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Ossian, Folly, Florimel, and Corwin hold a war council
Vere sails for Amber, finds a shadow, trumps his father, and finds M
Brita paints as Weyland watches, Jerod makes connections, Raven wanders
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Brennan talks with Fiona and encounters Cledwyn and Sessile
Robin tries to untie a metaphysical knot
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Vere gets a mission from Caine, and Robin and Bleys inspect the towers
Vere discusses his mission with Edan and Random, and talks with Robin
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Celina meets with Tomat and examines Robin with mirrors
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Ossian and Silhouette find evidence of a Klybesian network
Brennan and Conner observe the Maghee examination of Cledwyn
Vere and Edan return to the stables, Silhouette visits Solace, and Robin and Celina travel to Xanadu
Vere visits with Gerard, Garrett, and Fletcher until Robin returns
Brennan and Ossian have a family meeting with Regenlief
Brennan and Edan have dinner and discuss knights and Klybesians
Conner talks with Scarlett and trumps Fiona, and Vere tells Robin about his Tir adventure
Brita, Raven, Jerod, and Weyland do battle with Gatwegian mages

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Horseman (Winter Solstice 1 Horseman)
Knight (Vernal Equinox 8 Knight)
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(Freeday, 21 Warrior)
The family gathers for dinner
At dinner, Brennan talks with Marius
Celina chats with Merlin
Signy talks with Silhouette
Conner talks with Ossian
Edan greets Corwin and Julian
Hannah talks with Garrett
Robin and Vere talk with Edan, Corwin, and Julian
Fletcher talks with Bleys
***Robin and Vere talk with Brennan about what happened at Tir
***Fletcher joins Celina and Merlin
***Edan joins Hannah and Garrett
***Brita joins Conner and Ossian


(Freeday, 21 Warrior)
***Folly trumps to Martin in the midst of a zombie apocalypse





The dining room is one of the first floor's great halls, and the doors to the terrace are open, as usual. Inside, Random's kitchen has prepared a vast array of food, heavy on the meats and exotic dishes, for his guests. The staff constantly renews the food and, since the meal is restricted to family, the atmosphere is casual. If only the chairs at the head and foot of the table were taken by the absent King and Queen, the room would look normal for a private dinner of the Princes and Princesses of Amber.

Corwin, as senior monarch, is acting as erstwhile host, and greets everyone as they enter. He wears his traditional colors of silver and black, in a dinner jacket with a subtle rose motif. Corwin is pleasant and seems glad that this meeting is about a happy circumstance, for once.

Despite a sizable and leisurely lunch with Edan earlier that day, Brennan is one of the first to arrive. Casual as the atmosphere may be, it is still a Family gathering, and there are still the subtle protocols to observe: Brennan is also dressed in his colors, with a longish jacket of muted red over a shirt that shimmers between black and red, and black pants and boots. His only jewelry is the Ring of the Order of the Ruby, with the odd half-twist of it mostly concealed between the fingers of his left hand.

Brennan warmly accepts Corwin's greetings, and if he is genuinely the first to arrive will stand and make small talk, making it subtly known that he appreciated the chance to reunite with Regenlief away from the public eye. He'll depart when others begin to arrive so as not to usurp his role as host. He is particularly looking for either Marius or Benedict to speak with.

Other members of the family start to trickle in. Fiona arrives and greets both Corwin and Brennan. Julian arrives and corners Corwin for a discussion of something-or-other. Merlin and Marius arrive together, and separate so Merlin can speak with his father.

Signy and Celina arrive at the doorway in conversation and take in the groupings of the room. Celina is dressed in a toga of shimmering blue silks and is barefoot, though her hair is pinned up and braided. She smiles when she sees Merlin waiting to talk to Corwin.

Celina whispers to Signy that she'll be right back.

Signy offers a brief nod at this, before making her way over to the bar to pour herself a bourbon, neat.

Foregoing the traditional dress, Silhouette strikes a masculine figure in her ash-grey, pinstriped suit and crisp, black trousers. The stark-white blouse makes her checkered tie stand out sharply, its silk length perfectly knotted. Delicate petals of silver accessorize her midnight black lapel and hand, catching the light as she moves. Makeup is kept minimal, softening her elegant features. Her lips, the color of pink rose petals, offer a sensual contrast to the shadowy suit. Swept back, her hair brushes her angular shoulder in a curling ponytail. She strides confidently across the room, perfectly at ease on her high, peek-toe shoes.

She notes those present, paying them a polite nod or smile. However, she remains the room's periphery, walking around it with purpose and interest. In her suit, she casts the semblance of a shark in motion, moving, moving lest she died for the stopping.

Not long behind Celina is Llewella, dressed in her colors and with her hair cut short again. Paige is with her, and they're giggling about something or other as they enter the room. Paige starts to go to Merlin but she sees that he's occupied, and merely flashes a smile at him and Celina.

Conner arrives next. He is dressed in the Amber style in his usual blues and greens with a wide sash around the middle like they wear in the Land of Peace and Halosydne on his hip. Conner sweeps the room with his gaze, greeting everyone with a nod and a version of his omnipresent smile. He walks straight to the no-doubt well stocked bar and busies himself with the preparation of a cocktail with multiple colored ingredients carefully layered.

Ossian enters, dressed in white shirt and blue trousers. There are small paint stains on his sleeves. He greets everyone with a smile or a bow or a nod, and a wink to Silhouette. Then he joins Conner at the bar, pouring a glass of white wine for himself.

A lean, trim young man appears in the doorway. He is dressed in a casual rust-red shirt, buttoned at the cuff, and dark gray, almost black trousers. His dark brown leather boots look worn, but very comfortable. No weapons of any sort hang from his brown leather belt. An unconscious shake of his head parts the shock of dark brown hair from his eyes as he prepares to enter. For those who have not seen Prince Garrett recently, he looks older, his brows a bit heavier and his shoulders stronger than when he departed Xanadu however long ago. But his grin holds the same charm as it ever did when he greets Corwin at the door and turns to scan the room.

Bleys wanders in not far behind Garrett and moves to join Fiona (unless intercepted).

Edan appears at the door, then almost immediately turns and says something to the man behind him. It is a man in the unfamiliar livery of the Order of the Lamp, who takes the murmured instructions and leaves.

When Merlin and Marius arrive together, Brennan breaks off with whoever he's chatting with-- probably Fiona-- and makes his way over to Marius.

"Marius," he greets him. "How have you been? It seems there are fewer of us every time we have one of these gatherings, and I get the feeling we're all about to be pressed into service." By us, he means Knights of the Ruby, not Family members.

Marius gives Brennan a clasp that's more solid than it would have been when he arrived but probably less strong than Marius (or Brennan, for that matter) would like it to be. He's dressed in dark colors, navy and red, and wearing his Ruby ring as well. He's definitely gotten some color back, but he's never going to completely recover from the double-damage done to him, Brennan can see. "I'm hoping I'll be considered fit for duty, even if it's not on the front lines. How are you doing? I've been hearing things and seeing paperwork from the Knights, but it's not the same as the stories of what's happening in the field."

Brennan is more distressed-- close to stricken-- by Marius' continued ill-health than he allows to show on his face. But he'll address that later, and gingerly, if at all.

Instead, he gives Marius the thumbnail sketch of things, less a blow by blow account than a filling in of the details that wouldn't make it into the reports and rumors because they're only suitable for Family ears. Marius is no fool and he's had plenty of time to worry over details in his head. Brennan is perfectly aware that he is mostly confirming guesses rather than adding actual knowledge: The trip to Avalon, the nature of the place, etc.

Where he slows to add detail are the parts that he, Brennan, still finds most interesting, and the parts that he expects Marius will find most interesting. The former include the odd and tragic business of Cameleopardis which still greatly bothers him, and the strange and unexplained business of Montage and hypothetical Moire. The latter is every scrap of detail he can recall about the naval situation, from daily life aboard Crisp's ship, to the mustering of the Maghee fleet, to the overall naval situation in Avalon... such as they can get into without drawing it out on the dinner table. The new island, of course, constitutes both.

"That's ... a lot," Marius says. He looks up and catches that Signy has come in, and tries to meet her gaze for a moment before turning his attention back to Brennan. "We'll want to get out the sand table later, or tomorrow, or maybe we should bring it to the family gathering. And whether it's Moire or not, we've got a powerful sorceress at play. Someone needs to put a stop to her. Or find out who and what she is. Do we have any word of Saeth since she came to this side of things? It couldn't be her involved here because of the timing. Could it?"

"Imagine my rapturous anticipation of telling Benedict that there's a new invasion platform right off his coast," Brennan says. "Then again, he might like it. Hard to say."

"I have no recent news of Saeth. If you're saying she's on this side of the Tree, your information is more recent than mine," Brennan continues, inviting some elaboration on that. "What makes you think to mention her in this context? Your thinking this Montage is a shapeshifter?"

Marius looks around. "I have that from Caine, by way of Vere through Gerard. Part of how I keep useful to Random is keeping up with Caine." He smiles, thinly. "We are hard to kill, but it's going to be a long time before I'm back to my old self, if ever." He sounds somewhat sad, although he doesn't seem as resigned to his losses as Gerard.

"Anyway, there was some sort of altercation and suddenly Saeth is a teenaged runaway off to find her way in Order, where her Daddy can't go searching for her without a license from Random. Sounds like a B-movie plot, I know, but either she's out there being more dangerous than we expect or she's out there in more danger than we expect. So far, it's been on the list of 'someone should look into that when we find more time', but if she's raising the dead in Amber or Avalon or helping Moire, she moves further towards 'problem to be taken care of'."

"No reason it can't be both," Brennan says-- dangerous and in danger.

"I guess I'll add it to the list of explanations for this Montage, along with some weird Tir-like time-trick, some weird time-bendy Sorcery by Dara, some overly complex scheme involving cleph or Dara or both as shapeshifters, an unknown older relative of Montage, an unknown older shadow of Montage, and the ever popular, 'Something so bizarre none of us have figured it out, yet.'" Out of respect for Martin, Brennan does not add, "Montage was never really dead," to that list. He sighs and scrubs a hand through his hair, "So that's where all that stands. I left Firumbras in charge, and he seems pretty solid, but all hell is poised to break loose. Could be breaking loose even now."

Picking up on Marius' mention of his recovery, Brennan asks quietly, "How are you, Marius?" Eye contact is strong enough to be no bull-sh!t, hopefully without rising to aggression: Talk to me, Marius, now or later.

Marius laughs. It's loud and not unkind. "How the hell should I know? I went mad, which is no picnic, and then I was bled almost to death. Would've been the death of most people.

"The weirdest part is that I felt like being mad gave me a way to retreat and survive that second thing. I like to think that not everyone would've survived those Gatwegan bleeders. But how am I? Dunno, but I don't think that which did not kill me has made me stronger, yet..."

Brennan nods, sadly. "However you did it, Marius, I am glad you survived. If you want to talk about it-- now, later, whenever, I won't press-- I'll listen."

"Maybe some other time," Marius says, and he's not being unkind, but as Brennan well knows, this is not the venue. "My sister has arrived," he adds by way of changing the subject. "I'll have to talk to her later. Perhaps at Edan's demonstration. Do you have it in mind to do something similar with our knights?"

Brennan nods his understanding and, as promised, drops the topic.

"You anticipate me, actually," Brennan says. "I took the liberty of informing our Knights that their presence at Edan's elevation tonight is not optional, but mandatory. A show of solidarity and shared purpose, if not shared command structure, seems appropriate. But that begs the question-- and I wish Lilly were here, too-- how do we three operate without stepping on each others' toes? What do we want our Order to be?

"Here is what we have: Twenty-six men and women. We have officers, Jovian's flyers to take care of until he returns, at least one former peer and a crop of extraordinarily talented commoners. Their common thread is they all followed us from Amber to about as far a human being can exist, and they did not merely live to tell about it, but thrived all in different ways from their separate talents." Brennan is counting Dignity, but not Cloudeater. "We also have three Knights Commander, for now. Four, someday, when Jovian comes back, and who knows how Saeth will fall out." Brennan makes a 'later' gesture for that.

"So here is my vision: A small, tightly knit order of experts, of fixers, of talent, of lieutenants. An order of force-multipliers in numbers small enough to move quickly through Trumps, or by ship, or embed into larger operations. Or even, some of them, delegate smaller tasks to. Moreover, not three-- or four or five-- mini-orders each reporting to one of us, but a shared pool of talent for all of us. How does this strike you?"

Marius nods as he takes all of this in. "Madness is a refuge, and Jovian will take a long time to come back from it. Lilly is supposed to be joining us tonight or tomorrow, so we can hash things out in more detail, but this seems a good plan to me. You and Lily will be field commanders and I'll handle court matters for the nonce. And possibly act as roving ambassador, as needed?"

"For the nonce," agrees Brennan.

"I wanted to talk this over with you and Lilly before fully committing to it, but Edan has a very different vision for his Order: Something closer to the nature of a brigade, larger but more regular than what I proposed. But when I asked him what help the Ruby he could offer, he requested a small cadre of officers to help train them, which is," Brennan smiles, "the role I saw our people filling. And when I return to Avalon, I'll want a similar force for the Maghee. Here's what I was thinking...."

Brennan runs down his initial ideas for loans to Edan and people to bring back to Avalon. The most vital, as he sees it, are Sir Crow the cavalryman and Sir License the strategist for Edan-- they'll be ideal for the skills Edan wants to bring out his his Order. And Dame Pebble for her organizational skill which Brennan is convinced the Maghee value highly enough, and Dame Jennet because he expects a lot of the Maghee lore will be buried in their music. And frankly, it's a shot in the dark, but something similar might be true of Firumbras and his weird, ancient Paris, Tir and Rebma. The rest all have their purposes, but those four Brennan considers critical.

Brennan does not insult Marius' intelligence by pointing out that each group is drawn from the candidates of multiple Knights Commander, or that those two cadres are still less than half their total force, leaving ample resources for he and Lilly to draw on at need. But he does ask what he thinks of the selections.

Marius nods and hmmms and generally indicates his approval for the plans Brennan has in mind. "Do we know what order Firumbras belongs to?" he adds as Brennan winds down. "I mean, presently. Are we looking at another Order that we might want to liaise with across kingdom lines? Or that Edan might?"

"Well that's a damn good question," Brennan says. "And there's Fletcher's Order of the Unicorn and Martin's Order of the Card, too. But Firumbras... I don't know what order he was part of, or if his presence constitutes a re-foundation of it. About all I know of his past is that he was born in Tir, as far I know," he pauses just a beat to let that one register, "was a contemporary of Rebma's Lir but that Cneve was apparently after his time-- if those are two different people-- and that he was a member of the Court of King Carol of Paris."

Marius blinks a couple of times at the news that Firumbras is a Tir native.

Brennan gives a characteristic frown of frustration. "The only reason I haven't picked his brain clean is a lack of opportunity-- turns out, keeping the Maghee forces in line is several full time jobs."

"They do seem to be something of a pain in your ass from the way you tell that story. Firumbras is too interesting of an asset to be left with them for long. And in any case, it sounds as if there's a climax to their bardic history imminent. Assuming they survive it, what do you mean to do with them?" That they will need something done with them or to them and that it is Brennan's to do goes without saying on Marius' part.

Brennan touches his nose when Marius mentions the Maghee's bardic history-- it's one reason he wants Dame Jennet on hand.

"Pains in my ass they may be," he says, "but they've survived centuries in the crucible of Avalon on their own, with no support, no patronage, no lands, not even part of the Protector's network of alliances. There's a certain bone-deep stubbornness that appeals. What can I say, they grew on me. And I feel a certain debt to Cameleopardis' memory, so I'll do what I can to provide them a home. Their bardic history, as you say, has already provided them a new island-- one whose ruins fascinate me-- although Benedict may have something to say about that.

"And when the day inevitably comes that the Moonrider War enters its next phase," he shrugs eloquently, "They'll owe me a favor."

Brennan eschews a lot of their Uncles' habits, but one he cultivates is having multiple reasons for doing things.

"Ah, so you mean to follow Bleys' method of accumulating favors for later alliance purposes," Marius says with a smile. "Perhaps we should appoint you roving ambassador as well. Let's hope we can leave them for the Moonriders and don't have to spend them on the Eye in Pyramid."

Brennan smiles as if to say that even Bleys has some good ideas.

Then the smile dims and goes out. "Eye in the Pyramid," he repeats. "That's the second time I've heard that phrase today. Regenlief used it before, too. This is another name for the Klybesians, yes? What does it mean, exactly?"

"It's the sign they use in some parts of Shadow. Like this," Marius says, and sketches a simple device in the air with his fingers.

"Obviously some of the art is much more elaborate."

Brennan gives a non-committal grunt, obviously trying to scan more than five centuries of memories for something he hadn't even been aware of, all in the space of a few seconds while talking to Marius. "Ominous-looking thing. Is it supposed to be a real place, a real structure, do you think?"

Marius shrugs. "Not one that I know of, but if I made it my symbol several millennia ago, I might build one along the way. You're from the pyramid culture, I'm sure you have better ideas what they symbolize than I do."

"Human sacrifice, where I come from," Brennan says with a dour expression. Brennan's dislike of his home shadow is well-enough known that his reluctance to say more is probably not surprising.

Crossing the space, Celina stops short a respectable distance from Merlin, being very aware of his worries about physical moments. Celina turns her biggest smile on him, "Well, if I promise not to squeeze hard, can I hug you? I was getting worried at your absence."

"Of course, sister," Merlin says. Celina notes Silhouette arriving in style.

Celina winks at Paige and moves gently into Merlin's arms. She holds him, solidly, for too short a time by her lights. Then she steps back, tamping down her emotions. "I was more worried than I thought. It is good to see you, so good, I'm not going to quiz you about your interesting times in absence. Thank you for allowing the hug. Anything Rebma should know about in the short term?"

Celina gives a small hand wave to Signy to show everything is all right now.

Merlin's response to hugs is perhaps less enthusiastic than Celina might hope, but he has learned the skill of hugging back. "Nothing that will not wait until tomorrow. I meant to work on Trumps, but I have been busy. I have not had time." Merlin lowers his voice. "My father had me scouting for the Moonriders."

"And you are here now as testament as to how skillfully you scouted them and brought back news," Celina nods. She totally isn't going to think about having to rescue a hostage of the Moonriders. Nope. "I still would like to see how you portray me in Trump, so when you have time, I can pose again if you like."

"I will be glad to. I plan to take some time to create Trumps, if the allotment of duty permits. I think we will need more of them than we have." It's not exactly a confession but perhaps an honest assessment of whatever he's heard from Corwin and the other elders he's been speaking to as part of his assignment. "Have you spoken to our father recently?"

"Yes, we have spoken more in the past few weeks, than my entire life," Celina answers in kindly tone. "And I'll have a word with him before the formal Family gather to hear about Vialle's womb. Any particular reason to ask?"

"I am told," says Merlin, "that it is the sort of small talk question I should ask at events like this. Contrary to family habit, it is not a particular attempt to elicit special information you may have from him due to your rank." That little smile would be a smirk on anyone else's face, but Merlin is doing his best to hold on to his eternal choirboy expression. He lowers his voice. "I have been told that Vialle and Random are reproducing after the Ordered manner, that they will remain the same even though they have reproduced. I am not sure I truly believe this yet, because it does seem sometimes that we inherit heavily from the essences of our parents."

Celina chuckles with a big smile at Merlin's description of 'small talk'.

Celina resists the urge to gather him in again. His thoughts about essence of parental flavor have echoed in her head often enough. "Well, here's the thing, while Random and Vialle will be the same, they will find they must change in response to the responsibility. They will not turn out to be good parents if they do not change. I expect that is something Oberon did not know or disagreed with." She glances at Signy, Silhouette, and back to Merlin. "I am changing. I am not the girl I was. There will be a time soon when I have to think much more about having an heir myself."

Merlin's eyes get big for a moment before he remembers either not to do that or that she really doesn't think she's going to produce an heir by fission. "I see." He lowers his voice and moves in a little to ask, "Do you have a sire in mind for the heir?"

Celina keeps a poker face, "Well, I've narrowed the possibles to nine but the only one I've asked turned me down."

"Is there any potential sire you require my assistance in gathering in to ask?" Merlin says, very seriously.

Celina tries to avoid getting choked up, and gives herself a moment to absorb Merlin's generosity. She sets her face and body language to be as clear as possible, she sees the humor of this subject working both for and against her and her brother, so she keeps a steady, welcoming stance. She leans a couple finger-widths closer to him, "If someone does get onto the list, that I think you would be able to inspire to see things my way, I will certainly come ask you. As yet, no one that formidable is on the list," Celina takes and squeezes his hand in lieu of a big kiss in front of everyone.

Probably the hand squeeze is better than the kiss. "What qualities are you looking for? I am not an expert in dealing with Ordered reproduction, but I would like to help you with this if I can. Also I am given to understand that is the right of a brother to challenge a man who dishonors his sister. If this applies to the man who turned you down, I will gladly undertake to restore your honor."

"You have been schooled in Amber ways, but not Rebma," Celina replies warmly and easily, "Most women would allow a brother to assist such dishonor to Family but not undertake the responsibility alone. And there was none in this case. I knew it was an 'outside chance' when I asked the man, as his heart is lost to another. I thought to elevate him in status where he might more easily impress his Love. It was not to be."

Celina continues with much pause, "But certainly since you show an interest, I will share my thoughts and we can plan things together. The first quality I want," she moves to the sideboard slowly enough for Merlin to see she wants to share away from close ears, "is a great intelligence and curiosity. A flexibility of mind, if you will. Secondly, a sense of common worth in balance and order, something I might call intuition in the rightness of things."

Celina looks to see what Merlin makes of these first two comments.

Merlin progresses along with her, his voice staying low and soft, not that they couldn't be overheard but certainly letting that be a signal that he's not interested in anyone joining their conversation. "Do you mean to seek the father among people in the more distant royal bloodine? I mean, I myself am too close even if I had the qualities you seek, but cousins in the half blood seem to be acceptably distant for siring. Not that many of them will necessarily have the intuition you seek."

Celina shifts the line of discussion just a little, "I had not thought Family was acceptable to anyone. With Khela I did not know what I had gotten into. Half-blood cousins such as?" She wonders what half-blood means to Chaos.

"Robin and Vere are cousins in the full blood and their fathers seem to accept their liaison. Though I am given to understand that they are not allowed to spawn." Merlin's mouth goes crooked while he considers this. "But I was thinking more of Cambina and Brennan or ... Martin and Folly. Martin has been allowed free reign with his creation of heirs, and Folly is of the Royal blood, though Julian only shares a father with Random. So half-blood, is how this was explained to me. And the same distance between Corwin and Random, for him and my mother."

"I see. That is a variant on how I have heard the term used. I think I like yours better." Celina smiles at the wall, but it is Rebma she sees, a City that should be saved from broken love. "We are so much alike will we ever have the time?"

Celina looks at Merlin and realizes she just spoke out loud. Too many nights of wicked dreams catching up with her, she thinks.

"You have the qualities. I noticed when first we met. Then I found out we were sibs and the fire went out. The prowess of Family and the dazzling range of ways I am drawn to various 'half blood' therein is not much of a cure if Rebma finds no Order in it. But since I'm not making progress with my heart these days, perhaps I need an arranged marriage scheme. Or maybe my fate lies elsewhere." She feels Merlin will only be confused if she continues to talk about her heart and hopes. She then tries to change topic.

"No news on your mother's schemes?"

Merlin is many things, but adept at hiding his discomfort with regards to human or nonhuman birthing practices is not one of them. He is relieved to change the subject. "I am hoping Prince Benedict has some news of her, as I think he meant to look into the matter. Or else Lilly or Fletcher might be here as his envoys and know the state of the investigation.

"Given that she is out there, I worry that I do not see Meg here."

"Indeed," Celina does not put three-quarters of her worries about Meg into the word. "Let's ask Fletcher then." She motions towards him. "He just glanced our way."

Merlin nods. "Of course."

Signy looks up from her spot over at the bar as the two new arrivals make their entrances. A crisp, white linen shirt is tucked into black pants, their understated formality only moderately marred by the rather well worn leather boots. Her wavy hair is pulled back and perfunctorily secured by a black leather band.

"Hello, Silhouette. It's been a while."

Silhouette dips her head, smiling softly. "A lifetime, as it were. You're looking far less... sooty than last we met." She punctuates this with a wry grin.

"Have you continued working in the forge? Or have our more proper cousins dragged you from its soothing flame?"

From across the room, Marius, who is deep in conversation with Brennan, tries to catch Signy's eye. He does not break free to join her, but he has clearly noticed her and would like to speak with her at some point.

Signy catches the glance from Marius and gives a quick smile in his direction to acknowledge the request before turning back to Silhouette.

"Yes, I've been working on things that don't need a forge so much," she says with a slight air of sadness. "Finer work sometimes gives me a headache."

She produces a small, silvery sphere and hands it over to Silhouette. It's unadorned, but faint lines show how it can be spun so that you can shift along almost any desired axis. "I was working on something for Ambrose. I think I've got most of the mechanics, but making it actually do what's needed requires something with magic that for some reason I cannot seem to quite grasp."

She sighs quietly, before dropping the problem. "What have you been up to lately?"

Silhouette sits down, holding the sphere delicately in her hand. "I've been on a reconnaissance mission for the Crown. Crazed cults, sludge monsters, and technomagically-inclined monks. The usual for our family, from what I gather. Quite invigorating." Her voice remains decidedly plaid.

She draws a jeweler's spectacle from her jacket pocket and puts it on. Fascinated, she turns the sphere over, examining it closely. "Exquisite work," she admits. "Are you employing some sympathetic or theurgic principals to invoke the magical response? One issue most Constructs suffer from is mana-bleed. They simply cannot produce and store the power require for their designated task. An issue exacerbated by the dampening effects of our local."

Signy gives a mirthless grin. "I have a feeling I know of the monks you're talking about."

She hooks a chair with her foot and scoots it a little closer, and perches on the edge, her knees close to touching Silhouette's. "So I'm using a technique that's termed 'close my eyes and wing it.'"

She gives a rueful smile. "I sort of ended my apprenticeship before I got to that part, and am trying to teach myself a lot."

Silhouette offers a soft smile, nodding. "If you have not done so already, I strongly advise you to undergo the trial of walking the Pattern at the earliest opportunity. The insights provided by the experience have been invaluable to my work. The ability to perceive and, thus, overcoming restrictive paradigms will be benefit you greatly."

Turning the sphere over, she runs her fingertips over its surface, almost sensually. "My arcane training may differ from yours, but I may be able to help. What was your intention with this artifact?"

Signy resists the urge to flinch.

"Oh, I've already had that pleasure. I don't regret it, but I certainly don't intend to repeat the experience any time soon."

Silhouette glances up; her forest-shadow eyes flickering with empathy. "Indeed. The experience is most... transformative."

She turns her attention to the sphere in Silhouette's hand.

"It's basically a translation device, where somehow the magic that is bound to the originals allows you to translate writing. The language is...weird. Hard to understand, I've spent a lot of time learning it and I am probably able to speak it at the level of a five year old. Maybe six."

She pauses, for a second, before finishing. "Unfortunately it's Magic, so it has to be kept well away from places like Xanadu or Rebma."

Silhouette nods, smiling. "Utilizing magick for computational linguistics can be both a boon and a burden. On the positive side, it can provide you with rapid - and generally accurate - symbolic and syntactic overview of the language. However, the core of magick is rule-based, thus it operates on statistical and rule-based translation methodologies. This approach while effective is invariably flawed, as it ignores the linguistically subtext. Cultural perception shapes linguistic typology and idioms, as well as produces anomalies. Only by understanding the culture's nature can you interpret their language's hidden truths. This becomes increasingly significant with written language, as orthography may vary between samples due to personality and physiology."

She offers the sphere back to Signy, "How many samples of writing have you assessed with this item?"

Signy gives a defeated sigh. "None. I can't quite seem to get it. I either bind... something, but the translation reads like a drunken game of Telephone through a dozen Shadows or more that's been written down by someone that's never seen a pen before, or it just slips away at the final binding."

She shrugs.

"I figured this might be a good place to talk to some of the others in the Family, and see what they have to say."

Silhouette smiles faintly, "Of course. But, please, seek me out after this. I would enjoy experimenting with this project. Perhaps together, we can unlock the sphere's potential, yes? I believe it is an important concept and can be most useful in our family's current endeavors."

Signy nods, thankful that she's at least got one other person that might be able to help her out with this.

"So, what about your adventures, like your run-in with the Monks? Have you had a chance to talk with Brother Tomat about what you saw and experienced? The Queen says he's here as part of the Rebman retinue, but I just heard about it now and haven't had a chance to see him or let him know I'm here."

She feels a couple of knots that she wasn't aware she had in her shoulders start to unkink as the tension of not having any real progress on Brand's Wheels starts to lift a little.

Silhouette touches her arm, as light as a warm breath. "You must strip yourself of your worries, Signy. They do nothing but poison your mind and blind you to Enlightenment."

The touch lingers for a moment before retreating. "As to your question, no. Ossian and I have only just returned. I also had Circumstances to address. So, I have yet to relay our findings to anyone. As for Brother Tomat, I am surprised that he has been brought into the Queen's confidence. I would have thought he'd executed by now. Or incarcerated, at the very least. It is dangerous to have him here."

Signy blinks a couple of times in surprise. "I understand the need to make sure that he is who he presents himself as, but I'm a little surprised. I've not seen anything that would make me doubt his word to me...."

Her voice trails off, inviting Silhouette to fill in the details that she may have missed.

"This brotherhood appears to understand cross-Shadow communication," Silhouette says. "We cannot be certain of their full capabilities. I do not know if that would extend here, but the chance exists. Also, if the Klybesians reacquired him, Tomat will prove to be a source of information about the Family, even if he does not wish it."

She dips her head, "I've only met him briefly, though. Perhaps he has earned your trust genuinely. Perhaps things have changed while I was away."

Signy looks surprised at this.

"Cross-Shadow? How? Tomat taught me Sorcery, do they have people that powerful?"

"Of that, I am uncertain at this point," Silhouette admits. "Their technology is rather peculiar. But they appear quite capable, indeed. The computer network Ossian and I encounter was generations beyond the shadow we were in, for example."

Signy sighs, before turning back to the more immediate concern. "I'm afraid that he would have been in trouble no matter what, just because of his link to my father and I. His being here keeps him away from them, and hopefully safe."

To this, Silhouette lightly nods. "I empathize, truly. My own arrival was wrought with paranoia and distrust, considering my previous dealings with Huon. However, I was eventually brought into the Family's confidence. For that reason alone, I shall bow to your better judgement concerning Tomat."

She leans forward, "Forgive me, but I am still unclear as to your association with him."

Whatever will be said on that topics at least momentarily in abeyance. The conversation between Fiona and Paige appears to have paused for a moment, and then there's a shimmer in the air and Fiona is bringing through Raven, Jerod, a young man whom nobody recognizes, and last, but not least, Brita. They're all straight from the field: dirty, blood-streaked, and stinking of exertion and carnage.

At the same time, the door opens and Ambrose lets Gerard wheel in. Gerard takes in the scene and says, "Well. Looks like you've arrived just in time for dinner."

Signy looks at Silhouette, and shrugs. "It's a long story. The summary is that he was my tutor and the closest thing to a friend I had for a long time, and he also brought my brother to me against the Monk's wishes."

She sighs.

Silhouette nods, "Then you owe him a debt. And not even the gods can interfere with that."

Signy looks over, noticing that her brother seems to be no longer the center of attention in his current circle. "If you don't mind, I actually do want to catch up with him."

She glances at Brita, remembering the chain they brought back from rescuing the Queen, and makes a mental note to chat with her at some point tonight as well.

Silhouette follows her gaze and then offers a polite smile. "Of course. Give him my regards. As always, it is a pleasure speaking with you." She lightly graces Signy's hand with the lightest touch. "May the forge within burn bright until next we meet."

Conner is pouring a half shot of pale green liquid carefully down the back of spoon to form the last layer of his drink.

"Good day, Ossian. What is your artist's opinion on this?" Conner asks with a satisfied smile gesturing at the finished cocktail.

"Considering that you haven't mixed fluids to make precisely the nuances you would want, the color composition is... striking. Layers carry a lot of symbolism, which can be a feature or not." Ossian smiles "But compared to most drinks it definitely passes as a work of art. Personally I like that the work is perishable, it adds to the value that we can only see it until you have consumed it."

The he shrugs, lifting his wine glass. "There is not much to do with wine."

"Aside from consume it of course." Conner observes. "There is a place for utility after all." Conner carefully raises his glass so as to not disturb the layers. "I've always liked making these. You have to pour each layer so carefully. It is almost a meditation if you focus right. And if the creation doesn't relax you, drinking it may." Conner chuckles. "Some say you should insert a straw and enjoy each layer separately. I much prefer to see how all the flavors mix. To your health." Conner salutes Ossian and knocks back his drink in a few long swallows. Conner sighs in satisfaction and takes out a handkerchief to dab away a bit of bright red grenadine from his face. "So, what have you been up to since I've seen you last?"

Ossian grins. "I and various cousins have been involved in a hunt with the Klybesians. Who is hunter and huntee is quite unclear."

"You have also encountered them, haven't you?"

Conner shakes his head no. "Aside from Signy's man Tomat which has joined the Archivists of Rebma, I've had no direct contact with the Klybesians." Conner takes his cocktail glass and pours a bit of white wine into it. "I suspect some of the information brokers I've used in shadows to have ties or dealings with them though."

"I think it is safe to assume they have." Ossian says glumly. "When I came to Amber I learned to look for traces of Brand in everything in my history. Now I have learned that I should have looked for traces of the damn monks instead."

Conner swirls his cocktail glass and watches the grenadine bleed into it. "They have been that intertwined with your life?" Conner asks. "What have you learned?"

"That they pop up anywhere in Shadow where any of us have been. That they kidnapped me when I was newborn. And that they have found their own way of cross shadow communication." Ossian’s mouth twitches.

"Kidnapped you wh..." The rest of the sentence is lost as Conner's jaw locks. Conner takes a deep breath and drains his wine glass. "So they were responsible for your fosterage in Abford? I wonder if they knew of Meg and if Huon knew of them. Perhaps Abford needs a closer look."

"We don’t know how much of my upbringing they were responsible for, but yes, Abford. And Huon is known to have had contact with the Klybesians. " Ossian says. "Do we even know who placed Meg there?"

"I do not believe it is known." Conner replies. "The orphanage was gifted with a bracelet of Rebman make to pay for Meg's upkeep. With Martin claiming Meg as his daughter, he would be the most likely suspect but his announcement of her parentage sounded like it was newly discovered knowledge. Dara lays claim to her as well. Perhaps it was she." Conner shrugs. "Another knot in the skein. What is this about cross shadow communication? Have they Trump artists among them?"

Ossian lowers his voice. "I bet they are trying to make Trumps. But we found a computer network... Not my expertise that, but it seemed to run between shadows."

Conner's eyes widen slightly. "A cross-shadow computer network?" He echoes. "That must have been years in the making. It is difficult enough getting computers to talk to each other within the same shadow. But the real question is how you would send a signal between them without a real power behind it. Natural shadow paths might work for a conduit. I would love to see this for myself."

"We will investigate this, most likely." Ossian says. "But somehow I suspect all their shadow paths are not natural. Have you heard of any interference from the monks in Rebma?"

Conner shakes his head no. "I've been traveling so I don't have the latest news but there was nothing along those lines when I left. Frankly we were all more worried about whether Huon would continue to behave, if Moire would appear out of nowhere with an army, or if the Trtons would suddenly turn on us at the commands of the Dark Mother."

"The Dark mother? I don't think I have heard of her. Although I and Brita saw some strange things when we were down there."

"I am not sure she exists honestly." Conner admits. "Tritons call themselves Sons of the Dragon and revere the Dragon of Rebma as their Mother who bestows gifts of power and knowledge upon them. They abide by the treaty laid down between the Dragon and Rebma and seek to keep the peace." Conner pours a bit more wine for himself. "There is apparently a sect considered heretical by most Tritons that worship the Dark Mother. They essentially feel that believes that the current worship of the Mother is weak and corrupted and that weakness is why they lost the battle with Rebma. They also believe that blood sacrifice is the way to worship the Mother Dragon. We are concerned that there are members of this sect among the Tritons in Rebma but really have no way to sniff them out aside from hope that self policing still works among their community."

Ossian frowns. "I am confused. Do you mean that the Dark Mother is an aspect of the Dragon? Sounds troubling."

"Unclear at this time." Conner shrugs. "It could be a separate entity, two personalities of the Mother, or a delusion of the Cultists who need a justification for disobeying."

"By symmetry, where is the Xanadu dragon?"

"I suspect that Xanadu has inherited the Dragon of Arden in the same way that it now links to Tir. I am told that Broceliande has paths to Arcadia and other parts of the Deep Green." Conner looks across the room at Paige. "We could always ask her Warden, I suppose."

Across the room, the conversation between Fiona and Paige appears to have paused for a moment, and then there's a shimmer in the air and Fiona is bringing through Raven, Jerod, a young man whom nobody recognizes, and last, but not least, Brita. They're all straight from the field: dirty, blood-streaked, and stinking of exertion and carnage.

At the same time, the door opens and Ambrose lets Gerard wheel in. Gerard takes in the scene and says, "Well. Looks like you've arrived just in time for dinner."

Ossian leans closer to Conner. "I might want to consult the cards regarding the Klybesians later. Would you like to join me?"

Edan meets with Corwin and Julian first, not mentioning anything about his time in Arden, but is as pleasant as he can be with both of them.

"Uncle Corwin," he makes sure to say, "we only met briefly in Paris. It is good to meet you again."

"Edan!, glad you're back." Corwin reaches out, earth-style, to shake his hand. "Julian, have you met Bleys' son? Such an interesting story."

"I have not," replies Julian. "But Hannah thinks highly of him." Julian's bow is a perfect courtly greeting from an uncle to his elder brother's son. One might think he had been in the Land of Peace.

Corwin says, "In the absence of Random, and the absence of others, it's "family rules" tonight, Edan. You don't need to call me Uncle Corwin unless you want to remind me that I'm old."

Julian smiles, just a bit. It's not clear if this is pleasant for him or not.

Edan bows as well, and makes some pleasant conversation with both men; but once Hannah enters the room, it is clear that he's distracted.

Hannah arrives at the door just after Bleys. She's quite pregnant and she's carrying the baby far-forward on her tiny frame. "Garrett, can you help me over to the couch?" She asks, holding out her arm. "And tell me what you've been up to these past few months."

"Hannah! Of course!" Garrett gasps, quickly offering an arm for her to hold onto. He settles her onto the nearest couch, propping pillows as needed to adjust to her rounded frame and trying not to stare. "What I've been doing pales in comparison, for certain," he laughs, "but before I give you the very long story, can I get you something?" He nods toward the bar and the bounty of food.

Hannah demurs. "If I drink anything else, I'll pop. My bladder isn't used to so much pressure. Really, this isn't difficult, just annoying. I've birthed plenty of babies for other people and if I didn't have to be here now, I'd be out doing so now. I spent longer in Shadow than I intended, but I hear that's the way of it." She smiles. "Don't let me stop you if you need fuel for the furnace."

"All right. Be right back," he nods. He's not gone long, but in that short time, he somehow manages to fill a plate with a wide selection of finger foods AND find himself a beer.

"You're sure you're not hungry?" Garrett asks when he returns, offering Hannah her choice of the vast selection on the plate. "My ma always was when she was with child. You learned always to come armed with bannocks or fruit when you came near her," he grins.

She makes a little face that makes it clear that she doesn't, in fact, want any food. "No, not right now. An hour ago, I stuffed my face. Have you ever been to a shadow with space travel, Garrett? We went to one when we were chasing after Solange. I thought it would be great for the baby, but they were horrified that I'd left the earth and described in detail why birthing needs gravity.

"But I may go back that way in a few days to take advantage of the water birthing facilities. It's a lot easier if you're in the water, apparently."

"Is it? I've never heard of that. Short of whales, that is," Garrett says, setting the plate on a side table, but not before grabbing a few bits of cheese for himself.

"No, I don't think I've been to a shadow like that. Not that I know of, anyway. 'Space... travel' doesn't sound familiar." He stumbles a bit over the words, but adds brightly, "But you were chasing Solange. Did you find her?" Garrett apparently has fond memories of this particular cousin.

"No, she wasn't where we'd last heard of her. We did find out that she'd been in jail on a space ship. I don't think Paige will let her live that down. Space is easy. You know of other worlds that you get to by walking, either spirit walking or pattern walking? Space is like that, except the other worlds are very far away."

"That sounds amazing," Garrett says, an air of awe creeping into his voice. "I haven't gone anywhere that's very... odd yet. Not on my own anyway. I've been spending some time traveling in Shadow, but was trying to do it sort of methodically. You know, change a thing or two and wander around a bit in the world where that took me, then try it again.

"Though it's hard to tell how far away you've gone, isn't it?" he continues. "Sometimes I thought I hadn't gone far but time got real messed up."

"The windows of the ship were exciting, then not very exciting. It's not like a sea-voyage where you can go on deck. Imagine, it like a ship that has to go under the sea from port to port. That's how I think of it."

Garrett nods.

Hannah shifts on the couch and her baby kicks a few times and then is quiet. She breathes easier when it stops.

"I spent most of my time studying. And trying to figure out how it all worked. It was extremely quiet in higher planes. I was sad for the people who were there. It seems they were even more disconnected from the spirit worlds than my Easterners."

Garrett cocks his head inquisitively. "I've heard you speak of spirit worlds before, but I'm not sure I understand. Are they like the Shadow worlds we walk through when we shift? Or something more... um, spiritual?" He asks, apparently uncertain that he has chosen the right word.

Hannah sits still for a second. "My original understanding of shadows was that they were just a different kind of spirit realm.

"In my experience, 'spirit' is actually a bad name for them, because being spiritual is just the same in all the worlds, but it's far too late to change it now. Imagine a place you can see if you concentrate, or see the entrance to. The blue world is the one I am closest to, and I was born there. My father was a chief of the tribe and my birth mother was your aunt. My other mothers raised me, because the blue world does not suit infants. I may take my child there, but I will not stay there.

"If you want to see it, I could take you, or my father could." Hannah grimaces but turns it into a smile. Her hand goes to her belly and she strokes it. "We should go soon."

"I would like to see the blue world, though I reckon, for me, it'll have to wait until after my father's big meeting and whatever comes of that," Garrett replies. "Just thinking, though. Didn't Red Fox Claws come from your world? Did you ever meet him?"

"I did meet him. He's a lot like a Ponca, but he's not from my world. He's from Signy's world, and was her war leader when she was trying to kill her dad and he her." She sighs. "That has to be a very fractured and damaged world. The warriors live completely apart from their spirit world and those who can manipulate the world's energy isolate themselves and fight constantly.

"I hope my home is never described thusly."

"I hope that too. Nor mine," Garrett says, with a chuckle as an afterthought, "though I understand it was so in Amber back in the old days. I want to be able to work side-by-side with my kin, not be looking over my shoulder in suspicion."

The conversation between Fiona and Paige appears to have paused for a moment, and then there's a shimmer in the air and Fiona is bringing through Raven, Jerod, a young man whom nobody recognizes, and last, but not least, Brita. They're all straight from the field: dirty, blood-streaked, and stinking of exertion and carnage.

At the same time, the door opens and Ambrose lets Gerard wheel in. Gerard takes in the scene and says, "Well. Looks like you've arrived just in time for dinner."

Hannah leans in to Garrett. "I wonder if that's a new cousin."

Robin and Vere appear in the doorway, arms linked and very much a couple. Robin is smiling and slightly flushed. Around her flutter her three little companions: polished, oiled and looking like they mean to be very *very* well behaved.

Robin’s hair is neatly tucked up under a dark green button hat. The beads and feathers of Robin’s usual rats-nest styling are now arranged in artful falls at the back of her head. Her face is clean and sparkling, no make-up is required to augment her already rosy cheeks and bright smile.

A soft suede vest in complementary kelly green cradles Robin’s… errr, endowments without trapping her or cutting off her breath. A plain but well-made peasant blouse with a higher collar picked out in green embroidery keeps everything civilized. Cocoa trousers, also of soft suede, hug the girl’s waist before dropping straight to the floor. The toes of serviceable but clean boots peek out from under the trousers’ hem.

An ornately brocaded belt wraps Robin’s waist holding a matching sheath at her hip. It’s a small knife, really. Only 8” or so.

Vere is his normal observant self as his eyes take in everything all at once.

Spotting Corwin, Julian and Edan near the door, the couple makes their way over to their host.

When Robin and Vere arrive, Brennan is in conversation with Marius. He does not break off the conversation but he does look up until he and Robin make eye contact. Evidently he would like to speak to her at some point this evening.

Robin nods back to Brennan in agreement but her quick grimace indicates while that she knows it must be important, she's also on a tight schedule tonight. Brennan may have to ambush her.

"Uncles," Vere says, giving a small bow to a spot halfway between Julian and Corwin. "And cousin," he nods to Edan.

"Your Majesty, Father, Edan." Robin nods to each.

And they to Robin, though Julian's nod is punctuated by a smile.

Then noticing the relative calmness of her firelizards, she looks confusedly to Edan. "Is Kyauta not joining us tonight?"

"Eh? Indeed, I have made Kyauta one of the Knights of the Lamp. My Knights are setting up the dance area now." Edan turns his attention more fully to Robin and her fair. "The accolade is well earned- Kyauta fought well and risked its own destruction in action against the Moonriders, for my sake. I also chose not to bring it to the dinner because it is still very young and inexperienced, and this is a Family gathering. I will not constantly have to be mindful of it. And our Family, they may speak easy, not having to worry about an unknown creature in their midst."

"Probably wise not to bring an affine to dinner where we might discuss family affairs, as it were," Corwin opines.

Julian shrugs as if the matter were of no moment, but his gaze rests momentarily on the firelizards, not hostilely, of course, but with a certain assessing look. "I suspect we'll leave most of that sort of talk until breakfast. Do we have a full head count for tonight? I think Benedict and Lilly are unfortunately going to miss this evening, but should be here in the morning. Gerard says Random has extended amnesty to Solange, but I haven't heard that she's arrived yet."

Vere lifts an eyebrow at that, and a moment later shakes his head and smiles very slightly. "Is there any word on whether the king will attend tonight?" he asks.

Robin bounces in happiness at the thought of amnesty for Solange and the thought that she might be coming home. Her eyes dart briefly over to the couch where Hannah and Garrett are chatting, it'll be good to have all the sisters... Wow, Hannah is really, really pregnant. Robin's green eyes glance back to her father, questioningly.

Corwin shakes his head in the negative. "He's not expected; Gerard asked me to take charge of dinner because I'm the senior of the brothers expected to be present by both age and rank."

"It will be disappointing if he doesn't show up tonight," Julian says, with some disapproval shading in his voice, at least to Robin's ears. "Though I know Benedict won't want to miss a martial display, and he's a more demanding judge than Random in these matters." He offers a nod to Edan.

"It's a good thing," Edan says, "that this isn't a new dance. Thankfully everyone has either participated for years or has had extensive practice."

Vere smiles slightly, but his eyes had followed Robin's and he also glances at Julian now.

"You'll have a good turnout, both family and the locals. The Mayor made sure to let the local gentry know their presence will be noted by the Royal family. I expect there to be a full house," Corwin says.

Julian adds, "There will be some Rangers as well, and some of Estimaxa's tribesmen. I suspect there will be a rush for all the knightly orders to put a showing on." He glances at Robin and tilts his head away from Corwin with raised eyebrows.

Robin shakes her head minutely. Never mind, she's letting herself get distracted.

"Sounds like fun," Robin says with some enthusiasm. She does enjoy a good dance. Roughly, she pulls herself back on track.

"Indeed," Vere agrees with another small smile.

"Majesty?" She says, addressing Corwin. "If you have time later this evening. I came across some things on my recent travels that I, well, I believe I need to inform you about. But they're not things for a public venue, even a public Family venue."

Edan's smile is benign, just listening, as if he figured there would be a lot of side-discussions and such here. The fireworks would be going off the next morning, he was sure.

"Very well. After Edan's exhibition, perhaps?" Corwin's regard of Robin is, as far as Vere and Edan can tell, purely cordial and avuncular. And interested in what she may have to report.

Robin nods. "That would be fine, thank you."

"I have something I need to attend to now, but thank you... gentlemen," she says widening her words to the entire circle of smiling men, "for allowing me to brace you." She nods to Corwin, Julian and Edan as she prepares to move off.

"Always a pleasure. I hope to see you at the dance," Edan says.

"And we can talk after the dance as well," Vere says to Edan. "Uncles." He nods to his elders as he offers Robin his arm.

Robin takes wonderful, wonderful Vere’s arm and with one more smile to the group, departs.

Edan has his own question for Corwin when the opportunity provides: "I heard that Paris is developing its own history, of sorts? One that did not exist before?"

Julian returns the nod with what amounts to a smile for them, and Corwin produces an actual one before turning back to Edan as they move off. "Perhaps you'll tell us a bit about what we're to see this evening," he suggests, by way of turning the topic on to something more interesting to Edan.

"Of course," Edan says. He's facing Hannah and Garrett, and as soon as he catches Hannah's eye he gives her a Look. I will speak to you later, is the message he sends, hoping she understands.

She either bent her neck to subtly signal him to come over, or else she has a crick in her neck. It’s hard to be sure.

"It is called the Echo dance," is what he says to Corwin and Julian. "I have seen iterations of it in Shadow, and years ago I developed a similar routine in the Land of Peace. My tribesmen got to beat on drums, and I could dance and swing swords. Some of my knights remember this dance, so we have the advantage of being well-rehearsed."

Corwin breaks into a smile. "Sword Dancing was quite popular in many cultures on the shadow I shared with Flora for so long. I always enjoy it. I think I will bring the head of my guard, Sir Lancelot, from Paris to see it. Did you know that some cultures considered sword dancing a way to talk to the spirits of the dead?"

Julian smiles, lightly. "I have found very little that some culture did not believe put then in touch with a higher power. We don't sword dance in Arden--"

"Naturally not," interrupts Corwin. "You'd get your sword stuck in a tree."

"We don't sword dance in Arden, but I, too, appreciate the acrobaticism."

Edan fights to keep a polite smile instead of caving to his amusement with a belt of laughter. Ah, comedy.

"I'm surprised there is not more dancing here in general," he says. "I saw a lot of it in Paris- the place seems almost made for it- but I expected to see more of it here in Xanadu. Then again, there has been much to keep us busy."

Corwin looks pleased at the thought of his own city. "Paris dances, because she has always been a city that danced. I think you might find that as the year turns warmer Random will want more dances. You may not know this, because of the hot spell we're in, but it's really Winter here, as it is in Paris."

Julian nods. "Summer promises to swelter. But the deep forests will be verdant and cool. Now, if you will excuse me, my drink needs tending to."

Corwin nods back, an equal amount.

Edan's bow to Julian is more pronounced. "A pleasure, Uncle. I hope our dance will entertain you."

Julian looks at his lithe nephew for a moment, considering briefly how to answer. "As do I, Edan. I shall be sure to let you know."

Fletcher enters the hall, attired in a casual suit and tie of black and green, with his scabbarded longsword slung over a shoulder, as usual. Careful observers may have noted that his selection of shoulder seems to rotate.

He greets Corwin warmly, and mentions that he hopes to catch up with him when Corwin's hosting duties permit.

Moving on he equips himself with a nearly-transparent cocktail and surveys the room. Spying Bleys, he crosses the floor and greets his distinguished uncle. "Well met sir. Robin tells me you made a bit of a find under the sea. I was wondering what your current theory was as to the significance of the sunken location and its 'etchings' as Robin called them. Was it truly a sunken land mass?

"She's modest," says Bleys, sipping his drink. "The discovery was hers, and she called me in to consult. We were opposed in the War, her father and I, but she has been trying to overcome her issues related to that. It actually makes me think Random is setting a good foundation for his kingdom.

"But," he says, taking another sip, "you wanted to know about her new Island. It was clearly magically suppressed ages ago, and may well have been part of Avalon. It would be worth going back in a generation or two and seeing if the channel is still there or if the islands have merged. It's an odd portmanteau of a shadow, having hosted Lir in the past, then Corwin, and now Benedict.

"I think if Benedict allows, I'll set up a research embassy there, to keep track of what happens. Who knows, it might detach itself and connect to Paris."

Fletcher nods, "The would indeed be remarkable. We only had a chance to speak briefly, and she was anxious to confer with Vere, but I was curious about the parts that remained from the previous inhabitants. She mentioned 'etchings' in the floor and said you had recognized some of the other features from before. What exactly were these etchings? Had they been there all along? And had Lir's tomb been known previously?"

"When a young lady offers to take you to see her etchings, it is a moral imperative to do so," Bleys says with a deadpan look that is only betrayed by his eyes. "What she meant by 'etchings in the floor' was that the main room of the tower, more than three actae across, was an unbroken slab of marble, with a delicate, filigreed tracery etched into the ground. In the areas that were not part of this pattern, there were tiles. Dozens had been removed to dig up a sepulcher, which had the characters LIR carved into it in ancient runes.

"When Corwin ruled there as Lord of the Silver Towers, it was not known to have been related to LIR, and there was no pattern in the ballroom. I'd've noticed."

Bleys pauses, but doesn't let Fletcher interrupt. "So, that makes it possible that Corwin was in a nearby shadow, but not exactly in Proto-Avalon or else something else is the case."

"Ah, thank you. I was having trouble reconciling the notion that multiple family members had accessed, 'Proto-Avalon' as you call it, or that magic of the magnitude needed to sink a land mass in such a proximity. You mentioned that it might somehow detach. Have you observed that sort of realignment before in a Real context? I can't help but wonder about the degree of similarity with Amber's current situation."

Bleys frowns. "Have you visited your Uncle Corwin, and seen his fine city? An amazing place, full of ancient temples, all dedicated to ladies, somehow, and tunneled under with the catacombs of fifty generations of dead Parisians? That there are now people who claim that ancestry, and people who can speak of a Paris that existed before Corwin did?

"As far as Xanadu is concerned, Corwin built Paris less than a year ago by laying a pattern on the bedrock in an uninhabited land that was not the home of the Franks."

Bleys brushes his hair back. "So, yes, re-alignment happens. Not to mention the Faella-Bionin.

"Besides, it's inherently possible in the math. Would you like to see the equations?"

"I thought you'd never ask," Fletcher replies as he sets down his drink and pulls out a leather-bound notebook. "I had some time to think about it while I was sailing in the arctic. I'd noticed the changes in Paris between my visits there, and of course some realignment had been proven possible empirically. My calculations didn't seem to indicate that a piece of Avalon could separate from the from it. Perhaps I've failed to account for something. Maybe an aspect of the Faella's Gift." He flips through pages of equations and diagrams, pointing out high points to Bleys before arriving at a fresh page.

Bleys pulls a pair of reading glasses out of a pocket. "Joys of being a grandfather, no one thinks it eccentric if I magnify what I'm reading." He points to different parts of the page. "Her Gift connects the realms, and makes the distancing of the realms that Dworkin warned about more difficult, but it re-configures itself. Rebma connected to Amber, but now it connects to Paris. And look at Xanadu. It wasn't here, so it wasn't affected by the Sundering, and yet it's attached to the Bionin and connected to Tir."

He looks over the reading glasses at an equation. "Did you devise this notation or did you learn it somewhere? It's not what Dworkin taught, but it's not wrong..."

Bleys takes out a pencil and sharpens it to a razor-fine point. "Let me just point out a few features of the sixth equation..." He moves to a side table and begins explaining. Bleys seems very smart, but this is crazy math. How, for instance, can a certain equation be the same thing as Corwin's sword, and why is that different from the sword Bleys is wearing? The equations might as well be in Rongorongo.

Bleys goes on for some time, making light, precise marks in the book.

Fletcher does his best to follow along. "The notation is kind of a combination of a number of things. Grandad had entertained some notions, maybe just to show he didn't think Doctor... I mean Dworkin knew everything. "

Bleys smiles gently.

"Anyway, I'd been adapting off those and adding some other ideas as needed over the years. I didn't think a piece like an island could break off one Pattern world, though if it can I suppose the realignment you're describing makes sense." Fletcher asks questions as Bleys goes along, but tries to avoid bombarding him with a constant stream of queries.

Bleys allows as how there is much he could show Fletcher, and is not averse to doing so, but he counsels that it is a long course of study and cannot be completed before dinnertime.

Fletcher smiles, "not something to be done on an empty stomach, eh?" He jests. "I may take you up on that, depending on this night's outcome. If I'm sent off on another expedition in Shadow, I'm sure what you've outlined so far will provide me with plenty to ponder in my spare time. I thank you. Regardless of the proof, I take it that you're saying it is possible for elements to fracture from even a Pattern realm and migrate, even possibly accreting onto another such realm. Is that correct? Could a place be... shaped to do so? Steered even?" Fletcher does not say the word, 'Amber'.

Bleys nods absently. "Yes, but..." He straightens his doublet. "Think of it thusly. Do you know how, when you attempt to change shadow too fast, you either end up hell riding or else starting to lose some of the important basics, like breathable air or gravity or light?

"Good personal discipline can overcome that and experience allows you to minimize the effects, but eventually, it either become impossible to change shadow at the rate desired or it becomes unsafe. Normally, one would pass out, hopefully somewhere with air, and you'd wake up swearing not to do that again.

"So, I told you that so I could tell you this. Probability manipulation is the same way. The closer and more likely the probability, the easier it is to manipulate it. Cross shadow, normally we can only do gross manipulation, such as 'send a huge winter storm to Xanadu'. I have a few tricks I know that can create a local dissociation barrier around a nearby shadow, which I have only ever used in the service of the King.

"Something as massive as you're talking about would either require a cataclysmic event or an undertaking so massive that it would not be possible for a thousand mages in the course of multiple lifespans.

"I can only think of three to six groups capable of such a feat, and none of them should have the requisite knowledge to do it." He looks down at his now empty drink. "I think that calls for another of these."

Fletcher nods in sympathy at Bleys' plight, and then realizes in astonishment that somehow his own glass is not empty. He remedies the situation swiftly, gesturing for Bleys to leader the way to bar. "Thank you for the explanation. I'll have to digest what you've told me for a bit, but I hope to be in touch soon."

En route he glances around the room so see who else has arrived.

The bar is large enough that several groups can be at it without disturbing each other. Such is the case now, as Bleys heads to a section that is otherwise unoccupied, except by a bottle of his favorite beverage.

Julian is headed towards the bar, Fiona is here, but she seems to be talking to herself (generally either a sign of redheaded madness or the immanent arrival of more guests). Corwin is with Edan, who is about to depart to speak with Hannah and Garrett. Celina is chatting with her brother Merlin, Brennan and Marius are winding down, and Robin and Vere are approaching them. Conner and Ossian are talking, as are Signy and Silhouette. Paige is speaking to Florimel, who arrived quietly a few moments ago.

"Oh, pooh..." Robin mutters very, very quietly to her Love. "Still ungraceful with the small talk and timing. Oh, well. At least I'm attempting it now."

"Much improved,' Vere comments soothingly. "As with any hunting technique, it takes patient practice." His gaze sweeps the scattered clumps of conversing family about the room. "What shall we now?"

"Thank you, Love." Robin gives his arm a squeeze with a happy little wriggle. So, just, nice to be back in His company.

"Wellll," she continues with consideration, "I'm torn. I don't see Soren in the room and I feel like I've already diverted enough. On the other hand, Brennan and Marius are over there. And while I'd prefer latrine duty, Brennan did throw me a 'look' earlier and I do have to speak to him. What's your druthers, oh rational one?"

Vere considers a moment, then answers, "Brennan. We can use your need to speak with him as a reason, and move ourselves into a remote corner where we cannot be overheard before I bring up the other." He smiles. "And he is less likely to eviscerate me if you are with me."

"No one gets to eviscerate you but me, darling." Robin says with a fond pat on his arm as she returns his smile.

"Oh, he is just going to love this..." she murmurs under her breath as she turns her steps toward Brennan. And while her lips aren't grimacing, maybe her eyes are.

Robin and Vere approach, arm in arm. "Cousins," Vere says.

Brennan gives Robin and Vere a searching look-- perhaps he wasn't expecting a package deal, but doesn't seem inclined to resist it. "Cousins. You're both looking well." With another clasp to Marius' arm, he says, "Marius, we'll keep in touch, but if you'd excuse me...."

Before Marius can respond, there's a distraction across the room.

The conversation between Fiona and Paige appears to have paused for a moment, and then there's a shimmer in the air and Fiona is bringing through Raven, Jerod, a young man whom nobody recognizes, and last, but not least, Brita. They're all straight from the field: dirty, blood-streaked, and stinking of exertion and carnage.

At the same time, the door opens and Ambrose lets Gerard wheel in. Gerard takes in the scene and says, "Well. Looks like you've arrived just in time for dinner."

"Wow," Robin murmurs with awe and a tinge of jealousy as she watches the new arrivals. "Merlin, Lilly, now those guys." She turns to Vere with a happy grin. "Maybe someday we can crash a family get-together all smoke covered and battle torn." Yay, life goals.

Then Robin's smile drops as she remembers who else she's talking to. She looks over to Brennan. And decides to just shrug. She is who she is.

Vere smiles and pats her hand, but his eyes are weighing the body language and expressions of the new arrivals.

After a pause to see if the new crew's arrival is followed by any call to arms or for medical aid, Robin decides to leave that scene to the professionals and concentrate on where she is and what she is doing.

"Thank you, Brennan." she acknowledges with a nod. "Marius," she nods, "It's good to see you out and about. Maybe we can talk later? If you're available?"

"It's not a party until someone comes in covered in blood," Brennan muses. He's probably joking.

It's a Trump entrance, so if they were pursued, they've just escaped it. Like Robin, Brennan judges that the new arrivals need no assistance for the moment-- if they need someone to hold their new "guest" he's sure they'll ask.

Vere turns his attention back to Brennan. "We would like to talk," he says. His eyes flick towards a corner of the room that he has judged is the least likely to be easily overheard.

"I see," Brennan says. He allows himself to be led off by Robin and Vere.

Vere gives a nod of the head to Marius as he leaves them, and then, after a moment's consideration, he steers Robin and Brennan out onto the balcony, closer to the roaring falls. "I know that Robin and you have something to discuss," he says to Brennan, giving Robin's arm a reassuring squeeze. "And it important that you do so. But I have another... item... of which I need to inform you, and the need for you and Robin to consult can act as cover for that matter."

"Yep," Robin nods. "My item is more of a heads up to avoid a... maybe unpleasant surprise. I don't know what you wanted to discuss, Brennan. But Vere's 'item' is darn close to my top priority right now. For all that I keep getting distracted by trying to appear calm and collected."

"A few things, actually," Brennan says. "Only one of which is really time-sensitive."

Brennan looks from Vere, then pointedly to the roaring falls and back off the balcony before looking at Vere again. "I'm not going to like this, am I? Go ahead, spit it out." He stands with his hands on the rail, looking out over the cascade as though admiring it, which puts his back to the party inside.

Vere turns away from the family as well, and speaks softly. "Caine sent me to Tir," he says. "He wished me to see what the visions there would show concerning some ancient guardians that Robin rescued from a difficult situation." He shrugs slightly, "No doubt they will be mentioned at least in passing in the family meeting tomorrow. But the important point is that while I was there I saw a masked woman who did not behave like a vision of that place. She clearly saw me, deliberately drew my attention, and then led me on a chase through the city down to the Pattern Chamber. Once there she unmasked and spoke to me."

Vere pauses, watching Brennan for a second before stating baldly, "It was Cambina."

Robin turns so her back is resting against the railing, facing the room behind them. She schools her expression to her typical 'bored while the researchers talk.' But up close, one can see the sympathy in the set of her hidden hands. She gives Vere as much warmth and strength she can.

Brennan's stance does not change, except to swivel his head in Vere's direction, with a blank expression. "You have my full attention," he says.

He looks back out over the Xanadhavian falls. "Tell it from the beginning."

Vere nods. "Edan acted as my anchor while I was in Tir, and heard everything that I said. I have asked him to not say anything until I had a chance to speak with you, Jerod, and the King.

"Tir was much as I expected at first, and I saw images of the people I had been sent to gather information upon. I will not spend time on those details unless you wish it.

"Oddly, when I entered the castle, I heard sounds, which I did not expect to occur in Tir from what I have previously heard. I heard the sounds of people in the throne room, and music from the ballroom. I chose to follow the music.

"A masked ball was in progress. I saw Reid, Deirdre, Demond Harga'rel, Khela, Aisling and Adonis. There were many others, but those were the ones I recognized. A woman I did not recognize caught my eye from a side passage, then put back on her leonine mask." He tilts his head to one side, considering, and then adds, "She looked the same as the other visions of Tir, translucent and faintly glowing, so I took it that she was not another visitor to Tir, even though she could somehow see me. She moved away from ballroom, down the passageway, looking back as though wishing me to follow."

Vere smiles slightly. "Obviously, I could not resist, although it seemed likely to be a trap. Throughout all of this I continually described what I saw to Edan, who remained ready to pull me out if things went bad.

"She led me down a spiral staircase to the Pattern Chamber. When I reached it she revealed herself as Cambina, and spoke to me."

And here Vere pauses, whether to give Brennan a chance to ask questions or to collect himself before continuing is unclear.

Robin nods a little to herself, keeping up her 'nothing interesting to hear here's act. Though she does encourage her firelizards to get some wing time in before they're all stuck at dinner.

Brennan says nothing, but lifts his chin fractionally: Proceed.

Vere's eyes focus somewhere in the distance as he recalls the order in which Cambina told him things. "First she said that she had been waiting for me to come. Then she said we did not have much time, as I would be in trouble if the Queen discovered I was there. I assumed that she referred to the Queen of Air and Darkness when she used the word 'Queen,' although I did not think to verify that until I had already left Tir. She said that she believes that the Queen has been distracted since Vialle walked the Pattern of Tir, but we should not count upon that." Vere's eyes flick briefly to Brennan as he drops that bomb.

Brennan nods, as though he had been waiting to hear that.

Vere takes a breath and waits for a moment to give Brennan time to digest that, then continues. "Vialle had asked Cambina to take her to Tir. Cambina agreed, as it was something she had already Forseen herself doing, and Vialle said she would go alone if Cambina did not accompany her. But when they arrived at Tir the Queen was waiting for them, in a translucent form like a ghost of Tir. She held Cambina with magic while Vialle walked the Pattern. Vialle's walk ended just as the sun arose, and Cambina fell, and does not know what happened after that.

"Now she is trapped, and hiding from the Queen. As far as she knows the Queen believes that she is dead and gone, and she does not want to risk what might happen if that changes."

Vere turns his face to Brennan now, and adds, "She said I should tell you and Jerod about speaking with her. She did not want you to imagine that she did not think of you." He smiles very slightly, "She also said it is dangerous to seek her out, and she would tell you both not to come if she did not know that it was useless to say such a thing to you. So she asks that you be careful."

Turning his face back towards the waterfall he concludes, "Dawn came, and I departed via Trump. I asked Edan not to speak of this until we could speak with the King. But when we returned to the palace we learned that Vialle was with child, and the King was away. I reported on my trip to Caine, telling him what I had learned of the matter on which he had originally sent me to Tir, but telling him nothing of Cambina. Nor have I told anyone else, save Robin."

Robin nods in acknowledgement, sympathy coloring her eyes as she too turns from the Family to watch her friends flit out over the Falls' mist. But she doesn't have anything to say - no words are right in these moments.

"Edan did as you bid him," Brennan says. "And you will tell Jerod. That will make five who know."

He turns back to face Vere and Robin. "What is your interpretation of that? And what do you propose to do now?"

"Random needs to know," Vere says, not quite answering Brennan's question. "But I think it best that Vialle not know that I am eager to speak with the king after having just been in Tir. The coincidental timing of her pregnancy is ... troubling."

Robin nods, her eyes still on the falls. "I've run into a Floaty Moon Woman one and a half times now. That person was looking for something. Maybe a vessel?" Robin shrugs, she doesn't know. "And she was always more interested in women than men."

"If that's the case and she is the QOAAD then I think that the Queen and her child need some serious help.

"After this I'm off to run down Soren and plead for a line to Random."

"This woman?" Brennan asks, and hands them the by-now dog-eared sketch he made about a year and a half ago. "Yes. This is the Queen of Air and Darkness, the Queen of Tir-na Nog'th. I have it on very good authority: Benedict. Solange and Paige have also seen her, and perhaps others. I believe you are correct that she seeks or sought a host.

"What will you do if the King is unavailable, or is with Vialle and will not dismiss her at your request? I ask for a reason: When I described Huon's plan to destroy Rebma-- his full and detailed plan--" Brennan emphasizes, "she was in the room and allowed to hear. This demonstrates a level of trust."

Vere nods. "A serious concern," he agrees. "My thought was that once you and Jerod also know this we can all look for an opportunity to speak with the King in private. That way it becomes less about me attempting to gain an audience without the Queen present. If we simply allow whichever one of us first gets a chance to bring the matter to his attention there is less chance of arousing Vialle's suspicion. At least one so hopes."

"As for me," Robin shrugs, "I'm not going to assume that I know better than the King of Reality. He's got faaarrr better and diverse intel than I do. I will make my requests and pass along the critical information. Then I will Listen to what he says and do my best accordingly."

While Robin's words may sound cavalier, her voice is not. Flexibility and instinct are her best weapons and she​means to keep them to hand.

"That is part of the problem," Brennan allows, quietly. "We don't know who knows what. The King may already know and wish it kept quiet. If the idea that she is searching for a host can occur to us, it must have done to others. If we find ourselves assigned to tasks tomorrow amounting to exile, I suppose we'll know." He shrugs, stoically. "I don't think we can take the chance, though.

"The question remains: If he will not see us, what then? Spring it to everyone at the Family Conclave?" Brennan obviously thinks that is a terrible idea. "Have you tried a Trump?"

Vere nods once again. "The fact that he put Tir off limits after Cambina's death now has some potentially troubling connotations. As for announcing it publicly in front of the entire family..." He shakes his head. "No, that is certainly not a good idea.

"Trump contact I was saving for a last resort. Unless you would argue that I should do so?" Vere lifts an inquisitive eyebrow.

"Family Conclave equals bleah." Robin scrunches her nose and sticks out her tongue for added emphasis. "Lenghty explanations, committee decision making, compromised discretion, explosion of independent agendas... I would rather not.

"I do have a Trump of the King. Buuuut I thought using those was specifically discouraged. And having been around the King when he's doing his Trump switchboard thing, I don't think a Trump call would stand out from the day-to-day universe shaking stuff." Robin finishes with a shrug.

Brennan has kept his face mostly turned to the cascade, or to the sky above it. Robin's mention of Trumps being discouraged gets an odd look, though-- that's news to him. "You neglected 'causing a possible major public embarrassment to the King,'" he says. "All our choices are bad, but that one is very bad." To Vere he says, "Yes, I would use a Trump, at least to make contact. Trumps carry a certain gravitas. But not before telling Jerod. It is not right that he be left in the dark longer than needed.

"But Trumps can be blocked. At the risk of belaboring the question: If he will not see us before the Conclave? I ask not because I think I have a good option, but because I do not want us all to exercise five individually bad options at the same time," Brennan says.

Vere sighs. "Here I run into my besetting fault of spinning out multiple possible scenarios, an endless series of if-then possibilities attempting to cover all potentialities. But as a precursor for making a decision, do you agree with me that the king absolutely must have this information before the meeting tomorrow? Or am I mistaken, and if he refuses to speak with us should we put it off until after the meeting? Are there aspects of this I am failing to consider?"

Robin presses her lips together in distaste. Here she is again, with Brennan and Jerod again. But this time poor Vere is in the mix as well.

Then sighs. Brennan's point is extremely on target. And Vere's precursor is as good a place to start as any, still she's her.

"I can't... predict. Things change too quickly around me. But I will communicate - with words - what I think I'm doing. And I will listen for good ideas." She shrugs. It's not great, but it's what she's got.

"It's failing I share sometimes, Vere, so let's try to keep the tree short and to the point. Yes, I agree he needs the information before the meeting. Outcome one: We get to the King and debrief. No further planning necessary... or possible, for that matter." Despite himself, having something tangible-- or close to it-- to plan, has Brennan sounding less hollow than he had before.

"Outcome two: We don't get to the King by, say, end of festivities tonight, which means we probably won't be able to, period. That's a problem. Option one: Debrief in conclave. Terrible idea. Option two: Wait until later. Terrible idea, it may up-end everything that gets decided, make us look like we're playing games or holding back. Terrible idea," Brennan says.

"Option three? I don't really see much middle ground except to ask someone's advice or make it someone else's problem, too. Candidates: Benedict. Scribe of his own Pattern, on the other side of Tir from here. Old enough to remember Tir as it was. And I have reason to talk to him anyway-- this business of a new island off the coast of Avalon is relevant to us both," he says. "Too bad he's not here, and gossip has him arriving tomorrow morning."

"After that, my choices would be Gerard, not just because he trusted, but because he is wise, and you certainly both have reason to speak to him. And Fiona, who I always have reason to talk to. Perhaps both at the same time if it can be arranged. Thoughts?"

"My concern with bringing in one of Random's siblings is that it might make the king feel that we are trying to force his hand by seeking an older and more powerful ally," Vere answers. "Assuming that he does not already know this, it is going to hit him very hard. And having one of his older brothers or sisters there is not going to make it any easier for him to hear it." Vere sighs once more. "I do not disagree that it might turn out to be our only option." He nods at Robin. "Robin thought that we might enlist Soren on this matter if all else fails. I do not know him well enough to trust him with this information, but I trust Robin's opinion."

Robin smiles briefly to Vere. "Soren had some sort of managerial role in Random's shadow life so the King is used to and trusts him based on experience. And Random has described him as 'unspeakably brilliant'. I've worked with him once. He's more verbal than myself, but our thought paths align more than most. But I was thinking of him as a first resort, not last, because I think that's where Random would leave his 'Only in Utmost Emergency' trailhead."

"I don't know Soren at all," Brennan says, "but he sounds like an excellent first resort-- going through channels, and all that. Are you planning to tell him his wife, carrying his first legitimate heir, may have been possessed by the Queen of Air and Darkness, or just... that you have very important business that just cannot wait? Is he someone we can tell that, and who can meaningfully advise us in return?

"That's not a rhetorical question," he continues. "I don't know I've ever said more than five consecutive words to the man. That's what Ben or Fiona or Gerard can give us." Brennan looks over at Vere, and clarifies, "I'm not seeking to force anything except the aversion of a complete disaster. Nor do I know that they need to be in the room when and if we tell him. What I would seek from them is advice. We do run the risk of having to add a name to the question, 'Who else knows this?' when it inevitably comes to us. For that reason it should be someone every one of us trusts and someone we sure as hell hope the King trusts as well."

Vere gazes out over the falls and answers, "My feeling is that if Soren is willing to set up a meeting with the king based on 'we have vital information that we think he absolutely must know before tomorrow, and please do not let Vialle know about this but we would prefer not to tell you why until the king hears what we have to say' then that is the way we should go."

"Yep. I was hoping to start telling Soren the least bit possible and fly from there. Though -- honestly -- if I get through, I was only thinking of telling the King to contact you, Vere." Robin drops her eyes. "Less committees and chances for individual bad options."

"I think we're in broad agreement, then," Brennan says: "Robin to contact Soren, get an audience if possible with the least possible reason why. Someone to tell Jerod what we know. Failing the Soren angle, reconvene and pick someone to get advice from?" The last is a question because it is what Brennan wants, but so far he is in a minority of having actually said so.

"That's as much as we can decide right now, I think. And that being the case, I still have a few things to discuss with Robin," Brennan says.

Vere nods. "I still think it a bad option," he says, "But the best that we have, if the others fail. Agreed. If the king does not return by the end of tonight's festivities, and if we cannot arrange a meeting through Soren, then we three, and Jerod if he agrees, reconvene and brace an Elder. Said elder to be determined based on who is available."

He looks at Robin, "Do you want me here for your discussion with Brennan, beloved?"

Robin cocks her head as she thinks over Brennan's summation. "All good, though I'd like to keep it out there that we need not go to an 'Elder' for advice. There are plenty of people in this room and Castle with plenty of skills that do not involve another Kingdom's politics or a history of grudges and rivalries. No matter how nice everyone is playing currently. Annnnddd, I might add that getting advice might not be my first alternative depending on why the Soren thing fails. But I will promise to try and reconnect with you guys before I do something else?" She shrugs, can't predict the future.

Then she considers Vere's question carefully. "Yep. I think I do. Thank you." The moment is solemn, but the fondness and gratitude for Her Love's thoughtfulness is clear in Robin's eyes.

"Okay, mine is not time sensitive so you go first, Brennan."

Brennan considers that, then says, "I haven't advertised it for a number of reasons, but it's approaching common knowledge in the Family that I've been in Avalon for..." he shrugs, "Probably on the order of a year now. More than half the time since the Funerals," he says. "Strange things have been happening there, which will be a topic for discussion, I'm sure. One of them is a new island off the coast of Avalon proper. Or maybe an old one-- it has Silver Towers on it. I hope no confidences have been betrayed, here, but I'm told you might know something about it."

"Interesting, indeed," Vere says quietly, his eyes going to Robin.

Robin glances back at Vere. "Umm.... Yeah." She blushes.

"I'm sure this is going to come up at the Family palaver tomorrow, but there's a public version of the story and a private version of the story. The private version I have to talk over with Benedict and Corwin and I'm not going to go into here, if you don't mind. But talking about the public version is fine." Robin shrugs.

"So, I don't know anything about an island. But I was recently involved in a bit of Shadow manipulation that displaced a lot of water. During the resulting storm and after a little Shadow travel, my companion and I found ourselves submerged in a stretch of breathable water. We stop to rest in an overgrown ruin that turned out to have silver towers with the looted tomb of Lir in it. There was Pattern-inspired tracery on the floor and I got hit by a very strong, very Family vision." Robin's eyes get a little starry at that and the hint of a smile darts across her lips.

"Anyway, I Trumped Bleys to bring it to the Family's attention. He immediately Trumped in, and once he arrived, he declared the ruin to be Corwin's Silver Towers of Avalon or close enough. He also let me know that we were within Benedict's realm. Which I did not know until then." Robin's being very clear on that subject.

"I had other promises to keep so my companion and I left for Rebma shortly via Bleys's Trump. As far as I know, Bleys remained there, happily reminiscing among the ruins. But it was all submerged when I was there."

"...This vision have anything to do with Dara or Moire?" Brennan asks.

Vere remains silently supportive.

Robin purses her lips, it's a fair enough question. "Nope. Not a bit. But the Vision itself is definitely part of the private portion of the tale."

Brennan frowns in thought for a rather long moment, thinking about how to approach that. "I see no question I can ask that wouldn't ask you to violate what you're keeping under a veil of privacy, so I won't. But I suspect it is related to one I've heard about from someone outside the Family. That one did involve Moire and Dara, and took place in the location you describe, and I think it may bear on whatever Moire's plans are to retaken Rebma, so if Corwin and Benedict release you from silence, I'd ask you to come talk to me about it. But on the very good assumption that Bleys is right-- and I think he is-- tread carefully with Corwin. There's a story there I don't think I have all of, but it's likely to be a very sore spot for him."

Vere nods silent agreement with this analysis.

Robin nods in understanding; that's two warnings, time to be very very careful. (So unlike her normal self.)

"Since you seem to have fulfilled a significant prophecy, can I ask what exactly you were doing to move that much water and land? You put a new invasion platform right off Benedict's coastline." For some reason this seems to amuse Brennan.

"Weeellll," Robin rolls her eyes slightly at her own nature, "I checked as carefully as I could to see if I was dealing with an... intra-shadow phenomena. Buuuutt..." she shrugs. One can never be really sure with those kinds of things. And when Family is involved, there might not be such a thing as a strictly intra-shadow phenomena.

"Outside of Arden, I came across an ancient knot, though maybe gnarl would be a better word, that been tied in a shadow via sorcery and blood magic. It was stable, but its guardians were pretty much trapped in an ancient and pointless position. There was a lot of forest and magical lake involved so when I undid the gnarl... 'Sproooinnnng'." Robin pops open a closed fist to illustrated land and water going everywhere.

"But before we get into metaphysics, prophecies and more questions, can I please get out this one real quick?

"See, when I was dealing with ancient guardians... ummm, Brennan? Has Lilly talked to you since Daeon's memorial? About me? And uh, Knights?" For someone who was rushing to the subject a moment ago, Robin seems somewhat reticent now.

Robin has Brennan's particular attention when she mentions blood magic, but conversations with Lilly are evidently far from the top his mind because it takes more than a passing moment to answer.

"Those guardians are the ones I mentioned earlier, the reason Caine sent me to Tir for information," Vere clarifies.

Robin smiles at her now-safe Love, but she's still not happy about the whole Caine sending him to Tir thing.

"Yes," he says. "Is this relevant to the situation in Avalon, or a separate topic?"

"Separate topic." Robin says, "See? Those ancient guardians had some kind of ancient ways. So to get along in the situation, I, uh, presented myself as a Knight of the Ruby. Since Lilly said I was one as far as she was concerned..." Her voice trails off in embarrassment.

Celina smiles at Fletcher and tilts her chin in obvious invitation to join her with her brother.

Fletcher makes eye contact and nods. He sips from his fresh drink and strides toward the siblings. He starts to straighten up as he nears Her Majesty, but then reminds himself of the more modern family protocol in play. He grins. "This is quite the assembly. Your father is an excellent host to stand in for Random. If he were also busy I assume the duty would fall to you. It is good to see you again, both of you." He nods to Merlin over his drink.

"The pleasure is mine, cousin," Merlin says, but before he can add more, there's a distraction across the room.

The conversation between Fiona and Paige appears to have paused for a moment, and then there's a shimmer in the air and Fiona is bringing through Raven, Jerod, a young man whom nobody recognizes, and last, but not least, Brita. They're all straight from the field: dirty, blood-streaked, and stinking of exertion and carnage.

At the same time, the door opens and Ambrose lets Gerard wheel in. Gerard takes in the scene and says, "Well. Looks like you've arrived just in time for dinner."

Celina leans near to Fletcher and responds with a bigger smile, "There is no shortage of hosting. Enough to fill the area several times over. I almost think I can taste it in the air." She leans back out, to see if people start moving towards the food tables. Celina seems to have no particular hunger pangs herself.

"What is your own clear worry in recent days, Cousin?" Celina asks Fletcher as if this has been a conversation ongoing with Merlin that he just neatly stepped into.

Fletcher pauses a moment, pondering how to best express his concerns. "Recently it seems as if, for some time now, a great deal more of our 'family secrets' have been known to a much wider circle, and in greater detail, than had previously been imagined. Knowledge of the Pattern in particular, seems to be in the hands of certain parties. The attacks on Marius and on the Pattern in Rebma indicate a knowledge of how to conduct such an attack. Descriptions of Corwin's Avalon also imply that unfriendly parties may have had had access to at least some basic information for quite a while. The breadcrumbs pile up when the opposition is highly organized and has made a centuries-long business out of accumulating information. I know we should probably be out there beating the bushes and looking under rocks in shadows trying to find them, but recently I've had some time to wonder what we can learn from ponder their sources of information, their methods, and history. It may even help us figure out what their motives are. While these modern-day monks seem to be enemies of the family and willing to act against the Pattern, I haven't yet seen any evidence that they are actually opposed to the central inspiration of Order itself."

Celina pauses after all that and glances at Merlin to see if he has a reaction. It might gain purchase with him that Others would oppose Dara at all costs.

She thinks about the dead defenders of her city, Huon's willingness to run over small people in his way, the continued suffering of Rebma, and the string of catastrophes to Order including possibly her own death in the near future. She smiles a bit at Fletcher, "Possible allies then against larger Aberrations?"

Fletcher frowns. "I thinks the odds of recruiting them as allies are small. Just because they don't oppose Order in general doesn't mean they don't oppose us. Still, the possibility exists. And regardless, they probably have information about other parties of interest. Getting their information could be useful."

"If we treat them like they themselves are Lords of Chaos," Merlin says, "we can ally with them--or individuals of their group--if needed, and expect them to turn on us at other times. They may be our enemies at times and still be willing to act against Chaos, or Ghenesh, or some other powerful foe if it suits their purpose. The question with such a temporary alliance is whether we can obtain more from our use of them than they obtain from us, which we cannot know without more intelligence on them than we currently seem to possess." He tilts his head to Fletcher by way of agreement with Fletcher's point.

"At this point, things have gone so far that I'm not sure honor would allow our family to pursue that course. Blood has not only been drawn, but misused. As group, do you think our relations would stay their wrath for any length of time?"

Celina does not interrupt the question to Merlin by offering her own admissions. She just keeps focus and looks intrigued.

Merlin shrugs with some indifference to the question of honor. "Huon was involved in the same matter and yet he is to be welcomed in conclave tomorrow. You tell me."

"Indeed," Celina adds quickly, "I myself did not think I could forgive Huon but it was necessary that I change for the good of the City. Once you experience the pain of such change, you may be able to do even more." And bear even more pain, her eyes say.

Fletcher nods slowly, acknowledging both the words and the subtext. "It is admirable to for one such as we..." He gestures around the room with his glass. "To be able to make in the right choice when finding that the path of duty, which calls for reconciliation, diverges from the path of honor, which calls for punishment." He raises his glass in salute. "But I guess we are all bringing our own worries to this assembly. For my part, I'm bringing the tale of long and boring reconnaissance sailing in frigid waters. Of long nights and short days, and the important news of which path our enemies are not using. What news (and worries) have the two of you brought to Xanadu?"

"Our father asked me to 'scout out' the Moonriders," Merlin says with a glance at Celina, "and I expect that to be a topic of conversation tomorrow. I believe there are others here who may have information about them or their doings, but I have yet to consult, so I do not know the details." Which he doesn't seem to like but is not consumed by worry about, to the extend that either Celina or Fletcher can read him.

"I can hardly wait to find out more about the Moonriders," Celina answers in exaggerated monotone. "Slippery time tricks are not what I need added to my list." Celina shifts in Fletcher's direction. "We have a Dark Mother cult in Rebma. The Triton authorities have told us it is nothing to worry about, they will certainly take care of it. I'm not convinced."

Merlin looks at his sister and frowns, misliking this news.

Fletcher looks down into his drink for a moment. He looks up at the siblings. "Cults, or belief systems requiring any sort of faith really, do not come about without some inciting inspiration. The Tritons may well deal with the Cult. Inspiration is not as easily 'dealt with.' What are the key distinctions of this most current Cult?"

Celina pauses. She nods once. "Basically there are tritons falling away from the Pledge to Rebma. It is described as a small group. The talk is that the Mother of Dragons was tricked into the Peace Oath. These Cultists are violent and an embarrassment to the Heirophant. So he wishes to deal with them himself."

Fletcher grins, possibly from sipping his drink, possibly in reaction to what Celina has said. "A suspiciously specific ideology. One might make a distinction between dealing with the cultists themselves and dealing with the agency behind them. You might make the argument that the Heirophant would lose no face if he dealt with the challenge to his authority while Rebma investigated the origins. How well do you know the Heirophant?"

Merlin, having nothing to offer here, shakes his head in the negative.

Celina looks at Merlin a moment, then looks back to Fletcher, "The Heirophant is not a friend, he is an oathpartner to the Throne. I have not tried to become closer, the Tritons generally do not like the two legs so much at the best of times. That said, I could ask other Tritons I know better about the man behind the office. Good thought."

She goes on, "Are you volunteering to investigate the origins of the problem? What are your qualifications?" And she smiles. The smile is warm and does not have the tiniest bit of 'this is a trap' in it.

Fletcher rolls his eyes. "Qualified? I'm hardly up on current affairs in Rebma. If there's a question of race relations involved I'd probably stick out like a sore thumb. But sometimes that's the best way to flush out hidden things. I could certainly ask questions. It can't be any more dangerous than dealing with slippery time tricks, can it? I'm not at all certain what the family protocol for this sort of thing is. Do you know if Random intends to hand out assignments at this meeting? I may be given a different assignment. Still though, the idea of investigating the origins of this cult does hold a certain appeal." For a moment, Fletcher seems to be giving the matter serious thought. "How serious do you think the problem might be?"

"If the problem is ego and pride between Heirophant and lost souls, that's bad," Celina says. "If the problem is broken oaths and rousing the anger of the Dame Dragon? That's a long dagger in my back through the kidney."

Fletcher looks around the room and then faces Celina. "I take it many people in the family are familiar with the issues around Triton politics already. I myself would need at least a primer on the oaths involved, as well as the implications of "Dame Dragon" and "Dark Mother".

Merlin is still listening and watching this go back and forth, a bit like a ping-pong game over his head.

"I think you will find the explanations... suitably dark and mysterious," Celina says. "The Dame Dragon is the Mother of Tritons. She lives in the Nedra Kelp Beds, a kind of labyrinth outlying Rebma farming lands. She made to the oath of service for the Sons of the Dragons, the Tritons, with the Sapphire Throne, as a result of losing a war with the City and her Amber allies."

Celina goes on, "And the Dark Mother is the fiction of an angry Dame, one who was tricked into the Oath and seeks a way out of it. This is the false painting of the Cultists."

Fletcher nods. "What could these cultists hope to gain? Or rather what might they credibly promise their followers? Territory? Wealth? Or merely autonomy? How much interaction do Tritons have with everyday Rebmans? Are there known to be any Rebman who may claim sympathy with what they believe the plight of the Tritons to be?"

"If you believe you are enslaved in an unjust cause, or if you think your honor was tricked into an oath," Celina responds softly, "you gain back justice if it is exposed. Or revenge if your own people will not support your logic to the cause. Revenge works below the sea as it does above the sea, but the blood spreads further."

Celina sighs, "As for interactions with everyday Rebmans, the Tritons themselves are not good with the small 'soft-ones', and prefer their privacy. While the people can rightly say to fear the power of the Tritons and want them living elsewhere. We have a rebuilding of neighborhoods going on, which you might enjoy talking to Huon of the Horn about, as he is in charge of it. This may lift the spirits of the Tritons a bit, and lay false the claim their oath is not respected by the Throne."

Celina lowers her voice, "As for history and freedom for the Tritons from their long toil, they swore a promise. But what the previous queen wanted, and what I have done, is to ease their isolation, and to raise expectations they be treated as partners and not losers of a war fought centuries ago. There have been Rebman politics that wanted to free them completely from their bindings----Queen Moire executed most of those Sympathizers."

Merlin looks like he might have had something to say about that last, but he decides against and lets Fletcher reply.

Edan wanders over from talking to Corwin and Julian. "Cousins," he says, with a slight smile. At least he hopes it's a slight smile, because when he sees Hannah he feels like he's grinning from ear to ear.

"Edan!" Garrett startles, his attention having been on the scene across the room and the implications of the blood streaks. He holds out his hand, "It's good to see you. How have you been?"

Edan takes the hand, and it's obvious he's gotten over the hesitation that he used to have from skin-to-skin contact. "Prince Garrett. I have been very well. As you can imagine," he says with a smile, indicating the room around them to refer to the presence of the new Order. "Donovan has been wanting me to talk to you. I'm thinking of breeding Aramsham, and everyone says you are the expert on that subject in Xanadu."

Hannah smiles, starts to say something, and decides that she'd rather not make both men blush. Instead, she drinks her water.

Garrett smirks, his eyes twinkling. "Do they now," he chuckles, but doesn't deny the compliment. "I'll have to give it some thought. I've only just returned to Xanadu myself and I'm sure the stock has changed since I left. Do you have any preferences?"

Edan makes a wry expression. "I don't know any of the horses here except the one I rode to town last year or before. Aramsham has an impressive Asil history, but I am afraid the sweet temperament has been bred right out of his line. Or perhaps it is that I chose a stallion to raise as a warhorse. Everyone told me to train a mare instead."

Hannah smiles. "You'll just have to go in search of suitable mares for him to cover. My people ride small horses, so I don't think Papa will be able to help, but don't forget the forest horses, Paige has with her Rangers."

"Those would be a possibility," Garrett acknowledges. "Do you have a specific purpose in mind for the get?" he asks Edan. "Knowing your future plans for the foal might help in the selection."

"If the craziness around us settles, an opportunity arises, I would race them," Edan says. "Aramsham won the Race to Madness, which might not be such a big name here, but it would get attention towards the Tree."

"I am looking forward to riding again. It's not the baby, but the shadows we've been in were so mechanical. Everything was predictable and nothing was alive." Hannah frowns. "I hope Random doesn't intend to introduce motorcars to Xanadu. It's almost too much now."

Garrett feels a presence in his head, one that requires his attention.

"I wonder if Random knows what works here and what doesn't. I wonder what they have to experiment on," Edan says in response.

Garrett appears distracted in what the others would probably recognize as a reaction to a trump call. A wide grin spreads across his face as he responds, "Will you look who's here?!" He holds out his hand...

"Hey, it worked!" Folly says brightly through the contact, but Garrett might detect a hint of strain in her voice. "You're in Xanadu, it looks like? Are you somewhere you can bring a dozen-ish people through?"

If those people are in the same state as Folly, they're not really dressed for dinner. Or possibly even for being out in public.

"I can be. Hold on," Garrett says, his tone now more serious in response to Folly's demeanor. He glances over at Edan and Hannah, excuses himself quickly, and walks back toward the hallway, his face still holding a look of concentration. He is NOT losing this connection.

Brita hugs her mother briefly as the rainbow fades into reality. "We will Talk Later," she states as her she scans the room and spots her brother. She hurries over to him as everyone begins to move towards the promise of food for another brief hug and a "Well Met, Brother." She nods at Ossian assuming he is still there, "Cousin."

Brita is treated to one of Conner's brightest smiles. "Good to see you, Brita."

Ossian bows. "Nice entrance, Cousin. No polishing." This seems to be a compliment without irony. "Who are we fighting?"

After a brief hesitation, Raven follows Brita.

"Mages," she says dryly. "And clouds of dust. Hello, Ossian. And you must be Conner...?" That's about half a guess on her part.

Conner's smile slips from its previous brightness to a lower wattage. "I am indeed, Raven. I am indeed. A pleasure to meet after hearing the name in passing." Conner offers Raven his hand to clasp.

Raven returns the gesture with a nod and a smile.

"Hello, Raven," Ossian answers. "As in sentient clouds?"

"More like Dust of Demolition created by a An Elder Doing Something with Sorcery," Brita notes. She is brushing surreptitiously at her coat, but not getting very far on sprucing up. "What were You Doing before The Summons?" She arcs a querying eyebrow at both Ossian and Conner in turn.

Ossian grins "I and Silhouette were doing some spying on the Klybesians. Sadly they found out, so we had to...break things... and run."

"I was with Brennan in the lands around Avalon. Oddly, we were trying to prevent the people we were from breaking things but there was rapid movement. Oh, and we think the Silver Towers of Corwin's legend may have risen from the sea. Still looking into that."

Brita noted the dimming of the smile when Conner greets Raven and raises an eyebrow slightly at her brother. She had found Cousin Raven acceptable company but wonders if Conner knows something she doesn't.

"So You had Towers Raised and We had Towers Razed," Brita smiles again. "An Interesting Dichotomy. Shall we head to Dinner?"

Raven snorts. "Brita, I know I'm fresh meat for this family dinner thing and all," she says dryly, "but I'm pretty sure you and I ought to get rid of some of this first. If only so we ain't eating grit with the food." She brushes at her coat sleeve pointedly - if pointlessly. "Or feathers from those damned birds. Conner..." She pauses, shoving her hands into her coat pockets. "Can you and I talk later? Got a personal question, I guess."

Conner's smile brightens again and the observant would notice the heave in the chest of a barely suppressed laugh. "Certainly. If you ask it very politely, I might even have a personal answer for you." Conner chuckles. "How about directly after dinner? Tomorrow is likely to be full of officialdom and Family writ large."

Ossian listens to this exchange with obvious delight. He pours himself a new glass of white before looking around the room.

Brita is looking at her coat in confusion through this exchange. She brushes a little dust off her coat, then takes it off and shakes it briefly before putting it back on. In Asgard, this was standard dress for dinner in Valhalla's Hall. "If You Need to Change," Brita says to Raven, "I can Wait for you."

Raven starts to say something, stops as she thinks better of whatever it was, and then just shakes her head slightly. "...Aye. I think I'm going to do that," she settles on. "And I figure I can probably do polite, so after dinner would work just fine. I'm guessing I shouldn't stand around if I'm going to clean up...?"

"Well the best we could do here is a spray from the soda water dispenser." Conner gestures toward the bar then turns back to face Raven. "There should be some pages hovering in the hallway that can show you to a place to clean up. I'd send one of them to set up rooms for you if Gilt Winter hasn't done so already."

Ossian turns to Brita. "Don't worry. You look absolutely magnificent. Much better than in some over elaborate formal dinner clothing."

"Thank you, Cousin," Brita smiles at Ossian. "Shadow Asgard Never developed truly Elaborate Dress. Even Grandda Odin Often wore his Leathers to The Feast."

Raven just shakes her head. "I'll be back, then," she says, and heads for the door.

Conner watches Raven go. "And on that note, I think large amounts of food are in order. I'll want something on my stomach when no doubt something will trigger the large amount of drinking typical of Family gatherings." Conner smiles and then heads over to the buffet where he starts artfully piling a plate with meat.

Brita follows her brother.

Once back amongst Family, Jerod collects a page to determine which of his own people are available after migration from Amber (got to be a few of them) and sees about getting one of them to the dinner location to arrange a minder for Phillipe, in addition to a guard as a protective escort and quarters. Jerod's explanation, should one be required for his new guest (and Jerod doesn't really think an explanation is required, but he'll indulge him) is that his visions are important and he is sure the King is going to want to know.

Jerod, of course, has people, but since Venesch isn't Captain of the Guards, they aren't as easy to find or as notable. Gilt Winter, the King's Privy Secretary, takes things in hand, and does find one of Jerod's Venesch's old guards to act as a baby-sitter for the young man. He asks Jerod, after Philippe is led off, if the boy is permitted to leave the castle. He will take care of informing the guards.

Jerod advises that Philippe is an "honored guest of the realm", so of course every possible precaution should be taken to see to his safety. At least until after he's had a chance to give his information to Random.

After that, Jerod will take care of getting him to wherever he needs to be "got".

[Gilt] also offers, in an office near the Castelan's Pantry, water and perhaps a fresh shirt, since Jerod seems to have been active in the field.

Either way, he'll open the door for Jerod when he returns to the dinner, and will close it behind him.

Jerod take the opportunity to clean up and think for a short bit. The inclusion of another individual who can apparently engage in prophecy is... unsettling to him. Too many memories.

Cleaning up from a fight becomes a very mechanical process. Remove shirt, check for blood on it to verify for injuries that aren't immediately visible. Check for signs of other things that shouldn't be there, like holes without blood or strange liquids that are not what would be expected like poisons and such.

Very mechanical.

Very methodical.

Jerod stops as he finishes drying off, almost done. Methodical never works.

"You're never satisfied with what you do." Eric says simply.

Jerod doesn't respond immediately, starts drying again. "You and mom saw to that. Nothing was ever right."

"We had to be sure you learned not to miss anything." Eric says.

"You're re-hashing old shit, you know that Dad?" Jerod asks, irritation in his voice. "You're not helping the mood."

"Why? Because Gateway isn't finished?" Eric asks.

"Nothing is ever finished with us. We're experts at the Almost Finished But Something Else Has Come Up. Why do you think people think we're such extreme opportunists? We need to be. I'm used to that now. That's not the issue." Jerod says.

"What is it then?" Cambina asks.

Jerod shakes his head. "Okay, you're not supposed to be here. And you know why it's not the issue."

"Why? Because it's too soon? You're the one who dredges me up, you know?" she asks.

He shakes his head. "Because there's too much crap going on right now. Because you're gone too soon. Because ten things are happening all at once and everyone's being pulled in separate directions. Because another uncle is on the scene and more Chaos is making its appearance. Because it's easy to get distracted and miss important details." and he stops, pausing.

"And you're a distraction I can't afford." Jerod says finally.

"Your remembrance is underwhelming." Cambina says.

He glares momentarily at her shade. "Spare me the dead wit. You know what I mean. We've got a brand new uncle on the scene, and he's about as much of a nutjob as the legends would claim. I'm balancing the Weir and they're going to be hopping to go after their Queen Betrayer and her minions. That's a war of honor and integrity to end all wars for sure, which I've no doubt they probably called it when they tried it the first time round. They tie to you and she ties to you. And our new little friend, the Light Fingered Louie with the knack for visions...he makes you more real just by having his little knack and that's not needed right now.

"Is he tied to you? Is it just a fluke? How important is it to follow it? Is it important enough to warrant uncles but doesn't actually have anything to do with you? Is it minor to the Big picture, but you're at the center? Is it both? How much do I stay there, how much do I give up, who do I pull in from the Family, and who do I block? And that's just my shit. How many other events are going on right now? How much more tie-in is there?", he asks, pulling the shirt on.

"I told you to stay dead." he says simply. "Be nice if you listened to me once in a while."

"You don't tell him to stay dead." she says, nodding towards Eric.

"I have different issues with Dad. Stuff that wasn't resolved before he died. Stuff that needed to be resolved. You were never in that category." Jerod says simply. "And I'd rather not get into a one-upmanship contest with a pair of dead memories. Trying to keep the living straight is hard enough."

She is silent for a long time, with Eric faded and gone from his focus.

"So which one do you bring in first?" she asks finally, when she knows he's made his decision.

He smiles without mirth. "The one who can dig the most." Jerod says as he stands up, settling his belt.

"And what about the war?"

He stops at the door, hand on the handle. "One thing at a time." he says as he opens the door and steps back into the dinner gathering.

"One thing at a time."

Off to one side, the office door that Gilt departed from a few minutes before opens and Jerod steps out, looking distinctly refreshed and cleaned up once more, the signs of his previous "strenuous activity" nowhere in evidence. He heads over to the alcohol to collect a rather large glass of something dark amber in color, which lasts just long enough to register on his senses as he drinks it before he collects another one. That one he takes a sip of as he scans the room, verifying who is available before setting his sights on the trio to one side.

He then makes his way over, nodding here and there as needed for greetings, arriving just slowly enough to allow the three to adjust their conversation should they feel the need to do so.

Brennan has gotten noticeably better at hiding his emotions since his entry into the Family-at-Large, but he is still far from impenetrable. And right now, his reaction to Robin is mostly honest fatigue. "I see," he says. "Yeah, we're gonna have to talk about that. Soon. Today or tomorrow." He's already looking up to see Jerod's approach, though.

Robin nods in sympathy to Brennan's weariness.

"Jerod," Brennan says, by way of welcome. Brennan's never been one of the heavy drinkers of the Family, but he looks like he could really use a stiff drink right now. "You've saved us a trip. Vere?"

"Jerod," Vere says with a small nod of the head. "I have been telling Bennan of my trip to Tir, and what I found there. It is a matter of some urgency, and of personal significance to you."

Jerod, on the other hand, is very good at hiding his emotions, the benefit of a Court education (if that can qualify as a benefit), but a flicker crosses his face and is evident in his voice as he nods to each in turn for a greeting. Not weariness, more annoyance towards the universe in general. His lips purse momentarily as he parses what Vere says, then decides "screw the universe".

"Really? Well, we'll add that to the day's events of assaulting Gateway, destroying a mage army, dealing with Marius' insane dad Weyland, taking on Chaos beasts and leaving an undead army behind to fester while we try to figure out how to deal with it.

"Oh, and I brought back a little thief who has visions of the future. You're going to want to talk to him I think." he says to Vere.

Robin's eyes perk up at Jerod's list. Sounds like fun to her. Maybe he's annoyed that he had to interrupt it to come to a Family Event.

He looks over at Robin. "Robin, you're looking good. All is well?" and then to Brennan. "You need a drink. So do I. Why don't we all go get one, or several, while Vere tells me what's going to be added to the 'to do' list."

Robin bobs her head in thanks to Jerod's observation and in response to his question.

Clearly, despite having a very polite, court inspired voice and manner, Jerod has decided he's had enough of the universe being a pissant today, even as he listens very carefully to what people might have to say.

"Hunh," Robin blows a loose fluff of hair off her forehead. "If you all can trust me with simple drink orders, I can go fetch while you talk near this wonderful, noisy waterfall?"

Brennan was about to answer Jerod, but Robin beat him to it. "I was going to go for them, but if you're volunteering... get me one of whatever Corwin is drinking. That ought to be strong enough."

Then changing the focus of his attention to Jerod, Brennan shakes his head and says gently, "Please-- here. They have good reason."

"Cider, my love," Vere says. He waits for Jerod to give Robin his request, and Jerod might suspect Vere is taking the time to marshal his thoughts before continuing.

Jerod drains his glass before motioning with it. "This..." he says, "Lots of this." and he'll wait patiently for Robin to return and Vere to marshal his thoughts.

Robin nods. "Absinthe, cider and..." there's a delicate flaring of nostrils, "this." She nods in satisfaction. She's got it.

With a little wave to cousins and firelizards, Robin bounces back into the room and heads for the bar.

Vere watches Robin leave, then turns back to Jerod. After a moment he turns to face out over the falls. "Possibly I am being overly cautious," he says quietly. "But what I have to say should not go any further until we have had a chance to speak to Random. Last night I went to Tir, on orders from Caine. The particular reason I went is, I think of relative unimportance. In any case it will probably be discussed at the meeting tomorrow."

He glances back at Jerod. "When I explained this to Brennan I went through my trip in chronological order, so that he could experience it in the same order that I did, and learn things as I learned them. Should I do the same now, or simply tell you the core of what happened and what I learned, and then leave it to you to ask questions to fill in matters?"

"Chronological would give me more time to drink, but I think that might be a mistake on my part. Plus I don't think Random has that much scotch in the castle, even with conjuration." Jerod says. "Let's skip right to the bad news, shall we?"

Vere nods, pauses a moment, then says without any inflection in his voice, "While on Tir I met Cambina, who spoke with me. She told me she was held motionless by the Queen of Air and Darkness while Vialle walked the Pattern. She was held until dawn, when she fell. Since then she has been trapped in Tir, hiding from the Queen, and waiting for me to arrive so that she could let us know what occurred."

Robin continues her bounce as she proceeds across the room to the bar. She's not deliberately avoiding people's eyes, but she is definitely a girl on a mission.

Once at the bar, Robin eyes the situation carefully. After determining that Random's third favorite bar is indeed carrying multiple back-ups of various things, Robin just gathers bottles: Pear Cider, Absinthe, Gin and 'This', snags a few glasses and is ready to go. For a brief moment, the thought of ice crosses her mind, but given Jerrod and Brennan's faces, she doubts anything is going to stay in a glass long enough to chill. So neat it is.

Bottled up, Robin does not bounce back to the balcony. Instead she walks, steadily but quickly.

Absinthe isn't what Brennan was expecting-- he has clearly misjudged Corwin. But from the blank expression on his face, he's silently judging him now. He samples it liberally to let Jerod react and ask whatever initial questions he may have without interference. It contains alcohol, though, so he nods gratitude to Robin.

Jerod nods to Robin upon receiving his bottle of "This", noting the age and making a mental note to go looking for Random's private stock, because he's clearly hiding the really good stuff elsewhere (even though this is still pretty good).

"You might want to try that with sugar." he says absently to Brennan.

"Given that nothing Caine does is of unimportance, why did he send you to Tir?" he asks Vere.

"Robin came across an interesting situation involving some ancient beings locked into a stalemate over a war long past. Their realm was tied in ..." Vere frowns slightly, looking for the proper term, "In a metaphysical knot. She managed to cut it, and we were separated in the resulting release of tension. I and three of the ancients made our way to Amber, while Robin and one other eventually found their way to Rebma." He smiles faintly. "With side trips to Asir island on my part, and to Corwin's sunken silver towers on her part. Robin and I had discussed the possibility of settling the ancients in Rebma and Paris, for a variety of reasons. Caine thought it prudent to try to gain more information on them before deciding what to do with them, and sending me to Tir was a part of his investigation of them."

Robin nods in confirmation of Vere's synopsis from where she's definitely putting her gin in a glass, 'cause she's civilized that way these days. Glancing at Brennan, she raises an eyebrow and tips the gin bottle a little at him. She's glad to share. Or trade. Robin is not a particularly picky drinker.

Brennan spreads his free hand over his drink-- offer is acknowledged, but Brennan's got the important thing: alcohol.

He's following Vere's and Jerod's conversation, and will jump in with questions and comments when he feels the time is right.

"So why Tir?" Jerod repeats. "Were these ancient beings connected to Tir, the Queen or the Moonriders? Was Caine looking for a prophetic future? Info on their past? It's a tough place to get reliable information, even assuming the Queen is not involved with messing with someone's perceptions. If we assume the conversation you had is valid, how much of it is distorted or out of context by outside events, or your own wants or desires? What we take into Tir is as important as what we leave behind.

"As for Cambina even being there, it's a place of ghosts. I'd be more surprised if she wasn't there than if she was. Vialle is a new take but there's nothing as yet to suggest that she's able to do the Pattern, so I'd wonder if she was a stand in for someone else.

"What did you think?" he asks Brennan.

Vere nods at Jerod's words. "Uncle Benedict was at Amber when I spoke with Caine. He has heard of the courts the ladies claimed as their own, but they were only legends and ancient tales to him. Caine said that he has 'unachored suspicions' and wished me to go to Tir to find what I could by seeking out the ghosts of the ladies and their guardians. His exact order was 'learn what you can of the ghosts of the guests you have brought to me and their purpose and goals in the true realms.' He did not explain his reasoning, nor invite questions. As for the validity of my vision of Cambina," he shrugs. "I freely admit that bothers me as well. She spoke directly to me, in a manner unlike that of any Tir ghost I have ever heard tell of, and she was very like Cambina in her manner." Vere smiles very slightly, "And her impatience."

Vere looks to Brennan then, for his answer to Jerod.

Robin drinks a little, watches her firelizards a little, listens to questions and answers a little, but doesn't have anything to add at this point.

Brennan gives everyone a mildly arch look as he takes another drink-- asking a redhead what he unboundedly thinks is a risky business.

"I thought you should hear it from us, along with who was spotting for Vere, instead of... however else it might have reached you," Brennan says. "And I thought I'd like to hear as much as there is to know about Vialle's history and lineage," that's mostly to Jerod who is in a better position to know anything at all than anyone else present, "and about the circumstances in which she was found after the incident." That's to everyone. At least everyone present. Brennan is careful to keep his voice low.

"Her lineage is minor." Jerod says. "She comes from a outlying shell, nothing of any importance. Certainly nothing has stood out about her apart from her connection to Random and the family. The official reason for picking her was that she was minor but it would be of good benefit to her Shell and herself to be married to a Prince, since she was blind and unlikely to be able to advance further in Rebma.

"Part of me accepts that as a possible reason. It fits with the circumstances - taking on Princes isn't wise but letting Random go without some kind of punishment for Morganthe would have made Moire look weak. Marrying Random off against his will covered a lot of bases politically and socially. Even if Random hadn't taken a liking to her, it would serve to further cement connections.

"Part of me however thinks that my grandmother was a snide bitch as well, given that Vialle had.... history with Martin, if you will. The kind that Moire might have thought would serve as an annoying, niggling little insult that both sides know is there but no one acknowledges.

"I would think that if anyone might know anything odd about Vialle, it would be Fiona. She did a medical evaluation of the Queen as I recall? If someone were Pattern capable, I'd be highly surprised if it got past her. Though if it were found out, I would doubt it would have been publicly revealed."

"Edan was my anchor on my trip to Tir," Vere says, "And is the only one other than the four of us who knows this story. I reported what I saw regarding the ladies and their champions to Caine, but told him nothing of the other matter. Random had already departed from Xanadu when I returned this morning. It is my thought that he should know this story before tomorrow's meeting, and that Vialle should not know that I have returned from Tir with a burning need to speak to the king in privy."

Yep, Robin nods. "That's where I come in. I'm cover for burning need." Despite the grim company, she can't repress a snort of humor.

"How does Vialle's obscure background compare with Celina's, prior to her introduction?" Brennan asks. "And don't think I haven't thought about Fiona. Or Brita. Or any of the Pattern scribes. But I'm not convinced there is any final proof except doing or not. What about directly after the incident-- I never heard any good explanation of why one survived and the other didn't."

"If Vialle is one of ours, then our aunts and uncles have done their job well." Jerod says. "If she was one of Osric or Finndo's, then she was obscured solely due to age. If she was Moins or related close enough to allow for the Pattern, the same rule applies. And I have no good explanation either.

"Based on the information that Vere obtained, I am not sure exactly what problem we are going to be immediately dealing with. The information is certainly provocative, assuming it is correct. But we're blind so to speak. We report the information and see what comes of it."

Vere tilts his head to one side, considering Jerod. "Your reaction is less ... intense ... than I had expected," he says.

Robin watches her firelizards wheeling in the spray from the falls, remembering a time when Jerod and Vere were friends...

Vere said what Brennan is thinking. Brennan has more to say but he'll wait for Jerod's response before saying it.

"I just got finished blowing up half of Gateway. I lost count of how many people I killed." Jerod says drily. "There's a zombie army brewing underground there that still needs to be dealt with, apparently led by the remaining surviving member of the Triumvirate that bled Marius, and this trio apparently all had little Chaosi attached to them. I've got some dead Weir on my hands to take home when I get back to Gateway, who after I took them under my wing are figuring I'm going to lead them in their great holy war against the Queen and the Moonriders, not to mention them being displeased about Cambina being dead too - apparently they liked her a lot. And like I previously said, I'm not even going to bother trying to figure out Weyland yet. Part of me can only pity Marius having him as a dad. Makes me glad for the one I had, warts and all.

"So, you could say I'm a bit too tired for intense right now." and he takes a drink.

"Be that all as it may," Brennan says, "Her walking the Pattern gives an explanation for her survival which has previously been lacking. It also," Brennan nods in deference to the points Jerod raised, "raises a lot of questions and objections, ranging from the merely obvious to the potentially explosive.

"What is your conjecture of the Queen's-- of Air and Darkness," Brennan quickly clarifies, "goals and role in all this?"

Vere nods quietly and waits for Jerod's response.

"My conjecture is that I don't know all of her original goals." Jerod says. "I know there are a few others here who have had more contact or been digging more so I'd suggest speaking to them to see if anything has changed that would affect her original objectives. I would presume that if Vialle is connected to the Queen in some way, that walking the Pattern was either by connivance or permission. Either way shows a relationship which maybe to the Queen's advantage. This presumes the information provided from Cambina is accurate.

"When I return to the Weir, I'm going to be digging through their past to get an idea of their perspective, see how it fits with what we know. What little we know.

"What was Brand's take on Tir and the Queen?"

Outwardly, Robin's quietly listening and nodding in the appropriate places. Inwardly, she is fiercely telling herself that now is not the time to experiment with firelizards and alcohol. Though it's sooooo tempting....

"You can't seriously think Brand ever discussed the matter with me," Brennan says. "What little I know comes from fragments of notes Ambrose has been able to decode, and is limited to this: Whatever Brand thought about Tir and the Queen, he might have thought something was wrong with its Pattern, and that line of investigation may have been his first step on the road to madness." Brennan sounds like he might believe some of that, but after all this time is highly skeptical of anything that removes any blame from Brand for his actions. "But from my own thoughts and talking to others, 'Looking for a host,' is a recurring idea.

"We still have no idea how Vialle ended up where she did, unless someone knows something I don't. But the stories I've heard are... troubling." Brennan says. Maybe he just didn't want to use 'explosive' again, so soon.

"If the Queen was somehow influencing Vialle, then presumably the Queen also directed where she would have herself sent after completing her walk," Vere muses.

"And now you know why I have no conjecture." Jerod says. "While I can argue I've got horse in this race, I'm too far out of the loop at the moment. We need to get people up to speed and get details out, see if we can connect the dots."

"You mean, like the King?" Robin asks the air over the falls innocently.

"Which perhaps brings us to the matter of what we do with the information," Vere says with a nod. "The three of us are agreed that the King needs to hear this story before tomorrow's meeting. If he already knows this, if Vialle has told it all to him, then well and good." His face twists very slightly, as though 'well and good' is not exactly what he thinks about that possibility. "But if Random does not know this, then that is another matter altogether."

Brennan nods through Jerod's statement, and then in vigorous agreement with Vere.

"Jerod, I didn't mean to interrogate, but I also didn't want to shove our interpretations down your throat. I think," Brennan pauses very briefly to signal that any dissenters should speak up, "we're all in vigorous agreement that the King needs to know, ASAFP. The only question that remains-- because I won't let it go-- is, what if we can't get in contact with him before tomorrow's wide open meeting? To spare the suspense, the rough plan is to do everything we can to get to the King through channels-- Soren, Trumps if we have one, drawing him aside during Edan's gig, etc-- and if that fails by around midnight, reconvene and try to settle on an appropriate Aunt or Uncle for advice."

"If we cannot get him the information, then we either reconvene, subject to deciding on an appropriate elder...or we just bite the bullet and drop the bomb." Jerod says.

"It's not my preferred course of action of course. But if circumstances simply don't permit getting to he's only at the family gathering and he's going to be gone after that for a month, then we don't frack around.

"Also, what is Edan's gig? I've been hanging with werewolves so I don't think I got the memo."

"Tonight's festivities will be a welcome for Edan's Order of the Knights of the Lamp," Vere explains. "An introduction of them to the citizens of Xanadu and the Family."

Robin wrinkles her nose, more Knights and Courts and things. She's glad she's got a plan for other excitement.

"Mmm...more knights." Jerod says. "Sounds like we're going to need a good crusade soon."

"We'll burn the what-if bridge later tonight, and only if we have to," Brennan says. "The important part is making sure we have one plan, not five. And barring any reshuffling of the deck based on tomorrow's mandatory fun, the Lamp's crusade is probably set, with Ruby in a lend-assistance mode. It'll all come out tomorrow."

Vere nods, but doesn't say anything more.

Robin nods, "Okay, then. Plan/agreement is in place as much as it can be, given those involved." Robin glances over at Brennan with a spark of humor cum sympathy in her eyes.

"Brennan, I know we have Things to discuss, but I am very much feeling the ASAFP push right now. If there's nothing else, I'd like to get to tracking Soren down. I'll regroup if that doesn’t work out. And I'll definitely see about hunting you down before the end of the evening for the Things discussion. Will that work?"

Brennan nods, "This is more important than our business." Marginally. "If for some reason you can't find me, something has gone horribly wrong with the whole plan-- Fiona, Brita, and possibly Folly have Trumps of me."

Those who are looking in the correct direction (back into the room) can see Solange entering the room, looking round and smiling a bit nervously at some of the relatives assembled in the room. Though she's cleaned up as much as Jerod and the rest, she's also clearly come from some sort of field situation: she's wearing trousers and her shirt has some stains on it, and her hair's a bit flyaway. When she locates Gerard, she comes to him at once and says something that they have trouble hearing over the waterfall noise.

Gerard's reply is loud and clear over the noise--a voice that could be heard clearly in a storm. "I'm acting as Regent, and in the King's name, I lift your exile, Solange. You are welcome to Xanadu. Be at peace--and get a plate. It's dinner."

Jerod's attention doesn't flicker even a single iota...the benefit of Court in Rebma. But to those he is in conversation they can hear the humor in his voice. "Hail, hail...the gang's all here." he says quietly, taking a drink.

Vere goes completely still when he hears Solange's name. At Jerod's words he turns his head towards his cousin and says, equally quietly, "This evening is indeed full of surprises."

Brennan's reaction is lost in the act of taking another mouthful of that stuff Corwin drinks. He still doesn't like it. When he sees Lilly arrive without Benedict he says, "Well, there goes my candidate for midnight advice, if it becomes necessary."

Robin's eyes go wide at the sounds of the dialogue behind her in the hall as a huge grin splits her lips. She's been learning and practicing, so she does hesitate for a moment. Before deciding that she's close enough to her good-byes.

Gleefully, she abandons her bottle and glass. And with a wild happy whoop, she grabs Vere's hand, fully intending to rush in and pounce on their prodigal sister.

With a light laugh and a quick nod of the head to Jerod and Brennan, Vere says, "If we are done here...?" holding Robin back for only a moment, unless the cousins say something to stay them.

Brennan's got nothing-- he raises his glass to acknowledge their departure but makes no move to come in from the balcony just yet.

Edan makes a polite goodbye as Garrett disengages, and watches the Prince walk away. He then turns back to Hannah.

"Well," he says, after a long moment. He hopes he's kept the stupid grin off his face. "Look at you."

Hannah smiles. "I'd pirouette, but not right now." She holds her hand out for his help in rising. "Shall we go on to get something to eat?"

Edan pulls her up and offers an arm for an escort. "Indeed...well, not for me yet. I am doomed to eat cold sandwiches afterward. I can't eat anything significant before a dance."

"I'm looking forward to seeing it," Hanah says, taking his arm. "Unless tonight is the night, in which case I may be delayed. Estimaza will be there. You've heard about what happened to him, I assume?" When Edan indicates he hasn't" "He's somehow managed to retain his youth from the Blue World. And Fiona has suggested to him that he may be descended from Corwin. I'm going to need to ask her about that." Hannah looks as if this possibility worries her.

She lets him lead her to a seat at the long table. "Since you aren't eating, I hope I can ask you to get up and make plates for me."

"Anything." Edan hasn't quite made the worried look disappear, the one he adopted when he realized that Hannah is that close to time. They make it a few more steps before he says, "Why does it worry you, if Estimaza is related to Corwin? What does it mean?"

Hannah leans in very close. "Random indicated to me that my father was unlikely to survive the family ritual. Estimaza has rarely let power go willingly. I thought it would be hard enough to keep him from it when he thought he might just be some distant relation of Dworkin's. If he thinks he has a direct line, even a... grandparent, in our parents' generation, I don't think I could stop him. And should I, even? That troubles me just as much. I think I must try, for the King's sake as much as my papa's." She relaxes back and turns to meet Edan's eyes for a second - to give him a smile. "Yes, there is more there. In my head, I mean. I think we'll have to talk about it later. Prie Dieu pour l'opportunité.

"Oh! While I have you, I plan to perform this birth as my people do. That means no men. Will your feelings be hurt? Paige has picked some room with a long hall for pacing." She tries not to smile at that last.

"I-" Edan looks about to really protest, but then thinks about it. "No. That is how things are done in the Land of Peace, as well. I can pace and fret until it is done." They get a little more distance to themselves before he adds, "Everything has progressed well, yes? I am... different than all our cousins. It has been my own private worry."

"Oh, Edan. Everything has been absolutely normal, healthy. Perhaps we have a little dancer here, because the kicking... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be away so long. The baby has finally settled, which is how I know it will be soon. There isn't room left for my organs and this child. That's really the worst of it - it can be uncomfortable right now to sleep, to stand, to sit." She squeezes his arm.

"I will need to be out in shadow again before long. We have some logistics to figure out, I'm afraid. Whatever have you been up to? Did you figure out if you're engaged to the lady of the knife?" She asks the last with a teasing tone, but her curiosity isn't hidden.

"I helped my father for a while against the Moonriders," Edan says, "but then I came back to Xanadu. Random asked me to recover some lost Trumps, and when I went out to find them I discovered that they had fallen into the hands of the Klybesian Order-- the same monks that have proved such a nuisance to the rest of the Family. Since it is such an enigmatic group, and since they apparently employ a mercenary army, I had to raise one of my own." Edan gestures at the air. "The Knights of the Lamp. They will serve a protective function here, when it is all over. One might almost think that this was the King's plan all along."

"Likely, they both were. And more beside - that's how rulers think," she claims, like she knows.

He falls silent, and they make it a few more paces before he adds, "As to the other, I've been thinking about that. Outside some comedy involving islands and volcanoes, you would expect both sides of an engagement to have clearly committed to it, and that certainly did not happen. I think more that we have an understanding not to attack one another on sight." Edan smiles. "Or it means she's marked me as target number one, whichever it is. So no, no engagement."

Hannah snorts in disbelief, but holds up her free hand. "I will let your sister be a bad influence on me and call that plausible deniability. Since you're not engaged..." she stops him a minute to lean over and whisper something in Edan's ear.

Somehow, Edan manages not to stumble. "Why...I like that idea. I like it a lot." And if his skin appears redder by the second, that might be from the lighting. "Do you think we will make it to the King's meeting tomorrow?"

Now she's grinning ear to ear. "I suppose we must. It is why everyone got called home. But we could do it now." She's quite serious, but then the grin falls a little. "Although, if you have to fast before your dance, one assumes you mustn't indulge in other hungers either, yes?"

But before Edan can answer, Solange enters the room, looking round and smiling a bit nervously at some of the relatives assembled in the room. Though she's cleaned up as much as Jerod and the rest, she's also clearly come from some sort of field situation: she's wearing trousers and her shirt has some stains on it, and her hair's a bit flyaway. When she locates Gerard, she comes to him at once, nodding apologetically at Raven. "Father," she says, "I've been told my exile is lifted. Is the King here?"

Gerard's voice takes on that loud and booming quality that got him heard over many a storm. "I'm acting as Regent, and in the King's name, I lift your exile, Solange. You are welcome to Xanadu. Be at peace--and get a plate. It's dinner."

Hannah's eyes catch and follow Solange. She sighs after Gerard speaks, with no little relief. Quietly she says, "Now she just needs find a way to make it right with Jerod, and Brennan, and..." Hannah waves her free hand to indicate the room in general. And then her free hand goes to her back, where she rubs. Again, quietly, she says, "If you've got twins on me, Sir Firedancer of the Lamp, I will make you pay." She smiles though.

There is a soft susurrus of parting between the Warden of Broceliande and Princess Flora after the Regent's declaration and Paige turns from the conversation with her aunt, appraises the room and makes a path toward one of the clusters of family. An interesting word, she considers, when one considers that she could likely count just as many family enemies as allies on certain days. The redhead's green dress flutters as she crosses the room and she admonishes herself for such flights of fancy. They weren't truly her enemies, just those of the Crown, but it was like enough the same when you served at His pleasure.

Catching the end of Hannah's comment, she chuckles warmly, a smile in her eyes for her brother as well. "Twins don't run in his side of the family. That was the other," she greets them. Paige leans in for a hug and kiss for each.

"The hard part is over, now that there is no more exile. It will work itself out." Edan definitely had had the look of, 'I do believe my dance can wait for more important things with you', but with the one-two punch of Solange's arrival and Paige's greeting, the look resolves into a wry smile at the chaos fate can bring. "Afterwards?" he asks Hannah before he turns to greet his sister.

Hannah's nose scrunches up. She doesn't like that suggestion at all.

"I told you that you would wow the room. I hope people will pay attention to me when I dance," he says to Paige.

She accepts the flattery, but obviously has no intention of stealing his spotlight.

Hannah lets go of Edan reluctantly and returns Paige's kisses, cheek to cheek. "Yes, you're lovely when you aren't covered in space-engine oil. Are the children here, or are they out in the wood?" Hannah asks. She places a hand on the top of her belly and makes an uncomfortable face. "Can we sit?"

Page's expression suggests it's a question a pregnant woman never need ask a mother. "Of course," she replies. "And perhaps the dancer will be convinced to massage your feet, away from the food of course."

"As to my twins," Paige teases, "They should be in camp, but 'out in the wood' is likely more accurate."

Ossian leaves the bar and joins Hannah, Edan and Paige. He looks slightly confused. "Greetings cousins!" Paige gets a big smile of course, and Hannah too. "...congratulations!.. " Ossian looks at Hannah, then his eyes flicker to Edan for just a short moment and then back to Hannah again.

He offers Edan his hand. "We need to talk, Cousin."

"Of...course. Well met, Cousin," Edan says as they clasp hands. He waves his other hand to include Hannah and Paige, as if to say, 'it's fine to talk here, if you wish'.

Hannah interjects. "Dear Ossian, come and catch up with all us a moment, will you?" She motions to seats. "If I have my way I'll be in labor soon and Edan will have plenty of need for the distraction of talking then," she explains, answering the unspoken question, and also asserting what she considers her privilege here, laying her hand back on Edan's arm. "I just got him back," she grins.

Paige takes no shame in steering Hannah by her other arm and, by connection, Edan to the indicated seats. "Let's allow your daughter the privilege of making her own decisions about timing, yes?" she suggests.

Edan is already smiling, having been wondering whether- and how- Hannah and he would be making announcements about themselves and the baby. It seems that things would be working out well enough.

"I am so incredibly not qualified to argue timing. Perhaps I should get us..." his voice trails off. "Daughter?"

Hannah gives Paige an unamused look. "She's guessing, Edan. She does like to play with you."

Ossian stifles a chuckle and follows the trio to the seats. Not finding a chair nearby, he simply squats in front of them. He smiles. "Insensitive of me", he says "Don't worry, Hannah. It's not that urgent, so I can speak with Edan later. I think my father has already conveyed the main points anyway.

"It's good to see we have not outgrown play," he adds.

"I missed out on decades of sibling rivalry," Paige agrees. "I will take every opportunity I can."

"I probably deserve it anyway," Edan says, "after I sent you that bird of desire that bled all over your party."

She winks at Hannah, commenting nonchalantly, "As to her gender, well, one of us speaks to spirits, the other divines the future. I know where I'd lay my money."

Edan shakes his head and adds, "I refuse to use Sorcery as a tiebreak. The methods would be most uncomfortable."

Edan gets the same look his sister got from Hannah. "No one will be anything-ing about my person at this time, at risk of bodily harm. No divining. No sorcerying. Nothing." She scowls a little, but can't hold it.

Hannah looks to Ossian. "Aside from whatever you and Brennan and Edan, what have you been up to? Any adventures?"

Ossian raises an eyebrow. " I am getting paranoid... I have learned that behind every corner and everything that happens to me, and many others, there's a Klybesian monk." He snorts "So I am starting to try to get even. I and Silhouette found them in Kyril's home shadow, and..." He stops.

Paige scans the immediate surroundings, as obviously Ossian's paranoia is contagious.

Edan, with his typical level of insight says, "...and did something to them?"

Hannah readjusts her weight in the seat and lays her hand on Edan's knee. "Wait, they were in Kyril's home? As in, had been there for some time? What led you and Silhouette there?"

Ossian takes a deep breath and shakes his head "We don’t have proof of them being there. But we reached that place through a tunnel from the Land of Peace. Where they definitely were established." his mouth twitches. "I'm so sorry."

Paige nods in understanding of her cousin's concerns even if she isn't current on the monks and their schemes.

"I...what?" Edan's eyes narrow. "I was just there. Where did you find them?" He can't help but glance in the direction of the room where his dance is being set up.

Hannah looks at Edan with a great deal of concern, surprised, and follows his eyes across the room. She looks back at Ossian. "Maybe you can give us the high points?" Hannah pulls out her medicine bag from inside her tunic and rubs her thumb along its edge.

Ossian frowns. "I could be mistaken. They spoke of a departed Sultan, I thought that was you. Was there an earthquake?"

Paige might not be the artist that Ossian is, but her fingers itch to remove her Trumps from the small gold purse on her wrist. Still she resists and listens further.

Edan sighs and slides the heels of his palms over his eyes. "No," he says after a moment. "I mean, maybe. My home has weight. If you were nearby, you would go there unless you were trying to avoid it. I would be that Sultan. An earthquake, that may well have happened while I was gone." He drops his hands. "The monks would have to be up in the mountains or out in the, not the desert. I was far away, recruiting in the cities." He looks at Ossian. "I cannot begin to tell you the irony in that."

Hannah's brow is furrowed. She asks Ossian, "So, they are deeply entrenched in the Land of Peace. Did you interact with them there?"

Ossian nods. "We talked, and did some spying. I had to earthquake them to get away.

"We were in a city, the monks were disguised as... monks for the Merciful One and scientists. Invited from the northlands by the Alcalde." Ossian pulls out his sketch book, and draws a quick sketch of the temple.

Paige turns to her brother as the artist sketches. "I'm sure I'm missing something here, Edan. Perhaps I should have been studying holy orders instead of drilling Rangers."

Edan's attention is on the sketch as it appears under Ossian's hands. "In my short experience, I have found nothing holy about the Klybesian Order," he says, almost as an aside.

Ossian nods to this.

He points to the picture. "I know this place. No wonder I didn't hear of it. It is two thousand miles and more from where I called up my knights. Even the fastest train or ship would take a week to deliver news." He drops his hand, says, "This...this goes back to the Black Road War. That temple, its town, was liberated nearly a decade ago. We cleaned it up, restored the mindfulness and worship of the Merciful One...and left. There was so much else to fix, and the hamaaj were still everywhere. I had not been back, even after we broke the hamaaj and sealed the gate."

Edan's voice is monotone, wooden, but pressed next to him Hannah can feel that his muscles are coiled and tense, and his eyes are a bright, molten gold. "So. Let me get this straight. The Klybesians came from the north, took over the temple, suborned the worship away from the Merciful One and to their own ends, and created a nest that included a pathway to Kyril's...Pacifica. They've had up to a decade to spread their influence in my home. Do I have that right?"

Hannah lets go of her pouch and takes Edan's hand instead. She is unhappy to have this confirmed.

Ossian frowns. "The theologians of that place would claim that the Merciful One is still worshipped there. They are a bit more subtle than an obvious take-over. But other than that, you are correct.

"They have brought technology there if I understood correctly, and are quite popular."

Paige notices Hannah's posture and proceeds to start massaging with strong, firm pressure the knot that's apparently forming in the small of her cousin's back.

"It's when they're still subtle that you have to deal with religions," the Warden offers. "If they're confident enough to act overtly, it's likely too late."

Edan thinks a moment or two longer, cooling off as he does, then says, "It's not going to change my timetable. The men still need more training. We still have to work on the same logistics. I thought we would be starting our journey with Abford, but it seems there is a better place to begin." He nods to Ossian. "Thank you, cousin. I can't think of a better motivator than what you have just told me."

Hannah shifts and makes a grateful sound in the back of her throat. A backrub was just what she didn't know she needed.

Seemingly aside from the topic of conversation, Hannah asks, "Is it really true that Huon will be here?"

Ossian shrugs. "I don't know, would spice this up, wouldn't it. If you're going to Abford, Edan, I'll gladly help."

Paige hesitates only a moment in her ministrations to Hannah. "Family is the spice of life," she agrees. "At least he's on the Ordered side of the family."

Edan nods agreement with Ossian. "If we follow the trail there, I will do my best to contact you. not have your Trump, Lilly had it that time."

To the others, he adds, "I saw Huon, when I was in Rebma. He acted...pleasant. I wonder if he was purposefully acting on good behavior."

"I would expect he is perfectly capable to adapting his social behavior to get what he wants," Hannah says dryly. "I'll need to speak with him, if I can manage the opportunity. So, Edan, is your plan right now for all your knights to go from one shadow to another, together, hunting evil monks? What is to stop them from just slipping over to their brothers in another shadow? It seems they have evaded and could keep doing it for a long time."

Ossian grins. "I will try to make at least a sketch for you, Edan. It all depends on how much time we have.

"We should preferably strike in several places at once, I guess." Ossian says. "The trick is to find their leaders. Brother Chew always seem to slip away."

Paige shakes her head. "I've enough in preparing for more Family to visit, and someone's impending child bearing to even consider offering to help," she apologies.

"It's going to be very frustrating at first," Edan agrees. "They obviously have good boltholes, and they will use them. They must have endured periods in their history of being hunted by any number of opponents or rivals. And that does not include whatever internal schisms they have had. But there are places they would be loath to give up. With a mobile army, there have to be places they consider strongholds. Places of research, places sacred to them. Those are the targets that we will seek. We will have to do our due diligence to find them." He smiles then, slightly. "But we have Time and Mind on our side."

This makes Hannah smile too. "Yes." She reaches back to pat Paige's knee and leans on the arm of the couch to push herself up. She sighs happily, and notes, "Just have to stand a minute. So, can someone... I think I'm missing something about...." She shifts her weight from foot to foot, thinking. "You know what, it's too complicated right now, and who knows what all we'll know shortly. It all makes me wonder if I didn't know some of these monks on Makato, but it may be my mother left me as she did to keep my existence from more than family."

Ossian nods. "That is very possible. Given the monks interest in our family, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

"We can surely disrupt their organization by attacking key places, but I still think hitting the key people will do more damage."

Paige doesn't exactly frown, as much as her ever present smile falls from her eyes, if not her lips. "Cutting the head off a dr... serpent is all well and good, but it forces her brood into the shadows.

"Leave them no shadows to run to by bringing the light before taking the head," the Warden agrees with her brother.

"I was thinking of place versus person, too," Edan adds. "Much easier to find a place than hunt a person, and then worry about stopping an escape attempt. Dragging along an army, it's going to be slow and clumsy and I'd rather entice them to come to me, anyway."

"Does anyone know where they keep their lore? Attacking that place, trying to capture a substantial portion of their knowledge or records would get their attention." Hannah shifts her weight again, her hip against the arm of the couch, revealing the bright red-dyed buckskins she has hidden under her full black skirts, and her sky-blue beaded moccasins. And she glances at Edan, with, "Think about getting some medic-knights."

Then she smiles at Ossian. "You have steady hands, Ossian. You'd do well with both cutting and stitching, if you can take the blood - and the smells."

Ossian laughs. "I have no trouble with blood. And I am fairly competent with a needle. Most soliders don't like their scars artsy, though."

Paige's own laughter is light and warm. "You'd be surprised how many soldiers wouldn't mind," she observes. " As long as they live and have something gruesome to show their women."

Signy crosses the room over to join her brother.

"Marius. You're looking a bit better then when I last saw you."

Marius has fetched himself a drink and raises it to his sister. "It's good to hear you say that, Signy. How have you fared? I see you've made at least one friend of late."

Signy gives a wan smile. "We both got here around the same time, so it's nice to have someone that's also new to this whole thing to talk to. Plus, she's a craftswoman as well."

She collects a drink from the nearby bar, before turning back to her brother. "I've been spending a while in Aunt Fiona's Shadow, working on a project for Ambrose. Interesting, but so far no real successes and I feel almost like I'm getting introduced to all this," she says as she waves her drink in a vague semicircle, "all over again."

She takes a sip.

"Have you been in Xanadu recuperating?"

"Yes, and dealing with the administrative end of the Order of the Ruby. There's a lot to be done and with the other Commanders absent on the King's business, I'm the one they come to when decisions have to be made. I told Brennan I wanted to be the Order's diplomat. I didn't tell him it was so I could stop dealing with the paperwork." He smiles wryly at Signy.

Signy manages to avoid looking too confused at yet another layer.

"Where would they be posting you?"

She pauses for a moment, before she throws out her follow-up to see if that answers the first question.

"Would the Order be getting involved with the Monks?"

"Probably," Marius says. "They're becoming a larger problem, or at least a many-headed one. How much of our resources will be devoted to them is the question. I understand the Knights of the Lamp, Edan's new order, will be more toward the front than we will."

He starts to say more, but a blonde woman enters the room, looking round and smiling a bit nervously at some of the relatives assembled in the room. She's tall, blonde, and hearty, and though she's cleaned up as much as Jerod and the rest, she's also clearly come from some sort of field situation: she's wearing trousers and her shirt has some stains on it, and her hair's a bit flyaway. When she locates Gerard, she comes to him at once, nodding apologetically at Raven. "Father," she says, "I've been told my exile is lifted. Is the King here?"

Gerard's voice takes on that loud and booming quality that got him heard over many a storm. "I'm acting as Regent, and in the King's name, I lift your exile, Solange. You are welcome to Xanadu. Be at peace--and get a plate. It's dinner."

Signy nods, and allows Marius to set whatever physical direction is appropriate.

"What's your take on Brother Tomat?" The formality of his title feels unfamiliar to her, but provides a little distance.

"I don't know if I can trust him completely," Marius says after a few moments' consideration, "but," and he pokes a finger in Signy's direction, "I think you can. He never deliberately steered me wrong when he was leading me to you, but there was never any question in my mind that it was you he wanted to get to." His smile turns sly. "Do I need to perform a brother's office and discourage him?"

Signy briefly wonders if this is how The Family's rather notorious sibling spats start, with something like this.

"No," she says somewhat more sharply than she had initially intended, before moderating her tone. "He's been his usual self, as much as one can be when your entire world is upended and thrown upside down the way his has."

She sighs.

"But while I understand how others view him with suspicion, I'm worried that I don't view him with enough, and that I'm allowing others to take advantage of him."

"Ah," Marius says, and, his tone has moderated as well; he clearly knows he's made a mistake and is choosing to step around it. "I found him reliable when he was leading me to you, in direct defiance of the Klybesians and whatever oaths he'd taken to them, so I'm willing to speak up in his defense if you feel he's being unfairly criticized. But Signy, the thing about anyone who comes close to being one of our equals--and he's not, entirely, but he comes closer than many--is that they're dangerous. Dangerous to others and dangerous to themselves. We're tougher than anything out there and people who are close to us choose that danger. We can't keep them out of it. So maybe you're letting others take advantage of him, but you can't protect him from the world we live in, any more than you and I could protect ourselves from our father and mother."

Signy inwardly winces. Maybe another drink would help her mood some, or at least numb her a bit for when people poke at that subject.

"I think that the 'criticisms' of Tomat are that he's a Klybesian, and if not actively involved in the plots against us he's part of some subtle plot that he and we don't realize yet."

She sighs, and grabs a whisky from a convenient page wandering by.

[OOC: no pages! Nobody but Pattern initiates in the room, but she can steal Marius'.]

"I'd swear that he is not a knowing agent of theirs, but I don't know how to prove that he's not an unknowing agent, even to myself."

She takes a pull from the glass, emptying half in one go.

"I never knew our mother -- did we need protecting from her as well?"

"Mother was a born schemer," Marius says seriously, but without condemnation. "She had Corwin and Eric wrapped around her fingers from the day she was born and she rarely hesitated to use it. She had a fine mind, and a good sense of the long term and whose motives were negative, or could be. She'd be right in front of the crowd pointing fingers at Tomat if she felt it served her purposes.

"Our grandfather didn't have much use for daughters, so she meant me to be her play for the throne. No offense intended, but I can see how you wouldn't fit into her schemes. I'd never say you were better off without her, but I know where I fit in her plans, and it wasn't as an independent actor. You would have been the same. And I've assumed I would have been the same for our father."

Garrett retreats to a sitting room off the main hallway, still concentrating hard to maintain the trump connection with Folly. "This should be big enough," he says finally, and adds with concern, "Are you all right?"

"We're all right," Folly reassures him, "we've just got a bit of a... situation here and need to evacuate some people. Are you ready for us?"

Even with his movement to another room, the trump connection stays strong. Garrett can hear Folly saying a few words quietly as an aside to someone just out of view -- brief instructions on what to do and what to expect, and something about... chance's brother, maybe? Then there's someone else in the contact: a tall, dark-skinned man wearing plain clothes and a wary expression. Folly passes him through with a firm, steady hand, followed by other men and women -- and a couple of children -- who all have the look of laborers and house staff. Well, all but the last: blonder and fairer-skinned than the others, with her hair cut short, Solange is momentarily unrecognizable until she beams at Garrett.

Garrett beams back.

Then Folly herself is stepping through the contact with a wide-eyed toddler on her hip and hugging Garrett with her free arm. "Thanks for the help," she says. "We should get these folks settled, and then... er, what's happening here?"

From Folly's hip the wiggly toddler is also reaching out for a hug. "Unca Garrett!" she says, half launching herself from her mother's hip so that neither Folly nor Garrett truly has her.

Garrett, accustomed to the sudden movements of young children, is able to get an arm under the child before she hits the floor. "Hold on there, Sunshine," he says with a grin as he lowers her to her feet.

Solange waits a moment and says "Thanks for the trump-through. I need to see my father, the King, and Kyril, in that order. Where do I start?"

Gilt Winter shows up, following a page. "Highness," he says to Garrett, "how can I help with these... new guests?"

"They'll need a group of rooms together. Consider them guests of Prince Martin," Garrett explains, making assumptions without knowing if they're true. "And food! They'll need food." He nods at Gilt in finality before turning back to the rest of the group and scooping the youngster up under one arm. He holds her around the waist above the floor, hopefully giggling, as he turns to her mother and Solange.

"Your father will be at dinner, if he isn't already," he says to Solange, unable to stop smiling at this unexpected reunion with some of his favorite people. "We're all waiting for the King, so get in line, and Kyril is...somewhere 'round here." He shrugs playfully and turns to Folly.

Solange squares her shoulders and looks for somewhere to clean up. Gilt directs her to a small office with a basin and a towel in it.

"Dinner. And other things," he replies to Folly's question with a bit more seriousness. "I reckon we'll all find out soon enough." He leans down to speak to the rumpled little girl under his arm. "And you are...?" he drawls the exaggerated question as much to Folly as to the child.

"I'm Lark!", Lark says, giggling. "We came home."

Folly, who had turned aside for a moment to check in with Martin's people and offer a few more words to Gilt about how best to accommodate them, grins at Garrett and her daughter. "We did indeed," she says. She looks in the direction Solange headed, and then down at her own current state, which will require a bit more than a basin and towel to remedy: she's wearing nothing but what appear to be modest...ish undergarments and a pair of boots.

"Lark," she says, "would you like to play 'hot-or-cold' with your Uncle Garrett to try to find our room?" Garrett might get the idea Folly is conducting some kind of experiment, here. "It won't take long, and then we can meet everyone else at dinner."

Garrett sets Lark back on her feet.

Lark takes Garrett by the hand. "C'mon, Unca Garrett. I wanna see the cassle." She smiles and introduces herself to several pairs of guards as she leads the way.

Lark leads them through a long corridor into the family wing and a gallery full of portraits. She proudly calls out the names of each Aunt and Uncle. The few Folly hasn't drawn for her, she asks about.

There's some quality in the answers Folly gives -- something about the rhythm or the word choice -- that makes them sound almost like part of a fairy tale, or snippets of an old ballad. Garrett might well imagine Lark has heard some colorful tales of her relatives. (Colorful, but still accurate.)

The girl stops in front of an obscure picture, low and not in the main line of ancestors. It's one neither Folly nor Garrett has seen before, a young woman in moonlight, or perhaps on a dark night. It's not labelled, but it has an "M" where the artist's signature would be. Lark looks at it for a long time. After a few beats, she sighs and leads the trio onward.

Folly examines the picture as they pass to see if she recognizes the style from any of the family artists she knows -- or the woman by any resemblance to known family members.

Folly's best guess, based on style, is that it's a self-portrait. There's something odd about the light, like it's very diffuse.

It's not obvious who she is.

"Huh. That's new," Garrett comments, but he has no recognition of the woman either.

(It might be new, but it doesn't look it. Maybe he just hadn't noticed it before. This isn't on his normal routes around the castle.)

They pass by another pair of guards, who manage to look both tired and sharp at the same time, they salute the Prince and Princess and allow them into the royal wing.

Lark stops perhaps halfway down the hall, and seems like she's about to say something, but shakes her head and continues.

Folly notices something too. It's like a lingering odor, as if something is about to develop a stubborn case of mildew but hasn't yet, except it's not really an odor, just a feeling.

Folly breathes out a mild oath and mutters under her breath, "So something IS rotten in the realm of Xanadu...." She glances at Garrett to see if he notices it, too.

If he does, he doesn't seem to react to it. His attention appears to be on keeping Lark out of trouble.

As they make their way through the castle, Folly asks Garrett, "Have the Rebman contingent arrived yet? And their... ah... guest of the state?"

Garrett thinks for a moment as they walk. "Mmm... I saw Celina and Merlin. And Conner. Jerod showed up later, with Brita and someone I didn't recognize. No one else that I would associate with Rebma particularly. Guest of the State?" he asks, quirking an eyebrow with the question.

"She means Bad Grandpa," Lark says, giggling. "Is this our rooms?" she says, coming to Martin's door.

"Yes indeed," Folly says, probably answering Lark's question, but maybe also confirming Lark's answer to Garrett's question. She holds up a finger, opens the door a hand's breadth, and peeks inside to make sure nothing is amiss before inviting Garrett and her daughter inside. Garrett almost gets the sense she's sniffing the air.

"Our Elders' formerly estranged brother is being rehabilitated in Rebma, as I understand it," she says by way of further explanation. "There was some thought he might be included in the upcoming family gathering."

In the absence of anything startlingly unexpected in the room, she opens the door fully and gestures Garrett and Lark inside.

"You mean Hu...," Garrett pauses, uncertain about how much Lark knows, or how much Folly wants her to know. Obviously the girl knows the basics though, so in a quieter tone, he continues, "Yeah, I heard he was coming for breakfast tomorrow, but I didn't hear anything about tonight."

Realization dawns and Garrett's eyes widen in surprise. "Wait. You mean you and..." he says softly, pointing from her to a point vaguely in the direction of the family gathering.

Lark goes straight through the outer room and opens Folly’s wardrobe and starts going through the clothes she left here.

Folly nods. "He's apparently my... well, 'father' is hardly accurate, so let's call him my sperm donor, although I take it he accomplished that the old-fashinoned way." She shares this news matter-of-factly. "I've never met him, so I'm not carrying any particular baggage about him beyond the usual 'oh-by-the-way-your-sire-is-a-fratricidal-former- enemy-of-the-state'. My mother, on the other hand...." She offers up a wry smile. "So I'm trying to work out the right window of opportunity to make this introduction" -- she nods in the direction of her daughter -- "before that particular excrement hits the rotating blades. Sounds like that better be this evening, if Mum is in the castle."

"Mmm," Garrett nods with a grimace. "Timing will be tight on that one."

She waits a moment to see what her daughter picks out, either for herself or for Folly. There's not much that's properly kid-sized, but given Folly's penchant for avant garde styles, there may be a sparkly top or scarf or something that could be fashioned into a makeshift dress, beach cover-up style, to go with her daughter's pink trainers and only slightly grubby leggings with mermaids on them.

Lark immediately gravitates to the swan-dress. It’s short enough that it isn’t too long, although the neck is too long. Lark loops it twice around her neck.

Folly holds her hand up to her mouth like she's thinking; but from the twinkle in her eyes Garrett is pretty sure she's stifling a grin. Well, at least everyone will know immediately whose kid this is.

The castle staff must have stored a lot of the more fashionable scarves and tops somewhere else, because Folly feels like about half of what she left here is missing. She can put something together, but none of it would be her first choices.

For family dinner, she's sure she'll be forgiven for arriving suddenly in a bit of disarray. She'll worry later about tracking down the rest of her things and finding something a bit more presentable. In the meantime she selects a simple but colorful dress, more Texorami-style than Amber-style, that she can slip on over what she's already wearing. (She keeps the boots, on the off chance she might suddenly need to kick a zombie in the head.)

It'll do for a buffet. As long as the paparazzi don't show up. Then Folly might have to take physical action...

Garrett stays in the background while the girls look for clothing. Fashion isn't his forte. While he waits, he asks, "Will Martin be coming in for breakfast?" Knowing Garrett as she does, Folly may hear the underlying wariness in the otherwise benign question. It's a mix of 'happy to see him' and 'am I gonna have to clean up blood?'

"He's got a little bit of business to take care of on his end," Folly says, "but he'll definitely be here no later than the family meeting, because if he hasn't arrived on his own by then I'll be giving him a call." She pauses, thinks about what he said, then asks, "Is the big family conclave a breakfast meeting? I'm afraid I'm a bit sketchy on the details. And if it's over breakfast... that could make Martin's bit of business a bit... ah...."

Instead of finishing that thought, Folly asks, "How have things been around here? Any weirdnesses that you're aware of?" It doesn't sound entirely like a non sequitur. She moves to a dressing-table, runs a brush through her hair, and begins twisting it up into a bunch of little knots, but she's clearly listening attentively to Garrett's answer.

"To be honest, I haven't been here much since I last saw you in Paris," Garrett says. "I traveled in Shadow a bit. Testing my skills in different worlds and all that. Anything I know, I've only heard since I came back. On the timing, Gerard said the exhibition of Edan's new Knights would be tonight, and that the family meeting would be in the morning."

Garrett glances over at the Swan Princess and smiles, hoping she'll stay distracted for the rest. "As for weirdness," he continues, his head turned away from Lark to keep his voice for Folly's ears only, "Vere, Fletcher and Gerard spoke of some trouble in Avalon and Gateway, and mentioned Moonriders, Assirians and Klybesians, in no particular order. I think there's still speculation about where everything fits together. Everyone's anxious for the chance to compare stories."

"Understatement!" Folly agrees with a grin. More seriously, she adds, "Martin's business touches on the Klybesians, we think."

Lark is talking to the swan's head. One of them is laughing.

Folly turns to look at her daughter, but Garrett is certain she's talking to him when she asks, "Do you know what 'zombies' are? And how they behave, at least in most folklore I know?"

Lark smiles, looks at her mother, and flops the swan's head over and then mimes attacking her own neck.

She bursts out laughing after that.

Garrett can't help but chuckle too. As the girl plays, he says quietly, "Some. I spent some time on ships and the seamen tell stories about ghost ships and the crews that sail them. How the he..." he pauses with a shudder, glancing over at Lark, then continues, "uh, how did Martin get involved in that?"

"I don't know the full story, because we didn't have much time before I had to come here, but it sounds like evidence of them showed up in the place we were staying," Folly says. "So Martin relocated to another of his safe havens, and they were there, too." Her lips press together in a thin line at the magnitude of that problem. "We know the Klybesians have been trying to unlock the secrets of our family's power -- including, presumably, our longevity. We suspect the sudden appearance of zombies could be a side-effect of an experiment gone wrong. Martin is trying to collect an appropriately contained biological sample to help us understand and figure out how to deal with the problem."

Garrett, frowning, makes a vague grunt of displeasure.

She finishes pinning up her hair, picks up the brush again, and crooks a finger at her daughter to beckon her over.

Lark comes over, but slowly. "My hair's fine. Daddy and I did it this morning." If that's true, Martin must've been aiming at 'rat's nest'. "You always pull too hard when you’re in a hurry."

"Lemme try, sweetheart," Garrett offers. He scans the dressing table and, after selecting a large-toothed comb, kneels down and motions the little girl to turn her back to him. Assuming she and Folly let him, he picks gently but effectively at the tangles, explaining to Lark in detail how he once had to braid the mane of one of the stables' prized ponies for her grandda's coronation. Folly would clearly recognize the "soothing the skittish horse" voice he employs to distract his niece from the task at hand.

If Garrett can finish the job, Lark will end up with two perfect French braids, joined in the back with a pretty ribbon in Lark's choice of color.

Lark picks yellow, which is conveniently crammed into the dresser drawer. It goes with the Swan's beak. The swan's name is Swanhilde, in case anyone was dying to know.

Folly watches Garrett work on Lark's hair with a little smile. She waits until it's clear Lark is sufficiently distracted (or at least sufficiently un-complainey while her newly-beloved uncle is in charge) and then asks her daughter, "Will you tell me the story of the girl in the moonlight that we saw in the hall? I didn't recognize that picture."

Lark starts to shrug, and stops when she pulls her own hair against the comb. "I don't know. She was really pretty." While she was striking, neither Folly not Garrett would describe her as 'pretty'. "We'll ask Grandpa Syd. He'll know."

"Indeed he will," Garrett concurs while tying the yellow ribbon into Lark's hair. He glances back at Folly and shakes his head slightly with a vague shrug. He's got no more than Lark does on that subject.

"...Whenever he gets here," Folly adds with a smile that is just the faintest bit tight around the edges. "Lark, you and Swanhilde look lovely. Would you like to go on down to dinner with your Uncle Garrett? I'll catch up in a few minutes -- I want to see if your Grammie Brij is here," she says cheerfully, then adds under her breath, "(...And if she borrowed half my clothes)."

Before Fletcher can answer, a blonde woman enters the room, looking round and smiling a bit nervously at some of the relatives assembled in the room. She's tall, blonde, and hearty, and though she's cleaned up as much as Jerod and the rest, she's also clearly come from some sort of field situation: she's wearing trousers and her shirt has some stains on it, and her hair's a bit flyaway. When she locates Gerard, she comes to him at once, nodding apologetically at Raven. "Father," she says, "I've been told my exile is lifted. Is the King here?"

Gerard's voice takes on that loud and booming quality that got him heard over many a storm. "I'm acting as Regent, and in the King's name, I lift your exile, Solange. You are welcome to Xanadu. Be at peace--and get a plate. It's dinner."

Fletcher glances at the newcomer, and turns back to Celine and Merlin. "It definitely sounds as if some must be stirring them up just to mess with you. But but who's that?" he gestures toward the newcomer. "I hadn't heard tales of anyone being exiled. Is she as dangerous as Huon? How long had she been gone? People in exile are excellent suspects when considering who might be stirring up unrest."

Celina nods once, realizes that Merlin may also be wondering some things and speaks in a more intimate tone, "That's Solange, daughter of Gerard, and an unlikely person to be rousing unrest in Rebma or elsewhere. She is just returned as I had thought her banished to shadow for crossing the Throne some months back." The rest of that is not her story to tell, nor will it help the mood of having a cousin back in the circle of Family right now.

Merlin looks to Celina, again, and adds, "I believe the King has announced amnesty from all exiles for this gathering."

Celina pauses in a small embarrassment, "Yes, Fletcher, I did get that word and should have said immediately, Family has been given an amnesty. So any who do not come, cannot accept it, I presume." Celina passes Merlin an obvious look to go with that reference to his mother and others at odds with the Xanadu contingent. She looks back at Fletcher. "In point, Huon is here with me as part of the Rebma delegation. I'm not sure he'll come tonight."

Fletcher nods. "Certainly understandable. Let the spirit of regrouping and reconciliation build a little bit before putting it to too big a test. The whole effort is certainly worthwhile. I suppose I'm just as bad as the others in terms of jumping right to suspecting family members of things." The look on Fletcher's face betrays mixed feelings on his observation. "So that's Gerard's daughter Solange. I do remember something about it. I feel like I owe her an apology now. I figured that that mess would've blown over by now. My timing must be off. My other always said I had a tendency to lose track of time." He smiles, and then perhaps... shivers? when he realizes how long it's been since he saw his mother for the last time. "Maybe this gather means Random or Corwin have some information that the sources of problems are not currently members of the Court.... or Courts now I suppose. Well, the family, at any rate. Unless there are any family members who are refusing to attend? I should study an updated family tree."

Celina nods once. "We could all use a refresher of the Family Tree. Conner is good at that." Celina looks around but does not see her Stalwart. "I certainly thought he would be here by now. Brennan then." And in looking about, does not find that worthy either. She puts finger to her lower lip. "Something is going on that isn't Random-generated. I wonder when we find out? Tomorrow?"

"It appears that people are still arriving," Merlin says, noting Lilly's entry following on Solange. "And there are others in the castle who have not joined us, or left, like Prince Garrett." He glances at Fletcher, adding with a bit of amusement, "Given how many of us there are, and how much trouble still left over from the war, I doubt we need family divisions beyond those that already exist to have enough trouble from the war. Especially if we are to travel in twos and threes again, which I believe Random decreed some time ago. I," he adds, "was told about this rule only in the aftermath."

"Oh, that's news to me." Fletcher remarks, touched by his Dad's confidence in sending him off on a solo recon mission for months. "Was there more recent trouble that prompted that decree?"

Celina sees Conner eating alone after Gerard and Lily shift locations. "A summary with Conner would help. We should move over there and see if he is amenable."

Raven slips back into the room quietly - clean, freshly re-clothed, and feeling about as ready for dinner as she figures she's going to get. She really ought to talk to Marius, too, see about meeting with him later too. But she isn't so sure she wants to deal with "needed sense beaten into him as a child" and "clearly crazy, not sure why we left him unsupervised" on the same day. Or at least within an hour of each other.

Instead, she heads for Gerard, greeting him with a polite, "Sir."

"Captain," Gerard says, and the booming voice is still his even if the frame of his body, especially his lower body and legs, is diminished. "Welcome to Xanadu. Have ye had a bite to eat?" Someone has fetched him a plate already, and he's working his way through it. "Fetch yourself something and then tell me how your journey went. Successful, I hope."

Raven snorts. "I'd say it's ongoing." She grabs a plate and loads it up. "No one's dropped any meteors on anything this time, but I ain't so sure that adding Weyland to a mage fight don't count as one."

"Weyland Smith? Mage fight? Sounds as if you've had quite a time of it." Gerard's smile is encouraging and friendly; that, at least, hasn't changed. "Is your story fit for talk at table? If so, let's hear it. If not, it can wait until tomorrow, unless it can't. And if it can't, tell me so I can just stop eating at the gruesome bits."

"I can skip the gory bits," Raven says, smiling. "Pretty sure they mostly landed on Jerod, anyway. So far's I know, the plan right now is to air the whole thing tomorrow and ask for opinions about the sticky bit we hit, so do you want the whole thing twice or just the exciting parts for now?"

"Start with the highlights and I'll ask about the details as seems needful," Gerard says. "I'll wait until I need to ask Jerod about the bits that landed on him. Not that I think whatever's going on out there--" he gestures in the direction of the private conversation going on outside on the balcony "--is any less grisly from the looks on their faces and the quantity of alcohol Robin just took out there."

Raven looks that way curiously. "I know Jerod and Robin," she says, "but I'm still figuring out who's who half the time. Who are the other two, sir?"

"The redhead," Gerard points at the man he means with his fork, "is Brennan Brandson, Knight Commander of the Ruby. Not a sailing man, so no reason you'd know him. And the dark-haired lad with him is my own son, Vere." His voice picks up a trace of pride as he speaks.

At about that point, a blonde woman enters the room, looking round and smiling a bit nervously at some of the relatives assembled in the room. She's tall, blonde, and hearty, and though she's cleaned up as much as Jerod and the rest, she's also clearly come from some sort of field situation: she's wearing trousers and her shirt has some stains on it, and her hair's a bit flyaway. When she locates Gerard, she comes to him at once, nodding apologetically at Raven. "Father," she says, "I've been told my exile is lifted. Is the King here?"

Gerard's voice takes on that loud and booming quality that got him heard over many a storm. "I'm acting as Regent, and in the King's name, I lift your exile, Solange. You are welcome to Xanadu. Be at peace--and get a plate. It's dinner.

"Solange," he adds, in a more normal voice, "this is Captain Raven, your kinsman. Raven, this is your kinswoman, my daughter, Solange."

Silhouette's sleek, masculine form circles the crowd, heading toward the buffet table. She pauses at Gerard's pronouncement, cocking her head with interest.

She drifts over to the pair, offering them a warm smile. "Regent Gerard," she says, bowing her head. "Thank you for inviting me to this gathering."

Turning to Solange, she extends her hand, "And may I be the first to welcome you home, cousin."

"Guess that makes me second or so," Raven adds. She eyes Silhouette curiously, but doesn't offer further comment for the moment.

Silhouette returns the silent gaze, nodding in welcome.

“Thank you, cousins,” Solange says, and seems about to say more but a slender, hooded figure enters the room looking fresh from the ride. There is a pause at the doorway as she scans the room then promptly makes her way over to Gerard. Once beside the regent, she drops the hood, revealing her long dark hair and almond eye- Lilly. "Uncle," she says with a bow of the head. Her attention turns to those standing in his circle, "Cousins." Lilly does her best to smile politely. "Forgive my interruption. I bring word from my father for the regent. Benedict plans to be here by morning."

Silhouette smiles politely, "Cousin."

"I'd hoped he'd be here tonight, but needs must. Glad to see you, lass, and I hope you've recovered from your injuries." Gerard is too conscious of her dignity to offer her the sort of hug he gave Solange, and in any case she's not one of his nestlings from the relatively long years of the Regency. "I thank you for your news, Lilly."

Realizing he probably ought to make introductions, he adds, pointing at each of the cousins in turn: "And in case you don't know, this is Captain Raven and this is Silhouette. And with that, you and Solange are both free to get dinner."

Raven gives a nod of greeting, but otherwise keeps her mouth shut to let the newcomers get sorted out.

Silhouette’s gaze drifts toward Raven, her forest-dark eyes sparkling with interest. "A naval captain, then? You would not, by chance, have heard word from Vanderyahr? Its ships tend to cross many paths."

"Thank you, uncle," Lilly replies. She gives a slight bow and turns to take her leave of the group.

Silhouette dips her head lightly, then returns her focus to the others. Her tone is quiet, "Forgive my ignorance, but are there specific rules of decorum I must follow tonight? I'm certain one attendee will be paying particular attention to my behavior and I do not wish to risk an... incident."

Gerard shakes his head. "Best stay clear of her, but beyond that I reckon there's nothing to be done. Whatever the truth of the matter, you're proven of the blood and that earns you your place here and on the morrow. But if it'll make you feel better--" and he looks at Solange here.

Solange nods, the trappings of 'the Regent's daughter' falling over her. Any disappointment she might feel about not getting a chance to speak to Kyril immediately is squelched. "I'll come with you to the buffet, cousin. The worst that can happen is she'll talk to me and egregiously ignore you."

Silhouette chuckles, "Oh, I suspect there could be worse fates within her power. But thank you."

She nods to Gerard and heads toward the buffet.

After the balcony is no longer filled so close to capacity, Brennan fills another glass-- Jerod permitting, with whatever 'that' is, instead of Corwin's absinthe.

"It's good to see you again," Brennan says. Then he gestures inside, off the balcony, "More of than I expected, even considering the summons. Word on the street is, banishments and exiles are lifted all around, at least for the next few days. Apparently all of them, including Huey, whom I haven't seen yet."

"Good to see you too." Jerod says, making sure to fill Brennan's glass liberally. It's dark, scotch and smoky, and for the moment it suits Jerod's mood.

It suits Brennan's, too-- he lifts his glass in thanks after he samples it.

"Huon huh? I was wondering what was up when we got the call," Jerod says. "Brita picked it up when we were in pursuit of Dexamene and her Chaosi. They were making a run from Gateway, with us and Weyland in pursuit. She was heading in the direction of the Towers. We managed to bag her before she got there. It was vaguely fun actually. The assault on the castle in Gateway, not so much. Got the second one there but a lot of casualties involved. The Triumvirate weren't interested in worrying about collateral damage."

"I assume Brita gave you the reasons," Brennan says, "or you wouldn't have broken off what you were doing: The King's production of an heir. Edan's new order tonight seems mostly a matter of good timing for him. Whole thing has me wondering if he doesn't have another shoe to drop at the Family meeting tomorrow, though." He shakes his head, to shake it off. "Just a nagging feeling, no real reason for it.

"I'm not well plugged into Gatwegian politics," he continues. "But...Chaosi? That's unexpected. Anyone we know?"

"No one relateable if that's what you mean." Jerod says. "I would guess based on the appearance of them they were more run of the mill but the appearance of Weyland sparks my paranoia. His official reason for being there was vengeance for Marius. A very admirable pursuit I would admit and one that I would have no trouble engaging in. But he seemed very interested in destroying them rather than learning anything about what they were up to.

"Now, he could just be like all the stories that have rippled through Shadow...nut-bar smith whose goods you don't buy unless you're equally as crazy, with the whole Chaos Lord deal thrown in. But part of me wonders if he might not know more than he's letting on.

"And the details for the recall were short and sweet. Though I suspect given what's still in Gateway I'd have to be back at some point. Can't take on a zombie army by myself. I've got an army if I want one, but I have to go and collect it."

"Someone related is mostly what I meant-- Dara, cleph, Madoc, that whole branch of the Family. Could be someone's affines, I suppose," Brennan says.

"As for Weyland, I would assume he always knows more than he says. Always. He can be flattered into interest, but probably not enough to give away what he could make you pay for-- I asked him pretty directly what his relationship to Oberon was, which should hardly be a state secret, and got nothing useful. I don't have quite the negative reaction to him everyone else seems to, but I wouldn't get within fifty yards of trusting him. I can't think of any motive for destruction over capture unless the destruction would have left enough pieces to ask afterward, though."

Then, "Zombie army?"

"Yeah, Dexamene, the leader, got stoned by Weyland. Literally." Jerod says with the straightest face possible, no doubt helped by his drink. "She's still available for questioning with the right methods.

"Second of the Triumvirate got whacked during the battle. Not much left. I'm guessing their tag-alongs didn't worry too much about casualties among the locals cause after the battle was done a really big chunk of the castle was gone.

"The third, is underground. Raising a zombie army. Too much without support apparently. We brought a rather shifting fellow back from there, named Phillipe...who warned us not to take it on without an army. On the surface, it makes sense. He still bears checking out.

"So, it's not done yet. Need to make sure the King knows that. He might think from my appearance that things are hunky-dory. Not by a long shot."

"I would think we have enough talent in-house to get some answers out of Dexamene," Brennan says. "Stone or not. Nothing about a zombie army sounds good to me, especially not coming from the same crew that did what they did to Marius.

"And I personally wouldn't take anyone's presence to mean that anything is fine. Even before this business Vere brought up, I've had a bad feeling about this whole event." Then he changes direction, somewhat abruptly. "What would you say if I told you I've got reason to believe Montage is alive?"

"I'd says that Martin got sloppy." Jerod replies. "That's not like him. What makes you say that? And does it involve my oh-so-favorite grandmother?"

"It's not like him at all," Brennan says, "which is one of several reasons I'd hoped to talk to him. And yes, it does relate to Moire, and Avalon, and Rebma. I'm convinced she's in or meddling in Avalon as we speak. How much detail do you want?"

"All of it." Jerod says. "Or rather, as much as can be done by the time this is finished." and he points at the bottle.

"She's meddling in Avalon and Benedict hasn't handed her ass to her yet? Grandmama is getting more impressive the longer I'm away from her. What are you seeing?"

"It started with a set of suppositions: That the Faiella-Bionin is a circluar road, which I think we all suspected after the last great Family Meeting. That if so, Moire knew. That Moire, being limited in mobility, would seek to use it. Well, it is a circular road and it does run from Rebma to Avalon: Fletcher and I found the road with a bit of help from Conner, and went there. I presented my concerns to Benedict, that Moire might seek to lead an invasion from Avalon. He admitted it was possible, but had no conclusive evidence, yet. I won't recount the whole conversation, but I now know Moire definitely knew about it and could use it.

"Benedict faces a war back in Avalon, but that is absolutely unsurprising. It is the nature of the place. He did, however, ask me to undertake some scouting tasks for him in that vein, with a wide degree of latitude. I chose to follow up the one I thought had the greatest possibility of indirectly serving Moire's purpose-- leaving the Avalonian gate to Rebma undefended." Here Brennan can give military details as though he can still see the sand table in front of him, but does not unless asked.

"I got lucky. Fast forward some months to breaking a siege against one of Benedict's allies at a place called Monparnasse. It was a near thing-- betrayed from within, attacked by corsairs, who were led or assisted by a hedge wizard of some competence. It became very obvious that the wizard-- Cameleopardis-- had his mind tampered with. After his capture, he was very cooperative, but could not remember certain things she should have been able to. He consented to have the spells that bound him broken, and it turns out he had been manipulated by Moire. Unfortunately, the process also killed him." Brennan says that last a little too quickly-- it's obvious it bothers him.

"The captain of the corsairs was similar, I think. By the terms of their defeat, we had to let him go, so we left the spells intact, but he spoke with eerie devotion of an Admiral and his mother. The last piece comes with the inside betrayal I mentioned, a man named Cledwin. He fled during the siege, but afterward I tracked him down and he also had the same signs of memory tampering to hide someone's identity. I took him to Cameleopardis' people, who partly broke the enchantment. He could not remember the woman's face, but he was able to sketch this mysterious Admiral's face: That, as I'm sure you've foreseen, is Montage. Or a close but older relation."

Brennan hands Jerod the sketch of Montage that Cledwin made.

"See what I mean? It could be his father, or it could be him after years in a fast Shadow. Now, there is a lot that I left out of that story for brevity, much of it about Cameleopardis. But that covers up to the point where I'm convinced Montage or someone who looks just like him is screwing around in Avalon with the end goal of leading an invasion into Rebma."

Jerod is silent throughout, absorbing and nodding at intervals, but beyond that, he is simply processing information. He takes the proffered sketch and looks at it for a long moment.

"Anyone know where his sister is?" he asks finally.

"Held in Paris, as far as I know," Brennan says.

Jerod is quiet for a moment, sifting information. "Bend and Montage were Moire's fixers." he says. "If Montage is still around, she'd have an idea as to why. She'd also likely know if there was someone who looked like him, barring a Shadow of course. A distant relative, a close copy.

"Might be advised to speak to Corwin on that front."

Celina makes a graceful and very slow dance over to Conner where she smiles at him, motions with her own small plate of topside foods, "Hello, cavalier. Is company all right?"

Conner looks up from his dinner plate and smiles warmly. He rises and gestures at the seats around. "By all means, cousins. Please join me. How have you fared since I have seen you all?" Conner settles back down into his seat after Celina has chosen hers. Even en familie some habits die hard.

Celina takes a seat as if floating down into it. "I am in fine fettle, now that I get to see so many friendly faces. Merlin and Fletcher are just back from shadow adventures, so I suppose they should speak of their successes," Celina offers. "We were just talking about travel and working in pairs, per suggestion of the King." Celina gives an inclusive gesture to Fletcher and Merlin.

"I was about to tell Fletcher that my father told me that Random wanted us to travel in pairs since Reid's death," Merlin explains. "Or perhaps that only applies to the youngest, such as myself."

"Well," Fletcher adds. "I've been out on reconnaissance for a few months (confirming where our enemies aren't) so I might have missed that particular travel advisory. Have things gotten even more dangerous since I last headed out?" He looks around at the group.

"Well in the wake of both Marius and Reid being overwhelmed while traveling alone, I can see the prudence of that measure." Conner replies. "Stretched as thin as we are though, I suspect the directive is more of a loose guideline at this point. As far as your query about things getting more dangerous, I don't believe there has been a major shift but we haven't all shared our news yet either."

Celina only shakes her head 'no' to show that she doesn't have a more dangerous story to add.

Fletcher glances around at the room full of family members. "What happened to Reid? I don't know that we're all that short-handed but we're probably scattered and off-guard. I guess that's why we've been called here to regroup."

Conner is both older and knew Reid better, but in case he would hesitate due to Celina's position, she does give him a sad nod of permission to lay out the facts.

Following Celina's lead, Merlin waits for Conner to speak.

"I have the story third hand so I apologize for the lack of details." Conner replies. "For the full story I would ask Ossian. The part of it that I know is that Ossian visited a stronghold of the Klybesian Order and discovered they held Reid's body. After reporting this to King Random, Ossian was sent out again with others to retrieve Reid's body and make sure the Order had a clear understanding that we were off limits to them alive or dead."

Fletcher shifts, standing just a little bit straighter. He sets his empty glass down on a nearby table without turning away from his companions. "How did they account for Reid being dead?"

Celina watches Fletcher carefully now, learning and considering his control of reactions.

Merlin speaks up; this is something he actually appears to know about.

"The story I had from my father, who had it from Ossian, was that someone had murdered Reid. There's a woman still in the custody of the Klybesians named--" he hesitates "--Papillon, I think, who was a friend of Reid's and may know more of his death. My father questioned when I spoke to him whether it was Reid they'd killed, or merely a shadow of Reid, but that seems more certainly settled now."

Fletcher thinks for a moment, and then speaks, "I take it this must have been before other Klybesian activities were known. Is this Papillon being held prisoner by the Klybesians? Why didn't she accompany Ossian and... Reid?"

“I do not know," says Merlin. “But that is Ossian there--" he indicates the curly-haired fellow sitting with Edan and Paige and a very pregnant Hannah, "--and I am sure he will have much to tell us tomorrow. If you cannot wait, though, you should ask him tonight."

Celina looks relieved, "Tomorrow is probably better. I find Ossian open in conversation. What I know is that Ossian and Jerod made a strong effort. If the Klybesians still have this companion of Reid's, it's not because no one cared that she was held. I am curious to hear an answer myself."

Fletcher nods. "I suppose I can wait rather than pester him. Jerod was there too? I met him once when I was in Paris. He seemed sharp and suspicious enough for a job like that. I suppose you both know him better than I do. The family must be pretty nomadic with multiple courts. I gather I'm supposed to consider Avalon my home base, but it's been a while since I really established a residence."

"It's more difficult, I think, when your father is king. Or your mother is Queen, or both," Merlin says, looking at Celina.

Celina nods at Merlin. "I understand it is difficult from both sides of the relationship." Then she looks purposefully at Fletcher, "You may visit Rebma and find it unchanged from what you remember. That may be a comfort."

"All of the realms are welcoming of any that choose to settle there and bring their talents to bear." Conner observes. "Some have defaulted to Xanadu if they have picked a place at all. Most seem content to visit the realms as needed rather than putting down roots. Notably, Aunt Flora has chosen Paris as her home and brought Lucas's family with her. Equally notable has been Folly, Martin and their little one staying away from them all."

Fletcher smiles and nods, receptive to the spirit of Celina's invitation. "I didn't mean to imply that family members weren't welcome in each Court Conner, just sometimes it's nice to have a place to keep a spare change of clothes and a bed of one's own. It also makes coordination and just catching up more difficult, short of occasions like this." He gestures about the room. "I know many people have trumps of course but it seems like a lot of effort to arrange. I've been thinking of engaging a social secretary and possibly a valet to handle correspondence and keep things ready for me while I'm traveling all over. Is there much non-royal communication between the realms yet?"

"Alas, I would say not," Celina offers, "as things are still not steady since the battles and contests. There are indications that Avalon and Rebma are involved in tests by outside forces. Paris has not been completely quiet. Xanadu... I have not had recent news about the Forest outlying."

"I'd only heard vague allusions to problems in the forest during my short time here in Xanadu previously. Is that more dragon stuff? I didn't know Paris had had any excitement at all, other than something about an unknown airship arriving or something."

Celina discusses the Daughters of the Dragons, suggests an update from Paige would be likely tomorrow for everyone. Wonders how successful the work on the codewheels might be and explains how they could be useful for 'Brand related' studies, if Fletcher has not heard of the arcane devices. She also takes Fletcher into her confidence about the missing Jewel of Rebma, and that Moire is likely the Thief of same.

As Silhouette and Solange cross the floor heading for the buffet, a shrill raptor's cry of joy breaks across the room. Following quickly (very quickly) behind it is a flurry of Robin, firelizards and Vere.

Vere is with her, arm linked in hers and a small smile on his face.

Robin's hair is neatly tucked up under a dark green button hat. The beads and feathers of Robin's usual rats-nest styling are now arranged in artful falls at the back of her head. Her face is clean and sparkling, no make-up is required to augment her already rosy cheeks and bright smile.

A soft suede vest in complementary Kelly green cradles Robin's... errr, endowments without trapping her or cutting off her breath. A plain but well-made peasant blouse with a higher collar picked out in green embroidery keeps everything civilized. Cocoa trousers, also of soft suede, hug the girl's waist before dropping straight to the floor. The toes of serviceable but clean boots peek out from under the trousers' hem.

An ornately brocaded belt wraps Robin's waist holding a matching sheath at her hip. It's a small knife, really. Only 8" or so.

Robin's eyes are lit with happiness as she pounces upon her sister with a big hug. While the Ranger is no Brita, she's certainly enthusiastic enough. Little chirrups of happiness escape her as she clasps Solange to her.

Vere is simply dressed for a court function. He wears black trousers tucked in to knee high leather boots, a white shirt with a small bit of lace at neck and cuffs under a bluish grey vest and an open tunic of a darker blue, trimmed in Celtic knotwork. He smiles more broadly as Robin hugs Solange.

A bemused expression crosses Silhouette's features. Caught off guard by shriek and flurry of activity, she steps back - only to quickly recognize the Desultory Dame of Dragons. The confusion immediately transforms to affection, her rose petal lips curling up with uncommon warmth.

Having abandoned traditional dresses, she rather striking in her ash-grey, pinstriped suit and crisp, black trousers. The stark-white blouse makes her checkered tie stand out sharply, its silk length perfectly knotted. Despite its masculine appearance, she seems perfectly at ease with the outfit.

After quickly adjusting her lapel, turning her attention to Vere.

She extends her hand, "You are Vere, yes? I am Silhouette. A pleasure to finally meet the man who makes Robin's cheeks burn so brightly."

Vere takes Silhouette's hand with a small smile. "And it is my pleasure to meet you, as well. Robin speaks most eloquently of you."

Silhouette blinks at this, "I... truly?" She glances over at the reunited sisters. The smile quirks with mischief, "Considering the events of our girl's night out, I am most relieved to hear that."

Relinquishing Robin, Solange steps back to look at her sister at arm's length. "It's so good to see you, sister." Her grin is big enough to split her face. "And you, too, brother," she adds to Vere, opening her arms to offer him room to join them in a group hug.

Vere steps forward into the hug and murmurs quietly, "It is very good indeed to see you here, Sister."

Silhouette folds her hands in front of her, watching the embrace in courteous silence.

"Ooooo, so happy you're back. And so proud of you! For things I won't go into in public. I can't stay long. Got to do things. Hi, Silhouette. Missed you too. Worried about you rusting in Rebma. Can the Queen build you a blast furnace or somthing...?" Robin's words are a jumbled rush as her thought birds flutter around.

Silhouette bows her head, chuckling. "I believe she's located a volcanic vent where I might reside and remain suitably warm." She grins, "You must come visit me someday. I'm certain we can enjoy another night out. With fewer injuries this time, mayhaps."

Disengaging from the hug Vere lifts an eyebrow slightly. "I believe the terms 'enjoyable' and 'injuries' are not mutually exclusive where my beloved is concerned."

Solange snickers. "I need to get Silhouette situated and protect her from--" she tilts her head in the direction of Florimel, who's talking to Julian. "And then I need to find Kyril. But we'll catch up in a bit, yes? The two of us and Hannah?" she says to Robin.

Silhouette chuckles softly, "Yes, she is being most generous." She follows Solange's gaze; the smile cracking with a hint of sadness, "She is most brave to do so," she adds.

Robin wrinkles her nose at Vere as her eyes twinkle. "If one isn't risking injury than one is 'enjoying' hard enough..." she mutters to herself.

"Though I am sorry you got hurt, Silhouette." Robin cocks her head, "On the third hand, we were 'bonding through violence' as you yourself described it. Oh, anyway..." Robin shakes her head to get her thoughts all flying in one direction.

Silhouette shook her head, smiling. "The fault was mine. Although, I did find the encounter most exhilarating. If somewhat unladylike." She brushes a strand of hair back, "I would suggest we have another lady's night out, but I wonder if the city could survive it."

"Yes," Robin says firmly to Solange, "You, me and Hannah -- together." Robin grins again at that thought.

Vere's eyes follow Solange's head tilt and he nods slightly in acknowledgement. "Difficult emotion," he murmurs quietly. Then he throws that thought off with a brief shake of his head and smiles again. "Take the time to speak with Hannah tonight," he advises, "For who knows where the King shall send us on the morrow."

"As soon as I get Silhouette here safely fed, I'll go on over. Because from the look of her, she's not coming to me." A shadow crosses Solange's face for a moment, but she's really too happy to let whatever's bothering her hold her attention. She squeezes Vere's hand and Robin's. "I'll see if Kyril and I can sit with you at this thing after dinner."

"If I'm around, definitely. Must run. Love you both." Another hug for Solange and a twinkle/grin for Silhouette and Robin disengages.

Vere gives Solange a smile and says, "Let us hope we have a chance to speak before the King sends us to our scattered duties." He nods to Silhouette. "And I hope we shall have a chance to speak together, as well."

Silhouette bows her head, "As do I, cousin. Until next we meet."

When they've departed, she turns to Solange, "How long has it been since you've seen them?"

Solange shrugs. "Some months. Maybe somewhere between six and a year as I'd count time. Dad told me years ago that I'd start losing track when I wasn't spending all my time in Lauderdale and Amber. Turns out he was right about that, at least. How long has it been for you?"

Silhouette smiles faintly, lightly brushing the side of her hair. "A lifetime," she admits. "Indeed, I only recently came to this place. My mother believed me dead as a child. She still does, in fact. If not for my unglamorous association with Uncle Huon, I would not have known of the Family, at all."

Solange's expression could best be described as phlegmatic. "We all end up with family of one sort or another--Amber family, or I guess Xanadu family these days--in the end. There's a theory that says we're like metal balls on a sheet held tense in the air: when one of us lands somewhere in Shadow, the weight of one draws others to the same place. Or maybe it's a form of magnetism. Anyhow, if it hadn't been him, it would have been someone, and maybe it was and we all didn't know it at the time. I was lucky: Dad took me on early because my mother asked him to, so I was raised knowing. Same for Robin, except Julian adopted her. Hannah's our sister, but she was left with her father, and she was lost after our mother died. We didn't even know about her. But here she is anyway, just like you."

Silhouette gives a faint nod, “That explains much. I was confused as to the lineage between you three.” A pause. “I suppose it was inevitable someone encounter me in Shadow. Although, I do wish it had been on more pleasant terms. But, Enlightenment always requires Cost.”

As they reach the table, she allows Solange the benefit of going first. “May I ask what you shall do now? Serve the Family, be it Xanadu or Rebma? Or pursue your own goals?”

Taking up a plate and beginning to fill it with a variety of Amber foods--heavy on the meat and starch, but at least allowing for vegetables--Solange takes a moment to reply. "I think that depends on what we hear. It's an all-hands, which means something's either really good--maybe the baby--or something's really not good. And if it's something really not good, then all hands will be needed.

"For me, personally, Jerod and Brennan are still angry with me, and I'll probably need to resolve that, or someone will. I'm sorry what I did didn't work, and I'm really sorry I hurt them and got Kyril in trouble, but I still think I had the right idea."

Silhouette gives a faint chuckle, "Then you and I are sisters, in a fashion. They are quite angry at me, as well. I doubt my closeness with Ossian will help matters." She takes her time adding food to her plate, identifying each item as she goes along - picking out the spiciest dishes.

She cocks her head, "Forgive my ignorance, but what is it you did? One should not be punished for testing a hypothesis. Such action is at the very core of Enlightenment."

"You haven't heard the hypothesis yet," Solange says, sounding not a bit sorry. She looks around as if checking for an audience, and seems satisfied enough with whom she sees to tell the story. "When our cousin Cambina--Jerod's sister, and Brennan's consort--died, under mysterious circumstances, and Queen Vialle disappeared, I suggested my brother use his talent for speaking with the dead to find out anything we could from Cambina. It's not a joke; Vere can really do it. Sometimes. I was forbidden to try it, and Kyril--he's not family, but a friend of mine from the shadow where I was living--helped me borrow Cambina's body and get it to Vere. Nothing came of it, and I was caught, and Kyril was put in prison and I was exiled. Vere apologized for his part in it, and nobody seems to be angry with him any more." She rolls her eyes a little. "Typical. Not that I blame Vere, but it's easy in this family to see that we women have a harder row to hoe than the men."

Silhouette nods lightly throughout the admission, her face a stoic mask. At the last point, she smiles. Her voice remains low, "Indeed. We are expected to remain in the shadows, and leave this world to the wisdom of men. And our supposed sins are more difficult to atone for." Her plate loaded, she gestures toward a quiet island in the sea of activity.

"My knowledge of necromancy and spiritualism are somewhat limited. I dabbled once, as corpses could serve as potential weapons platforms," she explains. "Some of the literature suggested the body retains residual energies, including the last moments of one's death. An image imprinted on the eye, for example. The literature also suggested this information could be extracted, through various means.

"As such, I see no reason why information of this nature should be ignored, particularly if it provides Enlightenment with regard to a murder. Their rough treatment of you is quite unfair and, frankly, shortsighted."

"I should have handled it better. I just ran out of patience for explaining things five different ways to Uncle Corwin--" she gestures at him on the far end of the table from where they are at the buffet "--in order to find the one that stroked his ego the most. We had a limited window to act in, and Dad was against it, and I did it anyway." By the time she finishes speaking, Solange's plate is loaded and she's ready to move on and sit down at the table, which is slowly filling with family diners.

Silhouette follows, "Our elders are somewhat glacial when proceeding along unfamiliar lines of thought and action. I can understand your frustration and desire to move forward with your experiment." She nods, "It may not mean much, but I believe you did the right thing."

"Thanks. I appreciate it." Solange flashes a genuine smile at Silhouette. "Can I get you settled and then run over to see Hannah? I didn't realize she was so far along."

Silhouette nods, returning the smile. "Of course. If and when you need an... open-mind, do come to me and I will be of service."

Upon taking her leave from Gerard Lilly takes a moment to assess the room. The mix of familiar faces feels like home. She missed her cousins.

Spotting Corwin, she remembers the parting conversation with her father. Pass Benedict's regards to Corwin, she reminds herself. Gauge his demeanor. Then there will be time for socializing.

She fixes a plate of food and heads straight for Corwin. "Excuse me Uncle. I wanted to let you know that my father sends his regards. As I have passed on to Gerard, Benedict expects to be here by morning. He had some personal business to attend to and sent me ahead."

Corwin is holding down the end of the table furtherest from Gerard. He politely comes to his feet when Lilly joins him, and helps her into her chair, which is mostly for show. "Lilly. Welcome, and thank you. I'm glad that Benedict will be joining us. How have you been? You've completely recovered from the injuries you took on the journey from Uxmal, I hope."

Lilly nods. "Yes, the time away allowed me to concentrate on healing. It was very beneficial. Of course being away also means I am not as prepared for tomorrow as I would like." The girl shrugs as she takes a small bite of her meal. "I always assume family meetings will have quite the mixture of topics. The question is how the mix balance between good and ill."

"I think Random and Vialle are bringing the good news," Corwin replies. "That means the rest of us are meant to bring the less good. Though I think we have some positive developments, at least. Paris is well and happy, and Rebma seems to be doing well under Celina. And it looks like Jerod and Raven and Brita had a success in Gateway.

"We're still shaking out after Dad's death. It's no surprise people are testing us. We're strong enough to answer whoever challenges us, though."

Lilly takes a moment to process Corwin's words. "United we are strong," she agrees. "And our numbers continue to grow. Though my father still seems uncomfortable with the idea of new offspring. Or perhaps he is just opposed to the idea of me having a suitor. It can be hard to tell."

Corwin's face is always difficult for Lily to read but he seems more inscrutable than usual at the moment. "I imagine it's a little of both. But fathers are always protective of their little girls. No man is ever good enough for them." His glance lands on Celina, who is sitting with Merlin, Conner, and Fletcher. "Have you had a chance to speak with your brother yet, or will that wait until later?"

Lilly shakes her head. "I've only just returned." Her gaze shifts to Fletcher and she studies him for a moment. "We will speak when the time is right. He seems caught up in his current conversation."

"There'll be plenty of time. And plenty of reunions." Corwin glances at Solange and Robin and Vere, all engaging in a group hug. "Although most of them may be a little more decorous than others.

"I'm glad your father will be here to take counsel with tomorrow. I think we're going to need his wisdom and experience more than usual."

This time Lilly leads with a nod. "Agreed," she states simply her eyes taking in the spectacle of the reunion. Time for a new line of questions, she decides. "Is Prince Garrett in town? I see that he is absent from dinner."

"He was here earlier, talking to Hannah and Edan." Corwin glances around for Garrett and comes up empty. "Looks like he stepped out. I'm sure he'll be back soon. Maybe someone coming in Trumped him. His father's supposed to be coming back tonight. Martin's not here either, and I haven't seen him, so he'd probably be the first choice after Gerard. Has your father heard from Martin recently, do you know?"

"No," Lilly answers immediately. "Not that I am aware of. We had heard very little from Family." She thinks about it for another moment and then shrugs. "Though I suppose it was possible. There were times when my father kept watch as I rested. I find it hard to believe that Benedict tells me everything. I don't believe that he tells anyone everything. I am certain that secrecy is indeed a family trait." A smile appears as she finishes her statement.

"I was just wondering whether anyone knew whether Martin was arriving tonight or tomorrow. Merlin hasn't heard from him in a while; he's worried. And it would be bad for Martin to miss this one. And I think we all mislike anyone being missing since what happened to Reid." Corwin makes an effort to brighten. "But you're probably right and whoever knows where he is, whether it's your father or someone else, is just keeping it quiet for now."

"I know very little about the details regarding Reid," Lilly admits. " Are the details known or our we still investigating?" Her voice holds genuine concern as she asks.

"We know what the Klybesians said but we don't know how much of it is a lie," Corwin explains. "They claim someone else did him in and Random says his body has been returned for burial. I'm hoping that someone will have more details tomorrow. That seems to be the answer to everything this evening, I'm afraid: hope someone already knows and will tell the rest of us tomorrow."

Lilly swallows hard and gives a small nod. "I'm afraid I do not bring much information. I am curious as to what has been happening with the rest of the family. I feel a bit out of touch." She takes a bite of her meal. "How are things on your home front? Nothing tragic there, I hope?"

Talking about Paris is enough to make Corwin smile. "Everything is going well. The city's growing and there are paths developing between Le Havre--the port of Paris--and various shadows. People are coming, not just refugees from the war, but those looking for a better life and drawn by what Paris provides. Just, I think, as is happening in Xanadu. It's bigger than you probably remember it, if you haven't been down to the city to visit it recently. You may be surprised by what, or how many people, you see at Edan's proceedings tonight."

"It is good to hear some positives," Lilly returns the smile. "I am anxious to reacquaint myself with Xanadu. And I would also like to visit Paris some day, with your permission, of course."

"You're welcome in Paris, of course, at any time you wish to visit. There are rooms set aside in the Louvre for family visitors. I assume you mean to use Avalon as your home base?" Corwin asks, all courteous interest.

The girl shrugs. "Perhaps. Honestly, I have not stayed still long enough since coming into my own to really feel at home anywhere. But you are right, I should probably at least choose a home base."

"I'd say 'you'll figure it out, as we did', but it was a little different for us. Although Deidre and Flora used Rebma as home base at times, even when there wasn't a war on--but I think that was a little different," Corwin admits. "But I think you'll find a place that suits your needs and talents; I just would expect that to be Avalon over Paris."

There comes a polite cough beside them. A tall woman, dressed in a man's suit - all dapper shadows and crisp lines - stands to their right.

"Excuse me, sire," Silhouette says, holding a filled plate. "Is this seat taken?"

She offers Lilly a polite, almost apologetic smile.

While Brita is at the buffet preparing her plate, Ambrose joins her. "Hello, Brita." He reaches past her, not rudely, but practically, to put some fruit on her plate. "I see you've returned from the field. Shall we sit together and speak of our exploits? I'm sure yours are more exciting than mine."

He's dressed in a linen shirt and khaki-colored pants; the same sorts of things he wore in Uxmal. It suits the climate of Xanadu, and probably will moreso in high summer.

Brita's plate is full of various meats and cheeses as well as a few root vegetables, but she accepts the fruit. "It was Fun. I Started with Uncle-Kin Weyland, which Provided some Sport of Deception. Then we Added Cousin Jerod and Cousin-Captain Raven. Captain Raven is a Great Companion for Fun Adventures although a bit Regimented at Times - must come from being In the Navy. We Freed an Emuraptor - a Battle Bird - that Turned Out to be a Young Seer, the One that Returned with Us. Cousin Jerod Brought Weir to the Fun. They Helped Track and Attack an Icy Mage and then a Fiery Mage, both of Gateway. We Stoned the First and Buried the Second. There is a Third, apparently Building an Army of Dead, that we had to Leave her Behind to Join This Fun." Brita pauses for a bite of cheese. "How about You?"

"I've been working with Signy and your mother to teach Signy Uxmali and help her create new code wheels to replace the ones that are slowly dying. In the rest of my time, I've been polishing the translations I have so far so that they make more sense in Thari. Nothing nearly so exciting as you, sounds like.

"Weyland is Signy's father, isn't he? Who taught her the power of making?"

"Yes, I Believe So," Brita says although her attention is focused on the systematically devouring the meats on her plate. She does take a bite of the fruit when she notices Ambrose looking at her plate. "He seems ... like a Mix of Uncle Random and Uncle Bleys." She cocks her head to the side as she thinks for a minute, "Maybe with just a Touch of Uncle Corwin thrown in."

"No wonder nobody wants to get him to make anything. Between that and the prices he charges, Weyland sounds terrifying." But Ambrose sounds halfway amused at the idea. "You make him sound a bit like my father, only maybe he spends more time brooding and less time manic. Did he offer to make you anything?"

"No," Brita states flatly. "But My Brother would Probably Reach Through Time and Space to Stab Our Uncle-Kin if He Offered. I Never met Your Father." She thinks for a bit. "Smith Weyland seems More Lone Wolf than Rabid Dingo."

"So did my father, right up until he didn't," Ambrose replies, his expression gone wry. "But," he adds, more seriously, "Conner's probably right. The legends around him are frightening. I asked Signy to help me with the code wheels but now I wonder whether her father had a hand in making them. I think the enchantments are unique to Uxmal, though."

"Did you learn anything from them, yet?" Brita asks in between bites.

"I spent most of my time with your mother teaching Signy enough Uxmali to make it possible for her to work on the code wheel project. I've done some glyph retranslation of some of the things I've already translated but nothing significant has revealed itself. I think the answers about my father lie in Tir, and since Cambina's death, it is forbidden to us," Ambrose explains.

"Hopefully the Second Set of Eyes will Help You until Tir-na Nog'th is Reopened," Brita notes. "Is there Anything I can Do to Help?"

"I don't know, and I won't, I suppose, until tomorrow. I mean to ask to be permitted to go to Tir, with a spotter, of course. Maybe you could come with me. Or perhaps if you're sent somewhere, I'll go with you." Ambrose smiles at Brita. "Or both."

Raven waits until the others have departed before she says wryly, "Keep forgetting how many folks I haven't met yet. You know Jerod and I were sent to Gateway, sir?"

Gerard nods. "Aye, to make clear the Royal Displeasure that the current rulers are under because they cooperated with Huon. Jerod hasn't reported a failure so I assume it mostly went well. And you seem to have found Brita and brought her home as well."

Raven nods. "We ran into Brita and Weyland when we got there. They were traveling together, and I gather he was planning to explain to those in power in Gateway that he wasn't too happy about what they did with Marius. So we joined forces. Brita and I picked up the kid that came in with us while we were still getting things going, and he knew the mage Harper - and honestly, sir, it's turned into us helping remove the three that were in charge so the old guard can take back over at this point." She pauses, then continues wryly, "Kinda loudly, messily helping. Dexamene's a statue after we chased her and some Chaos beast around, and one of the others was standing on a building that got blown up pretty handily by Weyland, so she's out of play. Third one's got some kind of army of the dead, and that's the one we still need to deal with. Kid came to us as we were getting ready to do that. Said he could see the future and that we needed more of a real army than the Weir or the dead'd be threatening Xanadu and Rebma next. Not sure how much any one of us believes him, but it can't just be ignored, so Jerod said it was time to ask for advice, and here we are."

"It's a good thing Edan's been raising an army, then," is the first thing out of Gerard's mouth. "And there's always Bleys to summon an army or three from Shadow. I'm glad you brought him back; sounds as if we'll have to question him before or after the family meeting, or during. As for Gateway, I'd rather have Harper and her lot in charge than the ones that helped Huon attack Marius. If you don't know all that story, I can tell you, but it's a bit stomach-churning and it'll wait until after dinner."

Raven snorts. "Considering how he looked when I ran across him, can't say I'm surprised it's an ugly story," she says dryly. "I don't think I've got the whole of it, and I'd like to. Can't help but wonder if some of it might explain why the Vale ran across a tidal wave full of bodies right before we finally found Gateway and Marius." She pauses, scowling briefly. "And I wish I hadn't thought about how those may be in that army of the dead by now. Thing is, sir - I know just enough about Weyland right now that I've got to ask... I know we couldn't shift him easily if he didn't want to go, but is it safe to have left him with only the Gateway mages to keep an eye on him?"

Gerard makes a face at the mention of a tidal wave of bodies, but doesn't comment on it, and again at the mention of Marius' fate. But it's Weyland that really seems to trouble him. He takes three bites from his plate while thinking of an answer, visibly. "I don't know that it's safe to leave Weyland alone without a relative or three to keep him in line. But the truth is I'm not sure the lot of you could keep him in line anyroad. So you've done what you can, and if he wants vengeance for Marius, it's not on you and Jerod and Brita that you couldn't keep him from taking it.

Raven nods at that.

"As for Marius--do you know what happened to Martin during the war?"

Gerard’s expression shifts for a moment and he tightens and winces, as if in pain.

After a moment's hesitation for an internal battle between 'should I ask if he's ok' and 'clearly not ok, in a chair, maybe this is normal-ish', Raven takes a quick bite of her food and shakes her head. "Starting to wonder if I should take bets on what happens first, sir," she says dryly. "If I catch up on what everybody else seems to know, or if I run out of ways to say no to questions like that. Anything I can get you?"

Gerard thinks about that question slowly and looks round at the group with Edan and Paige and Hannah and Ossian. Then there's another wince and Gerard visibly grits his teeth for a brief time, but it passes and his attention turns back to Raven. "No, lad, but thank you for offering.

"Anyroad, Martin. Was one of the few of your generation whom all my brothers and sisters knew about, and because his father didn't care much for him--changed now, obviously--he was a target." Gerard lowers his voice. "My brother Brand worked out that he could erase the Pattern using family blood, and he chose Martin because he didn't think anyone would come looking for him. Huon was involved more or less with a similar kind of thing where Marius is concerned. Brand is dead; Huon is alive but under royal disfavor. And you can see why."

Raven frowns. "Aye, but - " she starts, and then pauses. "Seems like two different punishments for the same thing, sir."

"Huon took amnesty from Random. I'm told by those who were there--I wasn't a witness--that Brand didn't when he lost his battle with the rest of the family, despite Random begging him to. Maybe it's Brand's example that led Huon to take it.

"I still think he'll go after Bleys in the end, even though Bleys was just doing what Dad told him when he took Huon into exile." Gerard sounds resigned about that. Whatever was troubling Gerard before, he seems to have recovered somewhat from it.

That makes sense to Raven, so she nods again. "If you don't mind, sir - what's been going on here? Besides why we're all gathering, I mean."

Lark and Swanhilde fly back down the hallway toward the dining room on the back of Uncle Garrett. Just outside the door, Garrett hoists the child down to the floor and squats in front of her.

"So. Before we go in, just lettin' you's Family. There's Rules. I'll need to you stick close to me until your mum comes down, all right? You hungry?" He takes one small hand in his own and quirks an inquiring eyebrow toward the door to ask if she's ready to enter.

"Thank you for your patience, My Love." Robin has a warm smile for her strength and her rock. "Now for the strafing of Soren. Since he's not in the room..." she looks around to confirm that that is still so, "we should probably leave the room with a little fuss as possible."

Robin's green eyes take in the crowd of very alert and sensitive Lords of Order. "I... have no idea how to do that." She shakes her head. "Less-civilized me would just climb off the balcony. But last time I did something like that, people really noticed. Would you have a suggestion, oh most wonderfully decorous one?" She smiles up at her Love.

Vere smiles and pulls her arm a little closer, leaning towards her he says quietly, "Allow me to demonstrate, my love. We gaze at one another lovingly, speaking quietly as is the way of lovers, as we wander aimlessly through the room." He suits his actions to his words, winding a path between the various groups of talking relatives, the very picture of oblivious young love.

"Walking so, very clearly with no definite goal nor purpose, other than to be with each other," he laughs softly, as though she had just told him a joke, "We find ourselves eventually near the door," a soft tug on her arm, and they are out the door and into the hallway, "And if anyone did notice, then, ah, the lovers, so clearly they wish to be alone for a short while."

Robin has no difficulty at all with playing the part of a young lover. Watching her Man in action lights her up from the inside and she is practically glowing as she tips her head in to catch his quiet words. Fond memories of the dance at the Masquerade lurk behind her smile.

Once in the hallway, Robin is a much less civilized young lover as she backs Vere into a wall for a fierce kiss.

When Robin can catch her breath again, "You are sooooo beautiful when you do that, my Love. And dead sexy."

"Okay, okay. Business. Soren's office is this way. Let's try there first." Somehow in Xanadu, where Robin can Hear the Rhythm of the Land, she isn't disoriented - even when in a Castle that's mostly underground.

"Business it is," Vere says agreeably, and allows Robin to take the lead.

Soren is closing up his office when Vere and Robin approach him. He’s on his way down to the studio to talk to some people, but he’d be pleased if Prince Vere and Sir Robin accompanied him, since they are anxious to talk to him.

Vere nods. "We wondered whether you know if the king will be returning tonight," he asks. He looks at Robin to see if she thinks it advisable to add anything.

Soren leads them towards one of the longer central stairways of the castle and heads down. "I wonder the same thing. The King has clear plans for breakfast tomorrow and I thought that he and the Queen would be attending tonight's gala, but I only heard secondhand that he was going to Rebma with the Queen. Gilt knows more, but I don't think much more.

"The King follows his own plans, and we normally just adapt.

"I can have Gilt send a page when his majesty awakens, but he might not be seeing visitors before breakfast, either."

The way down, unlike the steps to Amber's lowest chambers, is well lit with electrical lights. They have a slight smell of tiny burnt toast, but are otherwise cheery.

Robin's nose wrinkles at the odor, but not in a bad way - more in a 'that tickles' way.

"Soren..." Robin decides to take the bull by the horns. In a very quiet, non-carrying way, she continues, "I have good reason to believe the King to be in danger. And I'd really like to contact him. But I got the impression that he wasn't going to be answering the Family calls this evening. So I'm trying to figure out how to contact him in an emergency. Would you be good for that? Gilt? Someone else?"

Vere looks as though he is about to add something, then changes his mind and remains silent.

Soren stops. The stair they are on is in a particularly empty part of the castle.

"I can't make him answer a Trump, if that's what you're asking. I can't really make him do anything. But he listens to me. And a few others. You know why? He trusts us because we haven't led him wrong before. So I need more. I can't tell if you mean he's neglecting to use sunscreen or Garrett's mother Anna is coming back up here with a knife to cut off his balls for the good of the country.

"So, tell me what you've got and I'll consider how and when I'd bring it to Syd."

Vere looks silently at Robin, raising an interrogative eyebrow.

Robin nods while Soren speaking: yes, yes and hell yes.

"My Beloved here," she indicates Vere with a thumb, "who is way more trustworthy than myself, just recently returned from Tir-na Nog'th. While there, he spoke to the ghost of Princess Cambina. She told him that she had gone there with the Queen and that while the Queen was walking the Pattern, the Queen of Air and Darkness held Cambina still until dawn rose and she fell to her death.

"Our concern is that the Queen may not be... wholly herself right now."

Robin trusts that Soren will mostly know what she's talking about. And that if he doesn't, he'll ask whatever questions he needs to. Because if the King trusts him, she does too.

Vere nods and looks back to Soren.

Soren looks very concerned, his eyes large despite the plentiful light in the stairwell. “Well, that does sound urgent, especially as the Queen is with child. Prince Vere, could you have been fooled? Could the Queen of Air and Darkness have impersonated Cambina and said this to damage the Queen?"

Vere nods. "Oh, yes, that is most certainly a possibility, and one that is a great concern to me. It would require a great deal of information on my abilities and my relationship with Cambina, and her relationship with her brother and lover. But is not something that, for example, a Lord of Chaos who had consumed Cambina's memories would be unable to do. But if the Queen of Air and Darkness is capable of that sort of thing, she is equally capable of possessing and/or controlling our Queen. Either way, you can understand why we think it is vital that we have a private audience with Random before the family gathering tomorrow morning."

Soren bites his lip. "I'll see what I can do. Don't tell anyone else about this, please. The last thing the Kingdom needs is a rumor that the Queen is possessed by some sort of Witch-queen from Tir. It may not be until late. Very late. Make sure you can be found, and fetched, quickly."

Soren hesitates. "I am loathe to ask, but is there more I should know, or the King?"

"Edan acted as my anchor on my trip to Tir and heard my side of the conversation. I have asked him to say nothing. I have told Brennan and Jerod, who agree this information should not be made public before Random has heard it." Vere considers for a moment, then says, "There is nothing else I can think of that is vital." He looks questioningly at Robin.

Conner stands in one of several game rooms that Random had scattered around his castle. A pool table dominated the center of the room while the corners held carved wooden tables at the perfect height for cards. Flip down panels in the walls hid well stocked bars in easy reach from any gaming station. All that was missing was the neon signs on the wall and Conner was sure those were being worked on.

Conner looks over the room with an attention to detail usually warranted only by a visit from Aunt Florimel. One of the card tables was set up with a several bottles of various spirits, two glass tumblers and an ice bucket. There was really nothing left to do but wait for Raven to show up so to keep his mind busy Conner racks up the balls and selected a cue. Calculating the force vectors on the balls as he plays helps to steady his mind.

Raven is along a few minutes later, thanking the page that showed her the way before she ducks through the door. She makes sure the door shuts properly behind her, because this is going to be awkward enough without anybody that walks by wondering what's going on.

"Has anybody counted how many rooms around here look like they belong in some kind of club?" she says wryly, by way of greeting. Her hands automatically go into the pockets of her coat, her shoulders squaring slightly with the motion. "Sorry if I kept you waiting. Ain't been around here long enough to learn my way out half the time, much less anywhere else."

Conner looks up from the bank shot he was lining up. "I'm still exploring the place myself and the decor certainly matches the owner," Conner smiles and puts the cue down on the table. "I have been waiting but only because I arrived early as host. Please come and sit." Conner walks over to the table and pours two glasses of the brandy on the table before sitting. "Now, I believe you had a question for me?"

"Aye," Raven agrees. She slides one of the glasses closer, but doesn't actually pick it up yet.

"I guess..." She pauses, then shakes her head and snorts. "Look, best as I can tell, there ain't a way to ask this question without it sounding like I want to know way more about what you do in private than I actually do. But did you ever sleep with a woman named Scarlett?"

"Straight to the point I see." Conner chuckles. "Please forgive an indulgence. I was curious how you would broach the issue." Conner runs one finger around the rim of his glass and watches it.. "You see, I happened to take lunch at Scarlett's today and she also bid me walk down memory lane." Conner looks up from his glass. "Yes, I used to visit Scarlett at the Red Mill back when I was a young officer in the Navy and to answer the question that you really want to ask," Conner pauses for a second, "that likely makes me your father."

Raven scowls faintly and shakes her head. "I don't know why I'm surprised she'd tell someone else more than she told me." She sighs and sits back, finally offering up a wry smile. "She and I get on like oil and water. The most I've ever got on who might be my father is 'a sailor with dark hair,' and that was only after I got back. She come out and say it, or...?"

"Pretty much." Conner nods. "Once you were revealed to be of the Family the field of possible parentage shrunk considerably. Unless we have another unknown Royal hiding in the Navy or your mother's memory is being selectively faulty, I am the most likely candidate. There is a test my mother can perform that will confirm it one way or the other." Conner pauses to take a sip of his brandy. "However, when I mentioned this to Scarlett, she said that you needed to tell me everything before taking this to Princess Fiona. I presume you know what she was referring to?"

"...Yes," Raven says slowly. "And she's probably trying to stick her nose places she doesn't need to put it. She say anything else about that?"

"Not about that." Conner replies. "But her parting shot was," Conner pauses for a moment and when he speaks again it is an almost pitch perfect impersonation of Scarlett, " 'I hope he's not as much trouble to you and to th' King as he were when he was my charge. And that's all the suggesting there might be two sides to things I'm going to do before you introduce yourself to our child.' " Conner takes another sip from his glass but says nothing more.

"You know, all I've got to do for that voice is go visit her," Raven says dryly. She reaches for her glass, taking a healthy drink. "So the everything she's talking about - well. How do you feel about having a daughter that's been passing as a man most of her life instead of a son?"

Conner leans in a little closer and examines Raven for a moment. "Well, it doesn't really change too much on my end." Conner leans back in his seat. "The shock of an unknown child is beyond gender. Is this a deception you intend to continue?"

Raven makes a face. "Ugly word for it." She taps a finger on her glass and, after a moment, shrugs. "I'm still working that out, I guess. Always figured I'd stay in the Navy for a while, until I screwed up enough or got tired of it, and then figure out what to do next. All this..." She jerks her head in the direction of the door, mostly because the rest of the castle is out there. "Suddenly being a Royal, having all kinds of family I didn't have before... kinda messes with that and kinda doesn't. I mean, I still want to stay in the Navy, and that ain't gonna work if I suddenly announce I've got tits."

"Well that depends on what 'in the Navy' means to you," Conner replies. "If the King and Admirals say you're a Captain, then you are and any tar that has a problem with that will find themselves scraping barnacles off the Amber docks with a dull knife." Conner chuckles and then sighs. "But it won't be the same its true." Conner takes another drink. "The Kingdom will always need skilled sailors but I think it is time to think broader."

"Won't be anything like the same," Raven agrees. "Saying it's so and punishing those that disobey won't change anything. Just pushes it below the surface. Seen it a time or two." She pauses, then shakes her head and adds dryly, "Might've been part of it once, 'cept I'm not sure it counts as under wraps when you get disciplined for losing your temper and breaking someone's nose." There's a slightly rueful smile that goes with that statement. "What do you mean by thinking broader?"

"You have already moved from Navy Captain to Royal Troubleshooter if your arrival tonight was any indication, but you have the opportunity to learn and put into practice any skill you like." Conner points out. "Either by seeking a trainer among the family or heading out into Shadow to seek one there. Medicine, mastery of the blade, music, art. Whatever takes your fancy or seems useful." Conner gestures at her with his glass. "However, to address one of the elephants in the room," Conner reaches up and twirls a lock of hair around his finger, "you are a Redhead now." Conner grins at her. "That opens advanced Pattern theory and Sorcery to you, if you would be interested."

Raven blinks a couple of times. "Don't know," she says, after thinking about it for a minute. "At least, don't know yet. Only seen a little sorcery, about half of which was blowing things up, and you don't really need magic for that. And can't say as how I'd be sure what the other one involves. Either of those something you know?"

Conner nods. "I am a better Sorcerer than Pattern expert but you can't be Fiona's son without picking up a thing or two." Conner reaches over to refill his glass and offers to top off Raven's. "I would be happy to teach you if you decide to learn. While Sorcery is quite useful for blowing things up, it has a myriad of other uses. I often use it for communication and transportation when Trumps are not available. It does not work so close to a Pattern of course. Else I would demonstrate."

"Brita turned a bird back into a boy," Raven says as she pushes her glass over to be filled. "Seen that, anyway. And I guess this means she's my aunt." She snorts in amusement and shakes her head. "Great. Accidentally started a bar riot with my aunt. What other elephants you figure are in the room with us, besides what I'm supposed to call you?"

Conner fills Raven's glass. "You can call me whatever you feel comfortable calling me, Raven. I'm not going to demand a title I don't think I've earned." Conner sets the decanter down. "And I wouldn't worry about the bar brawl. Knowing Brita she'd think it good family bonding time." Conner smiles warmly. "Turning your question around, it is my intention to announce that I am 99% certain you are my child and officially claim you as such before the Family at tomorrow's meeting. Are you prepared for that and more to the point, should I be introducing you as my son, my daughter or simply my child?"

"I remember what actually feeling prepared was like," Raven says dryly, with a hint of a smile. "Pretty sure that was before my ship got lost. I'm guessing it'll happen again sometime." She takes a sip of her drink, then sets it down, fingers tapping restlessly against the glass again as she thinks. "There's precious few that know that I'm not actually a man." She blows out a breath and shakes her head. "Thinking about telling a whole group at once... it ain't anything but weird. And there's part of me that wants to say no. But it's probably better to just rip the damned bandage off and get it over with before it's even more weird. So - daughter."

Conner smiles warmly. "Good. I think that will be the best option in the long run and when you are as long lived as we are, that is important." Conner nods. "The only person I have spoken to about being your father is Mother. She has suggested that we meet before the Family conclave as we will no doubt be scattered about on missions afterward. We could do an introduction before the Clarissians and you'll walk into the Family meeting with a new crew. Sound good?"

"Aye." Raven sits back in her seat, taking another sip of her drink now that she's made that decision. "So this's turning out to be a whole lot about me. What do I need to know about you? I mean, besides that I'm pretty sure this was a surprise."

"It certainly was." Conner nods and takes another drink. "Before I talk though something to keep in mind, it is standard protocol in the Family for younger members to give their news and answer questions in conversation first. Most of my generation and younger don't hold to that too strictly but the Princes and Princesses certainly do. Think of it like reporting to the Admirals and you won't go too far wrong." Conner pauses long enough to drain his glass and refill it.

"Right," Raven says, nodding. It's very much the kind of 'right' that suggests that she's been told this before and kind of forgot or wasn't sure if it applied here.

"So the short version of my life story." Conner hums. "I spent my early years being trained in various shadows and disciplines under my Mother's tutelage. She made sure I had well rounded education: horsemanship, fencing, science and mathematics, metaphysical theories and practices." Conner smiles at some memory. "Then she brought me to Amber and hid me under the nose of the Family. In the Navy." Conner grins wider. "I served under Prince Gerard and rose to the rank of Captain. The Light of Cabra was a fine ship and I enjoyed my time on it. When I resigned from the Navy, I went into the diplomatic corps. I served in various Shadow embassies before being posted to Rebma's Embassy as First Secretary. My time there overlapped with the time Random was under house arrest. I got to know him and Vialle a bit as a result." Conner pauses there to let Raven comment if she wishes.

"I recall the Light," Raven offers. "She seemed like a good one. If you don't mind me asking, why'd you resign?"

"It wasn't really my choice." Conner admits. "I was being groomed for bigger and better things. Once it was clear I had learned the ways of the Navy and command on the battlefield, the next step was to learn the ways of the diplomat." Conner shrugs. "I don't think I would have stayed much longer had the choice been mine. I've always been a scholar more than anything else. If I'm not in a position to learn something new, I get antsy."

"Huh." Raven thinks for a moment, then nods. "That makes sense. Not a lot changes from one ship to the next, I guess. Sorry, didn't mean to stop you - just was curious."

Conner waves off the apology. "Not a problem. After all, it bears on your own upcoming decisions." Conner pauses for moment. "I remained in Rebma until after the Sundering. Being the diplomatic envoy of a country you can't reach to a monarch and people that half suspect there isn't even an Amber anymore is a dicey situation. On the other hand, I had a lot of free time as there was minimal business to discuss. There is a sizeable story around my flight from Rebma and perhaps I'll tell it another time. Suffice to say I was run out of Rebma under the threat of false charges and fled through a little known part of the Faiella-Bionin to where I now know is the land of Avalon. I found a ship in shadow and sailed us to Amber. As it was pretty obvious that only Shadow shifting could have brought me Rebma to Amber without the stair , that is when I revealed myself as Fiona's son to the Family. I did a bunch of odd jobs as part of the Regency Council. Largely I kept all the Golden Circle diplomats calm since I knew exactly what anxieties they were going through. I also led trade missions and got to know my new family better. Brita was a huge surprise. Mother did not see fit to let us know we each had a sibling in shadow."

Raven snorts in amusement. "Is there a way for meeting Brita the first time to not be a surprise?" she asks dryly. "I mean, I met her and she sniffed me, then said I was family."

Conner chuckles. "It does tend to be bear hugs and loud pronouncements." Conner agrees. "Her senses come in very handy though. Somehow, she can sniff out who is Family, who is from Chaos or the deep Green. With so many creatures of power able to take on basically the same forms as us, it is good to have one of us that can discover them instinctually."

"I can see how it'd be useful," Raven says, nodding. "It was still... well, not what I was thinking would happen, for sure."

"I can imagine." Conner smiles. "Did you never suspect you were more than your peers?" He asks. "One of the tricky balances I had in the Navy was making sure I didn't show off my strength or knowledge to the point that people would suspect my true heritage."

Raven shrugs. "Maybe? Can't say I thought much about it. I mean, once I got old enough to know I was different, I was always doing something to blend in. I got pretty good at ending fights fast, but if I wanted to keep hands off where I didn't want them to be, I had to. That kind of thing. Nobody else was quite like I was. How was I supposed to know what was just my being a girl being a boy and what wasn't normal?"

Conner nods. "Fair enough. It was merely something I was curious about. Now I believe I was talking about myself." Conner chuckles. "On the topic of things you should know about me. One of the biggest and most recent is my dual vassalage." Conner flutters the fingers of his right hand for moment as if gathering his thoughts with them. "I don't know how much you've heard about events in Rebma but there has been quite a bit of upheaval there recently. Here is the short version. An army under the control of Llewella's daughter Khela marched on Rebma to overthrow Moire and free the Tritons from her service. An army under the control of Huon of the Horn marched on the city in search of the Pattern Blade of Rebma. Queen Moire fled in the face of both forces and her whereabouts is still unknown. I allied myself with Khela's faction and with a combination of strength, power and luck Huon's forces were routed. Khela became Queen of Rebma, briefly." Conner takes up his glass again and drains it. "But that is another story." Conner says with a thin lipped smile.

"I pledged myself to Rebma's crown and her Queen, first Khela, then to Celina." Conner stands so Raven can see the sword on his hip. "And this was my reward and my obligation." Slowly, Conner draws forth the emerald blade and places it flat on the table. "This is Halosydne, the Pattern Blade of Rebma thus making me Rebma's Knight and Warden of the Kelp Forest of Nedra."

"Why - no, never mind." Raven leans back in her seat and looks up at Conner. "What's a Pattern Blade? And why's it - and I'm guessing those titles - an obligation? Kinda looks like... well, a sword."

Clearly, this was not the reaction Conner was looking for. His proud smile slips to half wattage then brightens again as he begins to explain. "Look closer at the blade." Conner encourages as he slides it towards her. "You will see echoes of a familiar design there. Through mystic arts that only he understands, a being named Weyland Smith crafted the Pattern Blades, one for each Pattern Realm. Somehow, the same power and design that resides in the Pattern was forged into the blade itself. Though you may not have heard the term Pattern blade before, I'll bet you've heard stories of two of them. Bleys's sword Werewindle is the Pattern Blade of Amber and Corwin's sword Grayswandir is the Pattern blade of Tir. Traditionally, the one that accepts a Pattern Blade is sworn to the protection of the Pattern it is tied too. Partly this is enlightened self-interest as I am bound to the sword and its Pattern."

"Ah-ha." Raven sits up and looks the blade over with more interest. "Sorry, didn't mean to seem like it ain't a great honor for you and something pretty damned interesting. Just trying to understand, I guess?" She smiles wryly. "'What it means to carry around a special named sword' ain't exactly something I've needed to keep up on."

"No need to apologize." Conner replies. "I forget how new most of this is for you. So the important point is I have pledged a oath of loyalty and service to both King Random and Queen Celina. Both know this of course and so long as this era of Family cooperation exists, it is no more than a footnote. Similarly, you will see that the Redheads tend to stick together as well. It is a web that could get sticky if people start drifting apart. So far so good though. The various outside threats seem to have kept the infighting at bay."

Raven snorts in amusement. "Not so different from a ship, aye? As long as there's something to do, nobody's thinking too hard about who owes who a bit of coin and who insulted who." She reaches for her drink again. "Is Huon still after it? Since you said he was before."

"If he is, he's playing a long game." Conner replies. "After his failed attack on Rebma and the failed attempt to capture and hold him," Conner pauses for a moment to take a drink himself, "Huon retreated into Shadow and then sent Silhouette to Random as his envoy to negotiate a peace with the Family. His stated reason to want the Paxblade," Conner gestures towards his sword, "was to pursue a long standing vendetta against Uncle Bleys. He needed a Pattern Blade to best a Pattern Blade. As part of the agreement Huon swore, he and Bleys are to officially end this Vendetta. Huon has also been sentenced to 22 years of service to Rebma starting with rebuilding what his war damaged. His desire to return to the Family appears genuine and so he plays nice. I was inclined to be harsher but if Aunt Llewella can accept this state of affairs, then who am I to lay down heavier burdens?" Conner's smile grows wide at some remembrance.

"Uh-huh." Raven, on the other hand, frowns slightly. "She tell you I've got a brother? Well, half-brother. Max. Last time I talked to him, kid was dead set on getting revenge for his father's death. Pretty sure if someone explained what a vendetta is to him, he's going to swear one, too young for it or not."

"He will need to get in line behind Princess Florimel," Conner observes. "Yes, Scarlett did mention Max to me. Largely to gauge my reaction I think. I, in turn, warned her that Aunt Flora would be likely be here for the Mandatory Fun. In matters of Lucas's children, I would not expect her to be a hands off grandparent."


Folly gathers up the sketches spread across the desk in her Paris guest room. She has a good idea of the direction she wants to go with Celina's trump, and is well on her way to an initial working sketch -- but other needs press.

From the desk drawer, she takes a sheet of tasteful stationery -- Flora's doing, she's sure -- and scrawls a handful of lines in her angular hand. She folds the note over and over into a little square, like she's going to slip it to someone in class, and writes "READ LATER" on the outside.

She has long since discarded her gown in favor of lounging about in her (modest-ish) underthings, but even without pockets her Trumps are still close to hand. She thumbs one out, kicks her bare feet up on the desk, and concentrates on the face of her husband.

There's the usual resistance that Martin offers to a Trump call, maybe more than usual. Folly has the sense his mind is somewhat busy at the moment--not like Hellriding, where she'd probably just slide off him, but his concentration may be on other things.

It takes a moment for him to shake loose enough to decide to accept the contact. "Who is it?" he says, because he's not the sort to know in advance like Fiona. His surroundings coalesce and he's in the dark somewhere a little more jungle-like than Lauderdale was. Vaguely familiar, even. "And where are you, and can you bring us through if we need to?"

"It's Folly," Folly replies quickly, "I'm still in Paris, and I can bring you through." She holds her free hand at the ready, visible to Martin through the contact. "You need to come now? Some of my news might be easier if you did."

"Nope, not Paris. Still not bringing Lark there. Lark, darling, it's your mama. Come say hello." Martin brings her into the contact. She's a bit older than Folly remembers, but they do grow fast at that age.

"Hello mama," says Lark. "We're on holiday!"

"Hello, sweetheart," Folly says brightly. "I'm sorry I'm missing it -- you'll have to tell me all about it. Are you at the place with the estate house and the boat?" Martin can probably tell, even if Lark cannot, that she's leaving out names on purpose.

"Yes! Auntie Solange is here and she showed me how to shoot a crossbow from horseback. I'm helping Daddy make silver bolts by melting the candelabra." Lark clearly thinks whatever the adventure they seem to be having is, it's fun and not dangerous.

Martin smiles weakly at that set of revelations. "Dad knows we found Solange. I don't think she's welcome in Paris right now and I don't want to leave her here either. We have a minor problem."

"Well, if you or Solange have got Corwin's card, perhaps I should come to you to talk," Folly offers; without taking her eyes from the trump, she's already reaching for another piece of stationery to leave a note about her whereabouts. To Lark, she adds with a twinkle, "And see your handiwork with the candelabra."

"Before you do that you should maybe think about how you feel about zombie apocalypses, or at least some combination of shadow medical tech and magic that approximates a zombie apocalypse." There's a long beat before Martin remembers to add, "We're personally immune."

Folly can't quite hide a flash of a scowl. "Well. Definitely not my first choice of milieu, but it's kind of important. If you're secure enough that we can have a few minutes of mostly non-bitey conversation, that is." She's already scrawling a quick note -- 'Talking to husband offsite, will call back soon' -- without taking her eyes from the trump. "Anything I can grab quickly that I should bring through? Er, besides shoes?" Because immune or not, walking barefoot through entrails and other assorted zombie carnage seems like a bad idea.

"Anything silver that Corwin wouldn't mind losing? I'm pretty sure his sword would do a number on these things but I don't think it would be a good idea for him to show up." Martin glances over his shoulder and shouts, "It's Folly. Do we need anything she can grab from Paris?"

"I lost my favorite stuffie," Lark says. "Can you bring it from Paris?"

"Mama will find it," Martin reassures her. "Or I will. Aunt Solange isn't great at looking for stuffies." He makes an awkward face at Folly that says something like she doesn't know what it looks like.

"Yes, we'll find it," Folly agrees. Still with her eyes on the trump, she goes to the armoire and pulls out the sturdy bag she's been using to tote her art supplies (and whatever other odds and ends may have collected there). She slings the bag across her shoulders and steps into a pair of shoes that will be almost practical once she gets a chance to tie the laces. "I think the desk set is partly silver, but that's not much--- oh!" Folly quickly crosses the room, removes the large silver tray from beneath the china tea-set, and offers it through to Martin.

Then, "Pull me through?" she asks.

Martin grunts, and if she didn't know him so well, Folly wouldn't know what a bad idea he thinks this is. "Solange," he calls over his shoulder, "Folly's coming through. With silver." He pulls Folly through into the decrepit, aging house. The air smells heavy with moisture and rot--plant, at least, not human--and Folly can feel the heat and humidity on her skin.

"Mama!" Lark cries, and throws her arms around Folly's midsection as best she can. Martin quirks an awkward smile at her but doesn't interfere, instead leaning in to peck her on the cheek.

Folly tilts her face toward him to accept the kiss and give him a quick one in return. She hands off the silver tray and the folded-up note before scooping her daughter up to carry on her hip. "My goodness, you've gotten big!" she exclaims -- and indeed, Lark seems weirdly heavier than she did just a few days ago.

To Martin, she says, "Since we're not speaking through a trump you can go ahead and read it now, although it's not the main reason I called. Is this, like, a may-need-to-run-at-any-moment situation, or have we hopefully got a few minutes to talk?"

Then, "Hi, Solange!" she says, peering over her husband's shoulder to see how her cousin is doing.

The note, if Martin chooses to read it now, says: "Watch out for Klybesians. We think they are trying to figure out how to become like us. They had Reid's body, and also Dr Chew is one. Corwin and Flora think Caine could be affiliated with them, and he can spy on trump conversations, so be careful what you say over those channels."

"Well, shit," Martin says.

Solange comes in to greet Folly. Her hair is cut short and ragged, as if either Martin did it for her recently (and Folly has reason to know haircuts are not one of his skills) or she'd had it cut a while ago and not trimmed since. She's dressed in local garb, like a boy, having given completely up on the long skirts, apparently. She sweeps Folly up into a hug. "I'm glad you're here. Even given the circumstances."

When Folly lets go of Solange, she turns her attention to Martin. "What's wrong?"

He hands her the note. "So if someone is looking for eternal life, like we have," Martin adds, for everybody's benefit, "and they fucked it up with magic, that would certainly be one way to get a zombie apocalypse."

"I'm surprised you came," Solange says, "given the general summons."

"Which we're not done arguing about," says Martin. "You're taking the amnesty. Folly, tell her she has to take the amnesty." There's about a half-second pause in which Martin's expression shifts and Folly can tell he's realized something and he doesn't like it. "You don't know. I thought you were going to try to change my mind but Dad hasn't talked to you, has he?"

Solange is starting to back out of the room. "I shouldn't be here for this. Neither should Lark." She reaches for Lark's hand. "Mama and Daddy have something important to talk about."

"No!" Lark dodges her and clings to Folly.

Martin shakes his head. "Folly," he says, taking her hands, "it's like this: Vialle's pregnant."

Folly frowns. "Is it--" she begins, but bites back the rest of the question as she seems to figure out a better way to phrase it, or maybe a better question to ask. "How far along?"

This is clearly the first she's heard of the news. Martin can tell she's sorting quickly through a whole pile of additional questions. From the look on her face, the effort is making her dizzy. She pulls one of her hands away from Martin's grasp to stroke Lark's hair. With the other she continues to hold his hand, a little too tightly.

There's the sound of Solange's feet retreating into another room. Apparently she really doesn't want to be here for this conversation. (Who can blame her?)

"Must be pretty recent because I think it was news to Dad." Martin moves to pull Folly into his arms. "I'm sorry to break it to you this way but we have a lot of things to work out and not a lot of time."

Lark pipes up, "Mama--" and doesn't seem to know what to say next.

"We'll work it all out, kiddo," Martin says, and it's not clear, maybe even not to him, which of them he's talking to.

"But things that happen in Xanadu shouldn't---" Folly is still frowning, but it is a thinking, calculating expression; any underlying upset is being tamped down, hard.

She shakes her head a little as if to clear it. "Yes, we'll work it out," she agrees, soothingly, mostly to Lark. To Martin, she adds, "You talked to him? Did he seem... happy?" She hesitates, processing some of the rest of what he said. "And what am I changing your mind about?"

Martin is moving to ease both of them, Folly and Lark, into a chair. "He wasn't very happy, no, but that was mostly because he was trying to tell me to do something that he knew perfectly well I have no intention of doing. One of the few things I have no intention of doing if asked." His eyes drop to Lark for a moment, and his jaw tightens. "Which is what Solange thinks I need convincing to do. Otherwise, hard to say. What's he going to say to me about how happy he is under the circumstances?"

"Yes, I do rather see your point," Folly agrees with a sigh as she settles into the chair with Lark. Catching his glance at their daughter, Folly unslings her satchel and, making sure she's still holding her pack of trumps and fortunes, offers the bag to Lark. "Pumpkin, why don't you see if your stuffie ended up in Mama's bag by mistake?" she suggests gently, sure that there's an excellent chance it contains at least a couple of toys.

Lark starts digging in the bag to see if the stuffie she wants is in the bag. (While, technically, there's no way it could be, Lark doesn't know that.)

With Lark's attention at least partly diverted, Folly asks, "He wants you to be present, or to present?" She inclines her head minutely toward their daughter at that last. She keeps her tone lightly conversational to keep from re-attracting the attention of her sensitive child with too much naked emotion.

"You know Dad. Why think small and go for one when you can go for both?" Martin follows her lead and keeps his own tone light, even though she can see from the crinkles around the corners of his eyes and his flat expression that he's not happy. He continues, "It's a general amnesty, Folly, and the family gathering is all adult hands. It's not just Solange whose exile is being revoked. You understand that includes everyone? Even prisoners of war?" He doesn't say the name but he's clearly thinking of someone specific.

Folly spares the briefest glance at her daughter to make sure she's staring into the bag before she allows her lips to compress, just for a moment, into a thin line. What she says, though, is, "You know what? Bring it on."

She lifts a finger to forestall any immediate complaint before adding, "And yes, I understand all your reasonable and very pragmatic concerns, but if we're going to have a kinder, gentler extended family than what came before" --and she knows she also doesn't have to name any names, there -- "let's fuckin' DO it. That's what I want for Xanadu.

"Plus," and now she can't quite quelch a mad twinkle in her eye, "I'd love to see my mum try to take him out if he tried anything."

"Your mother will need to get in line," Martin says, and he doesn't sound like he's joking. "She's not fast enough, and unless Dad revokes it in a fit of pique, I still have the right of arms in court. But that doesn't solve the other problem of family business." He tilts his head to indicate their daughter, who's still engaged in looking for her stuffie.

"Well, I have to go, either way," Folly says, as if that is self-evident. "By my count, we've still got about four months, Xanadu time, on the timeline he originally gave us barring emergencies -- of which I think this is one. A really, really non-ideal one."

She blows out a breath. "Any chance we could just pop in to do the thing and then disappear again for another few months?" Which, at their current relative time, would probably work out to something closer to six years, for Lark. "I know it wasn't our original plan, but... I mean, zombie apocalypse training probably isn't the worst preparation for it, you know?" She offers up a wry smile.

"There's also the slight problem of abandoning the people here in the middle of a zombie apocalypse," Martin reminds her gently. "Just because we're immune doesn't mean the rest of the people sheltering here are. If we leave, this whole place will be overrun, not just my estate, but everything in the whole shadow. And this isn't something we—the family—wants to have spreading across the worlds."

Folly nods in grim agreement. "Maybe you should back up and tell me how you ended up here -- did you come because of the zombies, or for something else and found the zombies -- and what your plan was before I called. At least the executive summary."

Martin looks to Lark to make sure she's involved with her stuffy before settling in to tell this story. "Solange came to get me in Lauderdale, saying that she'd run across something really wrong and bad and that we needed to bail before things got worse. I'd seen enough troubling signs of things that I already had the go-bag ready--you know I travel light--so we hellrode, or at least helldrove, for it, and honestly I think it was a good thing. I haven't been back since. The thing is, they're here too, and maybe they followed us here or maybe they're all over Shadow, but whatever it is, this is bad. And they definitely fit the classical mode: they bite people and the people die and get up as mindless zombies and try to kill you."

Folly lets out a couple of choice expletives; clearly she was not expecting the cross-shadow part. "So, best guess, given that we ran into these guys -- Klybesians, I mean -- in a high-tech medical environment is that if this is from them, it's biological-crossed- with-metaphysical. Who's our best Pattern-virologist? Fiona?" She has gone quite pale, but her expression is determined, perhaps even a bit dangerous; Martin may suspect she's laser-focused on solving the problem at hand to avoid other unpleasant thoughts. "Do you have a feel for what it would take to contain it while we figure out how to eradicate it?

"And I suppose we're going to need a blood sample."

"Maybe we should bring a whole head. In a box, or a muzzle, though." Martin makes a face that's half ew and half considering the idea, clearly having forgotten their daughter's presence in the room.

Lark is paying attention to them despite her interest in stuffies. "Don't bring it to Amber, Daddy," she opines with all the forceful opinion a small child can bring to bear on a question.

"You're probably right, kiddo." He glances from Lark to Folly. "Blood sample's going to be hard unless we take it off a weapon. But not out of the question. And virology--might be Fiona. I'd have to ask around. Solange's got the tech experience but not the advanced biology for this, I don't think. And we're not going back into random tech Shadows. Not after last time. They were looking for us and probably still are."

"As I understand it," Folly muses, "at least half of your father's generation have got advanced medical training of some sort, but most of it may be too practically-focused for what we're after -- or if they did have a strong theoretical basis, it could be obsolete...."

She trails off, then thunks herself lightly on the head with her fist, as if she's an idiot. "Or there's Solange's friend, Kyril. Although we'd want him as a consultant from a nice, safe distance, since he'd be susceptible."

Because she's not one to discount the intuition of children -- particularly children who pay attention to a lot more than they pretend to -- she asks Lark, "Why not Amber, sweetheart?"

"It's not safe, mama," Lark says with the absolute confidence of a small child.

Martin gives her a side-eye which is less doubtful of her words than scrutinizing his daughter and figuring out what she knows that he doesn't that makes her that confident of the statement, and how seriously he ought to take it. After a couple of seconds, he shrugs and looks back at Folly.

She acknowledges his look with a slight tilt of her head, but keeps her eyes on her daughter. "I've been thinking that, too," she agrees, "but I'm not sure how to put it in words. Why do you think it's not safe? And what's not safe about it?"

"It's not safe," Lark repeats, and has to stop and think about the rest of it. Finally she comes up with, "Because people might get sick."

Martin meets Folly's gaze and it's clear to her that he doesn't like the sound of that one bit. "Do you think it's safe to take Jim with us to Amber?"

"Don't go to Amber," Lark says. "Go to grandad."

"In Xanadu?" Folly asks, just to make sure they're on the same page.

Then, quietly, she asks Martin, "Jim's been exposed? More than just whatever's airborne?"

"Grandad will be in Xanadu. I think," Lark says, sounding less certain about that. "But not Amber."

Over her head, Martin's shaking his head in the negative to Folly's question to him. "The people in the house haven't been exposed beyond airborne," he says, which Folly suspects covers some hard decisions.

Folly nods. To Lark, she says, "Grandad is traveling right now, but he's supposed to be back in Xanadu very soon, and I think that's where I'll be going next, too. You think I should take Jim with me when I go? Even if Grandad isn't quite back yet?"

"Take him home to Grandad. That's where it'll be safe." Lark, having made that pronouncement, goes back to playing with her stuffie and ignoring her parents, who are being silly.

Martin shrugs and holds out a few strands of his blond hair. Then he pokes a finger at Folly as if to say "this is from your side of the family".

Folly can't help but grin at that, but grows more serious as she continues thinking about their immediate plans. "So I'll go to Xanadu and either bring your people through with me, or send for them once your father returns. What's the incubation time between blood exposure and visible onset of symptoms?" Martin can tell she's working out the quarantine protocol, just to be on the safe side.

"Meanwhile, you do what you can to contain the situation here, get a properly-packaged biological sample, and/or gather more information about the extent of the apocalypse -- and if you can't join the family conclave in person, perhaps we could try to work it out for you to join via trump?" She grins again, but with a wicked glint in her eye. "That would make a particular dramatic way to present the sample. 'I've got Martin on the line, and he's brought us a present!'"

She does not yet broach the subject of the attendance-or-not of the other members of this party, but Martin can probably sense it's coming next.

"Quarantine protocol is--" Martin draws a finger across his throat. "Bite infection appears to be 100%--contagious. Unless you're me or Solange, or you. We don't have very long after bite to onset, on the order of minutes. It's do-able. But if she's going," Martin looks down at Lark, "I need to go."

Folly arches her brows, inviting him to elaborate. She can think of a couple of very good arguments herself, both political and personal, but she wants to hear his thoughts -- and whether there's anything she's missing.

Martin's own eyebrows go up. "You think I want her in that shark tank without me?"

"Fair point," Folly says with a wry smile. "But I'd be there, and there'll also be other people there I would trust to have her back. The conclave itself might be a bit of a challenge, though, unless it's unexpectedly open to the under-five contingent."

Martin shakes his head. "If she's old enough to go at all, she's old enough for that. She's a potential heir to two kingdoms and she'll need to know who's who and what's what early. Even if she can't follow the discussion, she'll get an idea of who to trust, and she'll need that. If we're doing it, we're not doing it by halves.

"Besides," he says, having apparently made up his mind that this is the moment, and if he's going to do it Folly's way, he's going to find the silver lining, "it solves the problem about her public debut in a big way. Dad's big news will overshadow everything else and that'll be the end of the public whatever about her." He gestures to Lark with a tilt of his head, and she stops what she's doing to smile at him.

"One can hope," Folly agrees; but there's something in the twist of her lips, the spark in her eyes as she smiles, that says she expects their daughter will be a Big Deal regardless.

"It's just down to logistics, then," she continues. "All of us wait until the last possible minute to venture to Xanadu, so we can work on understanding and containing the situation here? Or something else?"

Martin frowns, but it's more of an I'm-thinking frown than an annoyed one. "You two go on through and take Solange so she doesn't duck out at the last moment. And also Jim and the rest of the refugees in the house. And I'll get the sample we need and then torch the place. I think it's the best I think we can do at short notice."

Folly nods. "That works. You've got my card, or if I don't hear from you before the powwow starts, I've got yours."

She casts a quick glance at their daughter, then adds, "And if you've got a couple of minutes before I go, perhaps I should tell you the almost-certainly-not-zombie-apocalypse-related reason I called?" Her tone is light -- but almost immediately after she says it, a decidedly un-light look crosses her face, as if she'd just thought of something a bit unnerving.

"Yeah, go on," Martin says, because after everything else, what's one more piece of bad news? But he moves over to Lark and kneels beside her, in case there's something he needs to shelter her from or he needs to be there to hug her.

"Well," Folly says, slowly, "I'd been considering trying to track down your grandmother while you two were safely Elsewhere. Technically I did tell her I would come talk to her, if that letter ever got to her. And it turns out her former henchwoman is a guest in one of Corwin's basement rooms; I thought she might provide a lead."

She pauses there to give Martin a chance to react, although he can tell from her tone that she hasn't got to the potentially disturbing part yet.

It turns out that Martin is just possibly the one wanting the comfort of touching Lark, who stops playing with the stuffie to lean against him. "Is this where I say 'that's a terrible idea' or do I need to wait until you've actually told me what the full terrible idea is? Because I did kill her brother and she's not above killing you to get back at me."

"Aaand there it is," Folly says with a wry smile. "It's not the plan itself, but part of the 'why' of the plan. Brennan is in the vicinity of Avalon investigating the activity of an 'Admiral Stratum' and his mother, the 'War-Leader Syke'. Everyone he's encountered who has encountered either one of them has had some kind of memory geas placed on them that makes it hard for them to remember their faces, but he's trying to get that unraveled with the help of some local hedge wizards. He suspects this Syke might be your gradmother -- and it turns out that Stratum looks just like her henchwoman's dead brother, if maybe a bit older.

"So I figured, if there's something that's supposed to be rotten but isn't in the state of Avalon, maybe actually talking to your grandmother would help us figure out what's actually going on. And I figured I'd have a better chance than most of accomplishing that through more-or-less diplomatic channels, before a vengeful cousin or auntie tries to exact their own flavor of justice."

"And if Bend finalizes you, the Rebman way of thinking is that they'll get at my daughter with no mother to protect her. That's sadly underestimating my capability for both parenting and homicide, but it's how Bend thinks. Not to mention my grandmother. But if we're all going to some family thing, we can talk to Brennan--" which thought makes Martin blow a dissatisfied gust of air out of his pursed lips, a gesture which really makes him resemble Lark, or perhaps vice versa "--and find out what we've actually got in terms of this Syke and Stratum. Not to mention what Celina may think, because I'm not interested in doing this behind her back."

Folly nods. "Celina was in Paris, briefly, so she's aware of my intentions, at least in broad strokes -- those being the only ones that have been filled in so far -- and I've got an idea of her interests, as well. We'll see how much the family conclave changes those ideas."

She leans over to kiss her daughter's forehead, and then Martin's. "Shall we go gather Solange and your people and get us sent through to Xanadu?"

"I'm as ready as I'm going to get," says Martin, but he moves to open the door and call for Solange and the others. It takes them a few minutes and while Martin and Solange are gathering them, Folly has time to choose which Trump she's going to choose and who will bring them to Xanadu.

To Folly, the choice is immediate and obvious: she takes Random's trump and concentrates, willing a connection...

...and concentrates harder, as she feels -- or thinks she feels, or maybe just hopes she feels -- what might be the first faint stirrings on the other end of the line...

...and then nothing. She frowns and breathes out a quiet, mild expletive under her breath, then thumbs through the other small number of trumps she worked on during her long hiatus. Traveling, traveling....

Yes. That should do nicely, she hopes. She smiles down at Garrett's image, and concentrates.



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Last modified: 23 May 2017 Folly sits at the harpsichord... ish... thing and begins to play. Most of the sound energy is directed into the structure of the device itself, so what Martin can hear is muffled and rather distorted, like a cassette recording of a phonograph playing an old disk of piano music recorded from three rooms away. Still, he can sense the power in the music; there is something in the melody that stirs the blood, makes the pulse quicken and the tiny hairs on the back of the neck stand at attention. The string of the pendulum quivers, tracing a path unseen somewhere in the heart of the device in response to the music.

After a few minutes, the last strains die away; the pendulum returns to rest; and Folly blows out a breath and stands up to retrieve something from the center of the device. She pulls out a small card, inspects it critically, blows gently on it to ensure the ink is dry enough not to smudge, and then proffers it to Martin. "It's not a trump," she reassures him. "But it is... interesting."

In the center of the card, maybe an inch and a half long along its bigger axis, is a near-perfect tracing of the Pattern.