Early Summer Logs

Thirstday, 20 Coins

Reading Between The Lines: Reid visits Wrack; Lucas awakes and contacts Solange. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Morning Chorus: Ossian catches up with Lilly; Robin offers condolences to Benedict; Brennan talks with Random while Ambrose takes the Pattern; Meg awakes and talks with Benedict. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Amber Calling: Solange and Hannah discuss Hannah's Patternwalk and Gerard's health; Brita sketches her brother; Hannah goes looking for Solace but finds Lucas instead. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

That's A Wrap?: Celina encounters Reid and Papillon at the tailor's; Paige is awakened by Gilt Winter; Lucas sends a note to Lilly; Lucas meets with Opal Hardwind; Ossian calls on Merlin. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

A Plan Of Attack: Solange attempts to purloin maps; Garret goes to the library and meets Meg. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Wrestling With Destiny: Robin calls on Paige and takes the twins outside to play; Celina poses for Merlin; Robin goes looking for Julian. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Of Cabbages And Kings: Edan and Conner lunch with Bleys. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Swords And Sweat: Brennan begins Garrett's training and talks with Edan. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Still-Life With Invasion: Brita catches up with Ambrose after his Patternwalk; Ossian and Meg work on a sketch of Abford, and chat with Brita. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Medicine Men: Hannah trumps to Gerard in Xanadu; Solange returns to Xanadu and reunites with Kyril; Hannah sends notes. (Xanadu; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Letters Of The Nearly Departed: Lilly sends a note to Brennan; Marius reunites with Paige; Reid returns to the castle and corresponds with Ossian; Celina asks Llewella to deliver a message; Brita sends notes to Conner and Ambrose; Celina has a pre-departure chat with Conner. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Grown-Up Talk: Brennan calls on Paige. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Designing Women: Hannah has a late-evening chat with Cambina; Meg sends notes. (Amber; Thirstday, 20 Coins)

Return to the Isles of the Dannan: Vere and Robin return to the Isles and meet prisoners. (Isles of the Dannan; Thirstday, 20 Coins and beyond)

Freeday, 21 Coins

Tracking The Paresh: Lucas, Lilly and Solange, set sail from Amber. (Amber and asea; Freeday, 21 Coins)

Breaking News: Brennan breakfasts with Cambina; Garrett visits the stables; Meg searches unsuccessfully for Marius. (Amber; Freeday, 21 Coins)

Pictures Of An Expedition: Brita breakfasts with Ambrose and is joined by Brennan; Celina sends a note to Folly; Meg calls a midmorning meeting with Brita, Ambrose and Ossian to prepare for a return to Abford. (Amber; Freeday, 21 Coins)

Scritch Scratch: Conner has lunch with Brita; Meg talks with Bleys and Brennan; Garrett says goodbye; Paige arranges dinner with Edan. (Amber; Freeday, 21 Coins)

Dirty Pictures: Lucas purports to make a Trump of Solange. (At sea; after Freeday, 21 Coins)

Meeting Mother: Robin meets Vere's mother and receives her own mother's trumps. (Isles of the Dannan; after Freeday, 21 Coins)

Island Explorations: Lucas explores the site of a shipwreck while Solange waits on their ship. (Shipwreck Isle; after Freeday, 21 Coins)

Conclave Conversations: Vere's mother asks Robin to address the conclave; Vere talks with his captains; Vere talks with Worth; Robin addresses the conclave; Vere spars with Siege while surreptitiously keeping an eye on the conclave. (Isles of the Dannan; after Freeday, 21 Coins)

The Fickle Finger Of Fate: The exploring party returns to the ship to wait out the storm; Lucas returns to his cabin for a Fortune reading; the ship hits trouble and ends up in Asir. (Shipwreck Isle and Asir; after Freeday, 21 Coins)

Starday, 22 Coins and beyond

Busy Starday: Paige receives a Trump call from Random; In Xanadu, Hannah consults with Conner; Garrett checks in with Random; Garrett talks with Paige; Brita, Meg, Ossian and Ambrose try a little scrying. (Amber; Starday, 22 Coins)

Ready For Departure: Edan practices sailing; Brennan studies with Fiona; Brennan's pre-departure activities; Paige and Garrett, followed by Edan, set sail for Xanadu. (Amber; Starday, 22 Coins and beyond)

A Road To Purpose: Celina and Merlin set out on a journey and find an unexpected uncle. (Shadow and Abford; Starday, 22 Coins and beyond)

Head 'Em Up: First Lucas and then Solange head to the Paresh compound. (Asir; after Starday, 22 Coins)

Slaves To The Moment: Vere trumps Corwin, and he and Robin prepare to return to Padraig. (Isles of the Dannan; after Starday, 22 Coins)

Late Tower or Early Scales

En Route To Paris: Jerod sails from Gateway toward Paris and contacts Corwin upon his arrival at Le Havre. (Gateway, Shadow, and Le Havre; through late Tower or early Scales)

Back To Reality: Folly reunites with Martin and has a prenatal exam. (Shadow; late Tower or early Scales)

Lunch At The Hotel Paris: Jerod lunches with Florimel; Jerod arrives in Paris and chats with Corwin. (Le Havre and Paris; through late Tower or early Scales)

Down To Business: Brennan and Cambina join Jerod and Corwin in Paris; Brennan talks with Corwin about the situation in Arden. (Paris; around 19 Scales)

Chance Meetings: Jerod lunches with Cambina; Brennan and Jerod talk dragons. (Paris; around 20 Scales)

Meg Returns to Abford: Meg returns to Abford with Ossian, Brita and Ambrose. (Abford; late Tower or early Scales)

The Cut and Thrust of Diplomatic Relations: Celina and Merlin arrive in Gateway just in time to join Conner in battle. (Shadow and Gateway; late Tower or early Scales)

Foot Traffic Control: Vere and Robin talk with Prince Bran until an emergency interrupts. (Isles of the Dannan; late Tower or early Scales)

My Dinner With Elder Germaine: Lucas and Solange have dinner with the Paresh; Solange has a private chat with Patent; Solange and Lucas encounter a spirit. (Asir; late Tower or early Scales)

Diplomatic Cardplay: Celina and Merlin chat with Conner and trump their father. (Gateway; late Tower or early Scales)

Drawing On Experience: Meg, Brita, Ossian and Ambrose make plans; Meg visits Mother Humility; Brita visits the jeweler, and gets a trump call from her brother; Ossian talks with Ambrose. (Abford; late Tower or early Scales)

Moonday, 24 Scales

Through The Looking Glass: After a check-up-gone-wrong, Folly trumps back to Xanadu; Paige and Edan set off to rescue Martin. (Shadow Tyrell and Xanadu; Moonday, 24 Scales)

Anxiously Awaiting: Folly, Garrett and the band wait in Xanadu while Paige and Edan track down Martin; Jerod trumps to Xanadu. (Shadow Tyrell and Xanadu; Moonday, 24 Scales)

Family Council: Upon Martin's return, the king calls for a debriefing; Edan and Jerod continue chatting as the meeting breaks up; Garrett escorts the queen back to her chambers and talks to Thorn and Ash about training; Paige receives a note from Brennan, and trumps her father. (Xanadu; Moonday, 24 Scales)

Race For The Cure: Hannah and Gerard have tests run; Hannah talks with the Tyrell doctors. (Shadow Tyrell; Moonday, 24 Scales and beyond)

Revenge of the Klybesian Monks: Marius seeks knowledge. (Shadow; late Scales)

Tirsday, 25 Scales

Figs and Gossip: Edan and Folly talk over a picnic brunch. (Xanadu; Tirsday, 25 Scales)

Meals and Messages: Jerod talks with Paige; Garrett receives training from Abdallah. (Xanadu; Tirsday, 25 Scales)

Decisions, Decisions: Edan visits the harbor, talks to the king, and rides with Paige. (Xanadu; Tirsday, 25 Scales)

Calling Cards: Brennan lunches with Flora; Brennan and Cambina cast cards with Corwin; Brennan sets forth from Paris. (Paris; about Tirsday, 25 Scales)

Burning the Midnight Oil: Paige reunites with Folly; Paige trumps Brennan; two men of Rebma have a fatal encounter. (Xanadu and Amber; Tirsday, 25 Scales)

Windsday, 26 Scales

Politics, Paint and Parenting: Jerod calls on Martin and Folly; Garrett discusses his plans with his father; Jerod meets with the king; Paige talks with Ash and meets with the king. (Xanadu; Windsday, 26 Scales)

Signs of Stars and Portents of Blood: Edan sets sail for Amber; Brennan looks to the future; Brennan returns to Amber; Edan and Brennan meet with Caine. (Amber and shadow; Windsday, 26 Scales and beyond)

Deeds on the Plains: Lilly finds Weyland in the Plain of Towers; Signy prepares for battle. (Plain of Towers; about Windsday, 26 Scales)

Thirstday, 27 Scales

Forgiveness or Permission: Garrett tries to head back to Amber, but gets sent by Random to find Martin; Folly gets Gerard's trump from Martin; Hannah reviews preliminary test results; Hannah breakfasts with Gerard; Folly trumps Gerard and Hannah; Folly sends a note to Martin. (Xanadu and Shadow Tyrell; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

Heroic Measures: Vere and Robin call in Random to try to help Jovian. (Isles of the Dannan; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

Bath And Breakfast: After taking her leave of Elder Germaine, Solange trumps back to Amber; Brennan and Edan breakfast with Fiona; Brita returns from her investigations into Huon's doings in Abford; Brennan continues talking with Fiona; the Abford contingent trumps Fiona and Brennan. (Asir, Amber, and Abford; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

Baebe In The Woods: Garrett sits in on court until Random returns; Folly tries to make a trump sketch; Paige wanders in the woods and finds much more than she was expecting. (Xanadu and near Arcadia; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

Smuggler's Moon: Jerod travels to Paris and trumps Merlin; Celina, Merlin and Conner make arrangements to get past the blockade. (Paris and the path to Rebma; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

Long Talks and Deep Subjects: Brennan continues chatting with Fiona, and trumps Random; Solange awakes and talks with Kyril. (Amber; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

In The Amber Library: Solange casts cards and talks with Brennan. (Amber; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

Tempest Fugit: Lucas climbs Mount Asir. (Shadow Asir; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

Conversations In The Middle Of The Night: Solange chats with Edan; Solange goes in search of Caine; Lucas returns to Amber, goes to Red Mill, talks with Violet, and is joined by Solange. (Amber; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

You Rang?: Hannah trumps Bleys while Gerard trumps Caine; Ossian and Meg trump Bleys; Brita and Ambrose search for discarded weapons. ( Tyrell and Abford; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

Seaward Matters: Celina, Merlin and Conner arrive at an inn; Celina talks with Amala while Merlin gets a call; Celina moves upstairs with Amala; Ossian and Meg trump Merlin and Conner. ( Seaward and Abford; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

Carry My Joy On The Left: Hannah begins weaning Gerard off morphine; Garrett checks on the twins and talks with Vialle; Folly talks with Random 'til they are interrupted by Hannah's return; Paige and Martin head back into the woods and talk with Julian. (Tyrell and Xanadu; Thirstday, 27 Scales)

Freeday, 28 Scales

To Infinity And Beyond: Jerod returns to Rebma, reviews the troops, and attends court. (Rebma; Freeday, 28 Scales)

The Life Aquatic: Vere and Robin talk with dead soldiers and encounter Huon. (Isles of the Dannan; Freeday, 28 Scales)

Hard Calls and House Calls: Paige talks with the twins about their heritage; Hannah and Folly make a trip into town. (Xanadu; Freeday, 28 Scales)

Shadows In The Rain: Vere and Robin make trump calls and set out for Fair Isle. (Isles of the Dannan; Freeday, 28 Scales)

To Meet A Cousin: Celina tells Conner about Amala; Conner casts cards; Khela arrives and breakfasts with Celina, Conner and Merlin. ( Seaward; Freeday, 28 Scales)

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