Vonder Haar)

Paul Darrow as Tom Burdon

(Scripted by Michael Croft)

Kirsten Dunst as Frances Perkins

(Scripted by Ginger Stampley)

Jude Law as Jeremiah Vincent Astorbilt

(Scripted by James Myers)

Heath Ledger as Seth Bishop

(Scripted by Kris Kunkel)

Alan Rickman as Dr. Richard Lazarus

(Scripted by Karen Alfrey)

Also Starring....


Danny Strong as Issac Levinson
Sir Ian McKellen as Dr. Armitage
Jonathan Hyde as Issac McCall
Frances Fisher as Agnes McCall
Woody Harrelson as Dan the Bartender
Michael Ironsides as The Captain
Dan Florek as Henry Perkins
Sylvester McCoy as David duBois
Wil Wheaton as Walter Gilman
David Patrick Kelly as Father
Antonio Banderas as Shadowy Voice
Juliet Landau as Drusilla
James Marsters as Spike
Hudson Leick as Vanessa
[Central Casting] as Fred Dexter
[Central Casting] as Mabel Ward



Episode 1: At Last We Meet

Episode 2

last updated 21 April 2003