Coronation to Return (Thirstday, 6 Archer through Tirsday, 4 Coins)


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Thirstday, 6 Archer

The Coronation: Coronation ceremony, swearing of fealty and knighting of Ruby candidates. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

The Blessing of the Fleet: Lunch, the procession to the docks, and the Blessing of the Fleet; Julian and his children ride back to the castle; Marius arrives to escort Aisling to the Masque. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: Early Arrivals: Early arrivals at the Masque: Caine, Llewella, Jerod, Vere, Reid, Conner; Conner and Thalia talk with Reid; Solange and Ossian arrive and strike up a conversation; The second wave: Brennan and Cambina, Bleys and Fiona, Lucas and Solace, Marius and Aisling; Marius and Aisling approach Fiona and her Viking companion; Jovian and Kourin arrive, followed by the other dragonriders; Vere, Jerod, Jovian and Kourin discuss the situation in the Isles. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: Later Arrivals: Robin arrives and chats with Brennan and Cambina; The third wave: Merlin, Lilly, and Paige, Gerard, Benedict, Corwin and Flora; Paige, Lilly and Merlin approach Benedict; Robin talks with her brother, Vere and Kourin; Almost-but-not-quite-late arrivals: Julian, Folly and Martin. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: The First Dance: Random and Vialle arrive, and the dancing begins; A few notes on who wants to dance with whom; Brennan dances with Cambina; Ossian dances with Solange; Aisling speaks briefly with Fiona; Martin dances with Folly; Jerod dances with Llewella; Paige continues chatting with Benedict; Merlin asks Lilly to dance; Conner dances with a young lady of Garnath, while Reid dances with Thalia; Marius and Aisling greet the King and Queen; Robin dances with Vere. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: The Second and Third Dances: Jovian asks Fiona for a dance; Ossian asks Robin to dance; [Solange dances with Jerod -- not played out]; Conner asks Solace to dance; Solange dances with Worth; Marius greets Ossian; Aisling talks with Reid. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: The Rest of Hour One: After dancing, Ossian introduces Folly to Marius; Marius dances with Cambina, then talks about dreams; Brennan talks with Bleys; Marius flirts with Vialle; Folly and the Viking go for refreshments; Aisling greets Gerard. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: The Queen's Pavane (Hour Two): Random and Vialle lead a pavane; Folly talks tango; Jovian dances and talks with Kourin; Paige dances and talks with Merlin, and gets a warning from Julian; Robin asks Gerard for permission to court Vere; Aisling dances with Vere. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: After the Pavane (Hour Two): Valeria accosts Martin and Folly; Jerod catches Harga'rel and Harper slipping away from the dance floor; Robin speaks with the Dragonriders and dances with L'Tarn; Vere speaks with his father; a distressed Kourin walks out to check on Hoshith; Jerod accosts the grey wolf. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: Second and Third Dances (Hour Two): Vere chats with Reid about the Paresh; Ossian dances with Paige and talks of Uxmal; Brennan introduces Cambina to Jovian; Conner talks with the Viking; Robin and Aisling talk of fashion in the garden. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: Fourth Dance (Hour Two): Marius seeks out Aisling once more; Jerod asks Lilly for a dance; Aisling accosts Caine to speak about Gerard; Conner talks with Robin. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: Fifth Dance (Hour Two): Brennan invites Solange to dance and speaks of his experiences in Shadow; Vere talks with Jerod of lost friends and court matters; Lilly talks with her father of the fate of the Tecys; Robin talks with Reid of the shifting Shadowpaths and Not-Quite-Amber. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: Sixth Dance (Hour Two): Brennan asks Lilly for a dance; Robin greets Vista and Aunt Felicity; Paige greets the King; a few general notes on how the Youngers are keeping busy; Viking greets sorceress and Fox, and discusses an abundance of Chaos. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: The First Waltz (Hour Three): The orchestra strikes up a waltz; Vere contemplates the waltz; Conner dances with Thalia; Solange asks Marius to dance; Paige dances with Jerod; Ossian invites Lilly to dance; Jovian asks Harper to dance; Robin fails to dance; Vere waltzes with Lady Vesper; Bleys waltzes with Fiona and then trades partners with Random; Firebird and Gryphon continue dancing; Brennan waltzes with Cambina. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: An Unexpected Trump (Hour Three): After talking with Julian, Brita accosts Jerod and Paige; Robin talks with her father; Paige trumps Merlin; Martin and Folly catch up with Brennan and Cambina; Elders' actions as the first waltz ends; as Paige calms Merlin, Jerod and Brita stay alert for possible antagonists; Aisling catches up with Marius and Solange; Robin moves to intercept the Viking; Vere returns to his father and observes the crowd; Jovian looks in on Aisling, Marius and Solange. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: The Not-So-Calm Before The Storm (Hour Three): Lilly and Ossian meet up with Bleys and Vialle; Jerod approaches Benedict and Venesch; Folly and Brennan trump Paige; Corwin talks with Merlin while Paige accepts Folly's call; Reid dances with Fiona; Conner asks Llewella for a dance; Solace chats with Marius and Solange. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: The Storm Breaks (Hour Three): Robin and the Viking go a-hunting; Lilly, Ossian and Vialle move toward Gerard; Jerod and Paige waltz until Martin and Cambina cut in; Vere tracks a Raven; Jovian, Aisling, Brennan and Folly discuss the situation; in the alcove with Death, all hell breaks loose. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Coronation Masque: The Sound and the Fury (Hour Three): Robin and Brita fight Death in the side room; the Youngers keep watch and fight off panic; Dara offers demands and destruction; Brita is pulled into the rift with Cleph. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

The Aftermath: Ossian, Lilly and Vialle trump to a beach; Jovian calms the crowd; Marius inspects the deadly cards; Jerod, Brennan, Aisling and Flora see to an injured Lucas; Brennan tries to calm Solace; Corwin and Merlin join Jerod in seeing to Cambina; Paige helps Folly to her feet, then catches up with her father; Conner and Vere join the crowd in the alcove where Brita disappeared; Jovian enters the alcove just in time for his father's departure; Ossian trumps Marius, then settles in to wait for a reply. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Breaking Things Up: Marius seeks out Random; Bleys departs with Fiona and Conner; Aisling confronts Martin; Marius acquires Ossian's trump from Folly; Reid and Vere emerge from the side room; Worth re-enters the hall; Brennan and Paige speak with Merlin of things sorcerous; Llewella greets Jerod with disturbing news; Things get dicey between Aisling and Martin. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Surveying the Damage: Julian and Robin have a private chat; Cousins react to Martin's injury (and sudden departure with Random); Aisling and Paige depart to check on the wounded; Solange comforts Felicity after the death of Lord Hardwind; Aisling tends the wounded and talks with Ce'e; Llewella asks Reid to investigate Harga'rel's murder. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

House Calls: Brennan checks on Cambina; Robin surveys the scene in the hall; Julian chats with Jovian; Paige and Merlin examine Whistle, the mind-f***ed guard; Marius trumps Ossian and brings the merry beachcombers back to Amber; Aisling checks on Whistle; Random stitches up Martin's shoulder. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Departures and Returns: Robin arranges to meet Vere later; Julian departs Jovian's company; Robin goes griffin-hunting; Jovian approaches Robin; Vere briefs the Queen on happenings in her absence; Vialle addresses the masses; Folly gathers her things and returns to Martin and Random. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Night of a Thousand Redheads: Brennan walks Cambina to her room; Brennan sends out a request for a Knightly meeting; the redheads discuss how to find Brita; Brennan gets Julian's trump from Bleys; Paige consults the cards; Brennan reflects on his day. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

The Party's Over: Jerod departs the murder scene with Llewella and Valeria; Robin and Jovian depart the ballroom; Reid continues his investigation; Vere lets his daddy check his boo-boo; Ossian examines the pointy cards; Jerod makes plans for the morning; Lilly and Vialle retire to Vialle's quarters. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Late-Night Calls: Bleys gets a call from his mother; Vere talks with Robin in the garden. (Thirstday, 6 Archer)

Amber and Arden

Freeday, 7 Archer

The Morning After: Aisling continues tending to Whistle; Jerod starts his day; Jerod talks with Conner; Marius and Vere receive notes from Corwin; Brennan sends a note to Jerod; Reid receives a note from Fiona; Vere sends Jerod a letter; Paige starts her day. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Breakfast of Blondes: Robin and Solange, taking breakfast together, are joined by Vere and Bleys. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Merlin's Morning: First Ossian and then Brennan seek out Merlin as he prepares for his departure to Paris. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

More Morning Plans: Reid breakfasts with Jerod; Robin meets with Reid; Vialle's schedule; Ossian sends a note to Solange; Aisling prepares for the Knights' meeting. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Breakfast With The Knights: Mostly About Aisling: The Knights Commander of the Ruby have breakfast and talk about last night's altercations. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Breakfast With The Knights: On Firelillies and Chaos: The Knightly meeting continues. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

After the Knightly Meeting: Brennan has an unproductive talk with Jerod; Aisling tells Ce'e about her confrontation with Martin; Robin has second breakfast with Jovian. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Dragons and Riders: Lilly talks with Paige; Jovian talks with his father. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Preparations: Jerod meets with Vialle; the Redheads meet to discuss Brita. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Up and Out: Lucas awakes; Corwin and his entourage gather for their departure to Paris. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Of Notes and Boatmen: Marius speaks with Caine; Brennan sends an apologetic note to Jovian; Ossian sends a get-well note to Lucas; Lilly meets with Caine; Paige sends a get-well package to Lucas; Lucas receives a note from Vere; Paige sends a sympathy note to Aunt Felicity. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

The Afternoon After: Ossian and Jovian meet the dragonriders at Ruby Falls; Conner meets with Thalia; Reid gets a note from Vere about the Harga'rel murder; Vialle and Lilly visit Lucas. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Ruby Falls, Stone Steps, Reid Drinks: Jovian and Kourin talk while bathing Hoshith; Jovian and Ossian talk Trump; Brennan and Cambina talk near the steps to Tir; Reid takes tea with Vialle and Lilly. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Sear and Ice: Lucas offers Solace as a mediator between Aisling and Martin. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Robin Hears Turf's Story: Robin collects Turf and departs for Arden with the Rangers. (Freeday, 7 Archer/Starday, 8 Archer)

Redhead Chess: Brennan and Paige chat over a friendly game of chess. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Harga'rel and Heather Vale: Reid sends out notes about the Harga'rel investigation; After dinner, Lilly meets with Reid in the library; Jovian tracks the firelillies from Heather Vale and meets Britomartis. (Freeday, 7 Archer)

Starday, 8 Archer and Sunday, 9 Archer

Starday and Sunday in Amber: Marius calls on Lucas; Lord Hardwind's funeral and estate; Brennan's activities throughout the week; Marius sends a note to Jovian; Marius's activities throughout the week; Gerard sups with Solange; Brennan arranges a meeting with Aisling, Gerard and Caine. (Starday, 8 Archer and Sunday, 9 Archer)

Of Murder and Moonriders: Reid meets with Stoat; Vialle recruits Ossian to the Harga'rel investigation; Reid meets with Wrack; Reid meets with May; Brennan receives notes on the Moonriders from Nestor; Ossian and Reid discuss the Harga'rel murder. (Starday, 8 Archer and Sunday, 9 Archer)

Inquiries and Investigations: Lilly talks with Sir Archer about the Harga'rel investigation; Robin and her Rangers check in on Girth. (Starday, 8 Archer and Sunday, 9 Archer)

Dragon Breath: Robin and her Rangers trump to Julian's post, where Not-Quite-Girth attacks the Warden of Arden. (Sunday, 9 Archer)

Tirsday, 11 Archer

Hide and Go Seek: Brennan goes looking for Aisling, but finds Ossian and Lucas instead. (Tirsday, 11 Archer)

Death and Disappearances: Lilly investigates Aisling's disappearance; Brennan talks with Reid; May and Reid discuss the results of her investigation; Marius seeks out Lucas; Lilly calls a family dinner to discuss recent happenings; Jovian returns from his night-flight; the family meeting continues. (Tirsday, 11 Archer)

After-Dinner Discussions: Jovian sends for dinner and talks with Flora; Reid talks with Llewella; Lucas, Vialle, Lilly and Marius speak of dreams; Brennan talks with Gerard and Caine. (Tirsday, 11 Archer)

Shades of Deep Green: Robin and her Ranger team ride to Little Spring to investigate an attack; Adonis awakes in Arcadia; Robin and Adonis both find themselves in battle. (Tirsday, 11 Archer and Windsday, 12 Archer)

Windsday, 12 Archer

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick: Ossian gets friendly with Valeria; over breakfast, the Knights are divided over the circumstances of Aisling's disappearance. (Windsday, 12 Archer)

Week's End: Lilly and Marius continue talking after Jovian and Brennan storm out of the breakfast meeting; Brennan catches up with Jovian in the sparring yard; Brennan talks with Lucas; the latest dirt from the Amber Crier; Reid meets with Lilly and Ossian about the Harga'rel case; Ossian has no luck at the Gatwegian Embassy; Reid receives a note from Julian about Girth. (Windsday, 12 Archer through Freeday, 14 Archer)

Thirstday, 13 Archer

Duties and Diversions: Lucas breakfasts with his mother-in-law and sups with his mistress. (Thirstday, 13 Archer)

Freeday, 14 Archer

The Second Week: Activities during the second week after the Coronation: Jovian goes flying with Cambina; Reid's pre-departure activities; Lucas invites Aunt Felicity to tea; Ossian talks to various nobles about the Harga'rel case; Marius's activities; Ossian reports to Vialle on the Harga'rel investigation; Jovian's activities. (Freeday, 14 Archer through Thirstday, 20 Archer)

Freeday, 21 Archer

By The Numbers: Lucas talks with Seek about the Hardwind estate; after sparring, Lilly talks with Caine. (Freeday, 21 Archer)

Moonday, 24 Archer

Liaisons: Jovian picnics with Flora; Lucas consults with Lilly; Ossian has dinner with Valeria. (Moonday, 24 Archer through Moonday, 3 Coins)

Rebma and Paris

Meanwhile, Back In Rebma...: Celina joins the Rebman court in welcoming an envoy from Paris. (Prior to the Rebmans' return from Random's coronation)

Triton Ambush: A trio of Tritons ambushes Celina and Bill Roth as they tour Rebma. (Prior to the Rebmans' return from Random's coronation)

The Road to Paris: Corwin, Jerod, Vere and Merlin travel to Paris. (Freeday, 7 Archer through about thirteen days after Random's coronation)

The Wetter Road to Paris: Celina travels to Paris with Bill Roth and a Rebman delegation; Celina meets Corwin, Merlin, Jerod and Vere. (About thirteen days after Random's coronation)

Strange Tidings: Celina learns her true parentage. (About thirteen days after Random's coronation)

Paris Patternwalks: Vere and Bill Roth go in search of a midnight snack; Vere walks the Pattern; While Vere walks, Jerod strikes up a conversation with Corwin; While Vere walks, Merlin gets a trump call from Lilly; Jerod walks. (About thirteen/fourteen days after Random's coronation)

Post-Patternwalk Patter: In the Pattern chamber, Celina talks with her father and brother; After recuperating from his Walk, Vere talks with Alice and Jerod. (About fourteen days after Random's coronation)

Paris Picnic: Vere goes to the library, where Celina seeks him out; Celina talks with the Rebman delegation; Celina picnics with Alice. (About fourteen/fifteen days after Random's coronation)

A Test of Magic: Celina talks with Jerod; Jerod talks sorcery with Merlin. (About fifteen days after Random's coronation)

Sparring: Vere spars with Jerod; Vere and Jerod talk with Lance and Rein; Vere talks with Corwin. (About fifteen days after Random's coronation)

Fathers' Day: Vere trumps Gerard to report the success of his Patternwalk; Celina sups with Corwin; Jerod sends Celina a gift of chocolates. (About fifteen days after Random's coronation)

Preparations: The day before setting out for Rebma, Jerod talks with first Corwin and then Vere. (About sixteen days after Random's coronation)

Under the Waves: Jerod, Vere and the Rebman delegation depart for Rebma. (About seventeen days after Random's coronation)

Wonder-Twin Powers Activate!: Celina and Merlin set out from Paris. (About seventeen days after Random's coronation)

Land of Peace and Clarissa

Mothers, Sons and Brita: Brita departs Uxmal and travels to Clarissa with Cousin Ambrose. (Starday, 8 Archer)

Sorceries: The redheads set sail and get a call from Clarissa; Brita takes sorcery lessons from Nanna Clarissa; Paige and Conner, on shore leave, are trailed by Thalia. (A few days after the Coronation)

A Reunion of Redheads: The Sun arrives at Clarissa. (About a week after the Coronation)

Welcome To Clarissa: The redheads and Reid settle into Castle Clarissa; Brennan talks with Clarissa; Conner talks with Ambrose. (Soon after the Sun's arrival at Clarissa)

As The Seasons Turn: Paige is examined by Clarissa and Fiona; Brita and Reid are invited to lunch with Fiona; Brennan writes to Cambina; Paige consults the cards and talks with Ambrose; Brennan checks in on Brita. (Soon after the Sun's arrival at Clarissa)

A Fine Day For A Picnic: A family gathering rapidly deteriorates. (Some time after the Sun's arrival at Clarissa)

Birth and Afterbirth: Paige's twins are born; Conner talks with Clarissa about Chaosian reproduction; Bleys, Paige and Conner prepare to depart Clarissa. (In the days following the picnic)

Texorami and Xanadu

Destination Texorami: Folly and Martin journey to Texorami. (Immediately following the Masque)

Studio Briefing: Folly and Martin catch up with Soren at his recording studio. (About three days after the Coronation)

Momnapping: Folly, Martin and Soren ambush Folly's mother. (About four days after the Coronation)

Welcome To The Pleasure Dome: Folly, Martin and Soren join Random in Xanadu. (About three weeks after the Coronation)

Orange Is The Color Of My Revolution: Folly walks the Xanadu pattern. (About three weeks after the Coronation)

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