Pre-Xanadu Logs

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Adventures Beyond Amber


Rebman Reunions: Vere meets a ghost; Jerod reunites with Carina and Rilsa; Vere speaks with Carina about his homeland. (About seventeen days after the Coronation)

Underwater Dinner: Vere and Jerod are summoned to dinner with Moire; after dinner, Jerod receives his father's Trump deck; Vere talks with Moire. (About seventeen days after the Coronation)

Day Dawns In The Deep: Jerod starts a new day by trumping Benedict; Vere talks with Captain Castor; Vere has lunch with Jerod. (About eightteen days after the Coronation)

Home Court Disadvantage: Vere and Jerod attend court; Vere spars with Castor; Jerod investigates Llewella's apartment; Vere meets with the archivist. (About eightteen days after the Coronation)

Research and Recovery: Jerod returns to the Palace to recover from his injuries; while convalescing, Jerod gets a little research done; Vere looks in on Jerod. (Through about twenty-three days after the Coronation)

Out From Under: Vere and his troops depart Rebma and journey toward Amber. (About four weeks after the Coronation)

Picking Up The Pieces: Jerod visits the Amber Embassy in Rebma and talks with his mother. (Four to five weeks after the Coronation)

Primal Pattern and Shadow

Brita Walks: Brita, Reid and Fiona trump to Corwin in Paris; Brita walks the Paris pattern and awakens Elsewhere. (About three weeks (??) after the Coronation)

Griffon-Tending: Hannah tends an injured griffon and meets Dworkin and Brita. (Three or four weeks after the Coronation)

Pyramid Song: Brennan journeys to Uxmal with Ambrose, fights Chantico, and dreams. (About three weeks (??) after the Coronation)

Brotherly Love: The morning following their return to Uxmal, Brennan talks with Ambrose about the past and the future. (About three weeks (??) after the Coronation)

Off Center: Brennan talks with Tayanna and trumps to join Fiona and Dworkin at the Primal Pattern. (Three or four weeks after the Coronation)

Story Time: Conner swaps stories with the Dey of Longtides. (Three or four weeks after the Coronation)

Altamarean Nights: Paige, Bleys and the twins go to Altamar. (Three or four weeks after the Coronation)

After Ragnarok: Brita returns to her homeland. (Three or four weeks after the Coronation)

Music Of The Spheres: Brennan continues talking with Fiona and Dworkin, then returns to Uxmal for some research and a brotherly chat. (Three or four weeks after the Coronation)

Paris Above And Below: Reid explores the city, meets monks, and has a catacombs adventure. (About four weeks after the Coronation)

Altamarean Moot: Brennan trumps to Bleys and Paige in Altamar; Brennan and Bleys attend the moot; Brennan talks with Paige. (About four weeks after the Coronation)

Attacked By Pirates: Conner and Thalia sail toward Gateway. (Five weeks after the Coronation)

Asgard Revisited: Brita and Vidar bring Reid and Papillon to Asgard; Reid trumps Dworkin. (Five weeks after the Coronation)

Onward From Asgard: Reid and Papillon prepare to depart Asgard; Brita trumps to her mother in Paris; persistence of vision; persistence of time; Conner trumps Brita; Brita talks with her mother and Llewella. (Five weeks after the Coronation)

Race For The Prize: Solange seeks nanotech. (Five weeks after the Coronation)

Amber and Arden

Starday, 1 Coins

When Animals Attack: Robin and Adonis are attacked by a dragon in horse form. (Windsday, 12 Archer)

Arianrhod: Robin and Adonis meet Arianrhod. (Windsday, 12 Archer)

Swimming In Circles: Merlin and Celina continue their journey toward Amber without much success. (About three or four weeks after the Coronation)

Windsday, 5 Coins

Martin Returns: The latest dirt from the Amber Cryer; Folly and Martin return to Amber and talk with Gerard. (Windsday, 5 Coins)

More Library Fun: Garrett goes to the Amber Castle Library, where he meets Lilly. (Windsday, 5 Coins)

Yet More Library Fun: Garrett talks with Lucas and tries to check out a book. (Windsday, 5 Coins)

Dinner With The Prince: Martin summons his aunts, uncles and cousins to dinner to brief them on his father's status. (Windsday, 5 Coins)

After Dinner: Lucas joins Caine for drinks at the Naval; Garrett tells Donovan about his adventures in the library. (Windsday, 5 Coins)

Thirstday, 6 Coins

Breakfast Summons: Random returns and summons the family to breakfast; at the stables, Garrett helps Martin and Folly bring Merlin and Celina -- and their horses -- to Amber. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Breakfast With The King: Over breakfast, Random reveals his plans for Amber and Xanadu. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

After Breakfast: Merlin, Celina and Ossian chat, and are joined by Martin; Lilly approaches the king about a private meeting; Lucas has a visit from Shrike; Folly writes a letter to Julian; Garrett grooms the new horses and has a visit from Lucas's page, followed by Lucas. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Old Digs, New Digs: Jovian and Flora meet the dragonriders in their temporary new digs; Celina settles in; Lucas and Shrike ride to the Temple Quarter. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Old City, New Cousin: Ossian gives trumps of himself to Merlin; Ossian discusses the fate of Amber with Random; Hannah trumps to Caine; Garrett gets a horse for Martin and meets Hannah. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Random Encounters: Hannah meets the king; Lilly tells Random about Garrett; Encounter at Red Mill; Marius and Random discuss dreams. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Dressage: Garrett and Folly go for a ride. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Mermaids And Mirrors: Celina is visited first by Vialle, then by Martin. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Green Meeting: Adonis talks with Julian 'til they're interrupted by a trump call. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Angry Pork: Robin gets the wounded settled, goes boar hunting, and meets another goddess. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Confessions Of A Closet Juliani: Folly trumps Julian; Jovian and Adonis join the trump conversation; Hannah gets cleaned up and meets Folly, Jovian and Gerard. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Arden Family Reunion: Adonis continues talking with Julian; Robin encounters the presumed children of Calliste, and a floaty-woman; Jovian gets the dragons settled and trumps to his father in Arden. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Strong Medicine: Hannah and Gerard discuss his injury; Folly gets a Pattern lesson from Random; Hannah discusses Gerard's condition with Random and Folly. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Doctor's Orders: Martin and Merlin call on Lucas and Solace; a visit from the tobacconist. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Arden Family Spat: Julian bravely refrains from flicking his kids on the head as they recount recent not-entirely-shiny-happy sibling-irritating events. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Deadly Weapons: Garrett checks in with his father, then goes to the library; Ossian talks with Lilly; Ossian dines with Valeria. (Thirstday, 6 Coins)

Freeday, 7 Coins

After Midnight: Lilly pays Garrett a clandestine visit. (Freeday, 7 Coins)

Freeday Morning: Garrett awakes; Marius breakfasts with Lilly; after breakfast, Ossian catches up with Marius; Ossian asks a favor of Folly. (Freeday, 7 Coins)

Stable Unstable: Garrett calls on the King; Marius talks first with Ce'e, then with Caine. (Freeday, 7 Coins)

Bath and Bugle : Celina encounters Folly in the baths; Random and Vialle call on Lucas. (Freeday, 7 Coins)

Every Silver Lining Has A Dark Cloud: A trump experiment leaves Solace unconscious. (Freeday, 7 Coins)

Imminent Departure: What Celina, Lilly, Garrett, and Folly do before their departure for Xanadu. (Freeday, 7 Coins)

Lucan Diversions: Lucas and Ossian get very, very drunk; Lucas receives notes from Martin and Folly. (Freeday, 7 Coins)

Starday, 8 Coins

Father to Daughter and Brother to Brother: After the near-spat, Julian talks with Robin while Jovian talks with Adonis; Jovian confers briefly with his father and sister before returning to Amber; Adonis tends to Luke. (Starday, 8 Coins)

Starday Spiritwalk: Ossian and Hannah attempt a spiritwalk; Ossian and Lucas consult the cards; Hannah makes her rounds. (Starday, 8 Coins)

Ranger Reconciled: Robin and Julian read a note from Folly and make plans; Robin and Adonis find common ground. (Starday, 8 Coins)

Moonday, 10 Coins

Redhead Return: Paige, Brennan and Bleys return from Altamar; Brennan catches up on his correspondence and talks with Cambina; Paige receives a gift from Robin and visits with Merlin. (Moonday, 10 Coins)

Moonday Marius: Marius responds to Brennan's note; Marius draws cards; Marius has a late-night talk with Paige. (Moonday, 10 Coins)

Tirsday, 11 Coins

Civil Conversation: Brennan and Lucas discuss Brand's Trump collection. (Tirsday, 11 Coins)

The Quick And The Dead: Paige calls on Lucas; Random gets an update from Vista; Lucas receives news about Prudenter. (Tirsday, 11 Coins)

Courtesy Calls: Vialle secludes herself after the Anna incident; Hannah and Gerard check on Vialle; Lucas takes tea with Bleys; Lucas visits Prudenter. (Tirsday, 11 Coins)

Library Lull: Hannah and Brennan talk in the library. (Tirsday, 11 Coins)

Windsday, 12 Coins

Many Unhappy Returns: Vere reaches Cabra and trumps his father; Brennan meets with Caine; Jovian returns from Arden and catches up on his correspondence; Jovian meets with the king. (Windsday, 12 Coins)

Bloodflowers: Jovian and Brennan discuss Aisling, and Paige interrupts to ask about the firelillies; Paige and Merlin discuss the firelillies. (Windsday, 12 Coins)

Thirstday, 13 Coins

Vere Returns: Vere and his troops reach Amber; Jovian attempts to trump Fiona; Vere talks with the king; Vere talks with his father and Solange; Vere and Jovian make plans; invitations to a recital. (Thirstday, 13 Coins)

Freeday, 14 Coins

Freeday Fraternizing: Jovian's plans through the end of the week; Vere consults the cards; Brita returns to Amber and checks on Chi-Lin; Vere talks with Lucas; Brennan receives a note from Ambrose. (Freeday, 14 Coins)

Starday, 15 Coins

A Musical Interlude: Family members chat before the children's concert; after the concert, Lucas dances with his mother and Solange. (Starday, 15 Coins)

A Dance Interlude: Chatting and dancing continue; the dragons put on a light show. (Starday, 15 Coins)

After The Concert: After the concert, Brennan talks with Merlin; Solange and Vere talk with Hannah about Gerard's condition; after Vere's departure, Solange and Hannah finish their chat. (Starday, 15 Coins)

After Dinner Aperitif: Brennan and Brita play chess; Brennan writes a note to Fiona. (Starday, 15 Coins)

Sunday, 16 Coins

Settling Scores And Accounts: Brennan talks with Random about Firelillies and Dara; Solange and Lucas discuss Lord Hardwind's accounts. (Sunday, 16 Coins)

Blessings And Bookkeeping: The Convent's Kiss departs for the Isles; Solange goes over Lord Hardwind's accounts; Brita checks in on Chi-Lin; Paige brings the twins to meet Hannah. (Sunday, 16 Coins)

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