Prefuneral Logs

Freeday, 7 Coins

Party Of Five: Martin, Folly, Garrett, Lilly and Celina depart for Xanadu. (Freeday, 7 Coins)

Brotherly Chat: Martin and Garrett have a brotherly chat; the girls have a sisterly chat in the river. (Freeday, 7 Coins)

The Dreaming: Meg dreams, and meets Sister Humility. (Abford; about four weeks after the Coronation)

Tirsday, 11 Coins

Orphans Abroad: Ossian, Marius and Ce'e set out to find the orphanage; Meg attends Mother Humility's confirmation. (Tirsday, 11 Coins and beyond)

Stood Up: Jerod's sister Loreena stands him up. (Rebma; about Tirsday, 11 Coins)

Sunday, 16 Coins

Going To The Chapel: Ossian, Marius and Ce'e arrive at the orphanage just in time for the confirmation, and meet Meg. (Abford; about Sunday, 16 Coins)

The Road To Clervaux: Reid and Papillon prepare to leave Paris; in Arden, Robin meets centaurs and trumps Reid. (Paris; about Sunday, 16 Coins)

Return to the Isles: Vere, Jovian, and their troops arrive in the Isles. (Isles of the Dannan; about Sunday, 16 Coins)

Back To Basics: Adonis meets Sage, talks with Vista and prepares to travel to Amber. (Arden; about Sunday, 16 Coins)

Party Of Five Arrive Alive: The travellers reach Xanadu; Folly catches up with Soren; Celina talks with Martin; Lilly and Garrett talk in the Salle. (Xanadu; Sunday, 16 Coins)

The Grand Tour Begins: Random brings the Amber tour group to Xanadu; the Order of the Card is established; before the tour starts, Solange and Hannah chat in the loo. (Xanadu; Sunday, 16 Coins)

Castle Tour: Garrett approaches Brennan about training; Random leads the castle tour; Solange and Lucas discuss Lord Hardwind's accounts; Garrett talks with Hannah. (Xanadu; Sunday, 16 Coins)

Catching Up: Brennan and Martin slip away to talk. (Xanadu; Sunday, 16 Coins)

Staking Claims: After the tour, Folly chats with Brennan; Solange gets to know Celina; the cousins select quarters; Lucas and Martin walk into town; Garrett talks with Gerard on the way to dinner. (Xanadu; Sunday, 16 Coins)

Dinner And Patternwalk: After dinner, Lilly walks; the family watches or drums their support from afar. (Xanadu; Sunday, 16 Coins)

Late Evening Chats: Solange and Celina find the drummers; Brennan chats with Cambina; Garrett talks with Random and Martin. (Xanadu; Sunday, 16 Coins)

Dinner And Drinks: After Lilly's Patternwalk, Lucas returns to Amber; Paige dines with Merlin; Lucas and Paige meet with Opal Hardwind. (Amber; Sunday, 16 Coins)

Cleaning Up and Heading Out: Jerod talks with Lamell; Jerod trumps Random; Jerod has a message from Loreena; Jerod returns to Lamell; Jerod visits Corwin in Paris. (Rebma and Paris; through about Sunday, 16 Coins)

Girl-Medical Talk: In the kitchen, Hannah and Folly discuss medical issues; Lucas returns with Solace to Xanadu. (Xanadu; Sunday, 16 Coins)

Making Abford Unstable: During a fortune reading, Ossian and Marius have a trump call from Folly; Meg talks to Jaimsey about the strange foreigners. (Abford; Sunday, 16 Coins)

Amberites Don't Need Sleep: Solange and Folly catch up. (Xanadu; Sunday, 16 Coins)

The Road Home: Robin meets Lalal and rejoins her father; Reid and Papillon find Abford. (Arden and Abford; about Sunday, 16 Coins through Moonday, 17 Coins)

Moonday, 17 Coins

Moonday Morning In Xanadu: Celina awakes with a nightmare; Lilly breakfasts with Bleys and Celina; Solange talks with Gerard; Garrett awakes; Folly awakes and chats with Martin. (Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Leaf And Rock Lessons: Hannah Walks. (Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Sparring Central: Solange trumps the king and returns to Amber; Lucas talks with Gerard about Solace's condition; Brennan spars with Martin as the cousins watch. (Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Finding A Gateway: Conner and Thalia travel to Gateway; Adonis arrives in Amber and has an audience with Vialle, Paige and Brita. (Gateway and Amber; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Green Invasion: Conner returns with his mother; Paige and Adonis discuss the twins; Green trouble invades the castle and Brita attacks. (Amber; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Verdant Sacrifice: Solange returns to Amber and runs into trouble; Conner, Paige and Adonis go in search of the twins; Adonis sacrifices himself. (Amber; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Battle-Scarred: Lucas accompanies Brennan to the infirmary; in the Salle, Bleys receives a trump call, and the queen, from Amber. (Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Tending The Wounded: Celina carries a message to the infirmary; the wounded arrive from Amber; Martin and Folly clean up; Garrett looks for Martin, but finds Lucas instead. (Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Before Court: Garrett finds Folly and Martin in Folly's quarters; Lilly helps Vialle prepare for Court; Conner, Brita and Gerard interrogate Breeze. (Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

An Ascent Into Order: Lucas trumps, not very successfully, back to Amber; Solange checks in with Martin and Fiona; Lucas and Solange chat on the way to check on Lucas's children. (Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Unexpected Meetings: Meg checks the records; Ossian admires the church windows; Reid joins Ossian and Marius at the inn; Meg has another visit from Jaimesy. (Abford; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Hitting The Enemy: The skirmishes begin; Jovian talks with Kourin; Vere and his mother trump Gerard. (Isles of the Dannan; about Moonday, 17 Coins)

Gateway, Via Paris: On the way to Gateway, Jerod explores Paris and trumps Llewella, Fiona and Random. (Paris; through Moonday, 17 Coins)

Full Court Press: Brennan reports Adonis's death; Random holds court; as court ends, Dworkin arrives. (Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Ashes To Ashes: Robin returns to Amber; Lucas returns Martin's trump and gets a warning; Cambina helps Solange out of her armor; Brennan reports to Martin, and Robin checks in. (Arden and Amber; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Calls And Letters: Lucas trumps his mother, visits the stables, and visits with his children; Brennan catches up on his correspondence and talks briefly with Fiona. (Amber; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Rest And Recuperation: Celina helps Paige and the twins settle in; after some rest, Brita goes in search of art supplies. (Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

News Breaks: Solange tells Robin about Adonis; Vere and Jovian visit Lady's Town. (Xanadu and the Isles of the Dannan; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Receiving Room Reunion: Family members trump in to discuss the situation in Amber; Julian talks with his children; Fiona reports her findings; Lucas helps Cambina make Trump calls; Brennan shows Fiona and Bleys the note from Ambrose. (Xanadu and the Isles of the Dannan; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Mending Fences: Solange talks with Martin; Julian and Robin talk to Couth in the infirmary; Brennan trumps to Uxmal and talks with Ambrose. (Amber and Uxmal; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Ghosts Of The Past: Vere encounters looting ghosts; after court, the family talks with Random and Dworkin. (Isles of the Dannan and Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

With Teeth: Celina finds Soren's reverberator; Brita talks with Paige and the twins. (Xanadu; Moonday, 17 Coins)

Off To See The Wizard: Folly and Dworkin wander off to talk about trumps. (Xanadu and Shadow; Moonday, 17 Coins and beyond)

Patsy-Gab Confessions: After court, Garrett takes a stroll with Vialle; Hannah talks with Gerard until other cousins arrive; Lucas makes plans with Solace; Conner gets a written "confession" from Chi-Lin; Garrett does a bit of library research. (Xanadu and Amber; Moonday, 17 Coins and beyond)

Tirsday, 18 Coins

The Tristine Treasury: Meg visits the orphanage treasury; Ossian and Reid head for the orphanage; Marius seeks out Mistress Carper; Reid makes a tour of the church; Ossian and Reid examine the archives; Marius calls on Peter Carper and overhears news of an invasion. (Abford; Tirsday, 18 Coins)

All Ashore: Jerod and Rein arrive in Gateway. (Gateway; about Tirsday, 18 Coins)

Over The Rainbow: After an encounter in the treasury, Reid, Marius, Ossian and Meg flee Abford as the invasion begins. (Abford; Tirsday, 18 Coins)

Windsday, 19 Coins

With A Capital T: After receiving a letter from his father, Edan sets out for Amber. (Land of Peace, shadow, and Xanadu; through Windsday, 19 Coins)

Green Memorial: The family gathers to remember Adonis. (Amber; Windsday, 19 Coins)

The Beginnings Of Farewell: Vere and Robin reunite; Solange returns to the castle and confronts Gerard; Vere and Robin return to the castle; Brita blesses the cairn; Paige talks with Fiona; Brita talks with Conner, and Fiona joins them again. (Amber; Windsday, 19 Coins)

The Changing Shape Of Order: As the memorial breaks up, Garrett talks with Martin; Celina introduces Hannah to her father and brother; Celina speaks with Paige and the twins; Brennan approaches Benedict; Brennan and Lilly discuss enlarging the Order. (Amber; Windsday, 19 Coins)

The Other Side Of The Rainbow: Meg talks with Caine and meets the king. (Amber; Windsday, 19 Coins)

About Your Medical History: Hannah talks regeneration with Corwin, while Gerard talks with his children and Robin. (Amber; Windsday, 19 Coins)

Step Into My Parlor: Lucas returns to his quarters, sees his family off, and has visits from Lilly and Robin. (Amber; Windsday, 19 Coins)

Redhead Receiving Line: Edan meets Brita, Paige and the twins; Paige discusses the twins with her father; the redheads return to the castle; Conner sends notes and does a little scrying for lost relatives. (Amber; Windsday, 19 Coins)

Collegia Arcanum: Jerod visits the Chancellor of the Collegia Arcanum. (Gateway; about Windsday, 19 Coins)

Left To Our Own Devices: Celina talks with her brother; Lilly invites Robin to become a KCOR; Meg and Marius make plans. (Amber; Windsday, 19 Coins)

Homeward Bound: Garrett returns home; Brennan reveals Ossian's paternity. (Amber; Windsday, 19 Coins)

Puttin' On The Ritz: Paige writes notes and dreams; Lucas goes to Red Mill; Edan meets the Drummer King. (Amber; Windsday, 19 Coins)

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