A few of my favorite links


Hypertext Webster Interface
Roget's Internet Thesaurus
Internet Movie Database
Fondren Library
Science and Engineering Databases (Fondren Library)
The New Hacker's Dictionary
The Digital Tradition Folk Song Database
International Lyrics Server
Movielink (444-FILM online)
Research Funding Announcement
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences
Texas Board of Professional Engineers
Dead People Server


Lager Rhythms!


Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Weirdness Test
Psychological Test
Nerdity Test
Dog Breed Personality Test

Women in Science and Society

Women and Computer Science
Bias Against Female Faculty at MIT
Gender and Culture in Picture Books
Women and Peer Review Study
Resources for Dual-Science-Career Couples
Amazons Links Page

The Academic Enterprise

Decrease in Tenured Faculty
Bio Online Career Discussion Forum

Star Wars

Star Wars Home Page
Star Wars Personality Test

Just For Fun

Internet Anagram Server
Zarf's Ex-List of Interactive Games on the Web
The Canonical List of WEIRD Band Names
Houston Zoo
The Urban Legends Page
Golden Books Home Page
The Oracle of Bacon
Purity Tests
The Official X-Files Site

Web Searching

Alta Vista Advanced Query
Ask Jeeves

My Friends With Web Pages

Andy Arenson
Charlotte Gruner
Sylvia Meredith
Rob, Gwyneth, and Camille Butera
Scott Kelly

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