Human Mage/Thief

STR 14 Stam 15
XXX 14 Musc 13
DEX 18 Aim 18
Xxx 18 Bal 18 (-2 Init bonus)
CON 17 Heal 17
Xxx 17 Fit 17
INT 18 Reas 20
Xxx 18 Know 17
WIS 15 Intu 17
Xxx 15 Will 13 (variable; 7 + d6) Xxxxxx
CHA 14 Lead 12
Xxx 14 App 16

Class: Mage/Thief
Alignment: Chaotic (Good/Neutral)
Race: Human/Jhoynian

Jhoynian (speak/read/write)
Trade (speak/read/write)


Character Name: Glee
Casting: Kate Winslet

5 mage/6 thief NEED UPDATES FOR BOTH
XP mage 1921+219+669+323+706+260+405+554+1342+1419+525+2430+2660+1164+1035+1906+1470+4946=23954 (next levels 40000/60000/90000)
XP thief 2158+219+919+323+656+280+455+254+1142+1319+425+2630+2260+1564+935 +1406+1310+3746=22001 (next levels 40000/70000/110000)
Hit points: 10 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 1 = 26 (d4/2 for mage, d6/2 thief)
Spell points: 40 (base) + 6
Spell costs: 1st level = 4 (8); 2nd level = 6 (12); 3rd level = 10 (20)
Max spell level: 3rd

AC: 10 - 2 (defense bonus) - 4 (balance) = 4
THAC0: 18 melee/16 thrown dagger (DEX adj for missile weapon)

1st level:
Audible Glamer (Illusion/Phantasm)
Change Self (Illusion/Phantasm)
**Force Bolt (Invocation/Evocation)
Friendspeak (Alteration)
Hold Portal (Alteration)
Phantasmal Force (Illusion/Phantasm)
Snapshot (Invocation/Evocation)
Identify (Divination)
Sound Bubble (Abjuration/Evocation)
Patternweave (Divination/Wild Magic)
**Magic Missile (Evocation)
Continual Light (from Richard's spellbooks)
Comprehend Languages
*Affect Normal Fires
*Unseen Servant

(Spells from Glee's "spell books", not yet learned)
Affect Normal Fires
Burning Hands
Charm Person
Chromatic Orb
Cloud Cushion
Color Spray
Comprehend Languages
Condense Water
Conjure Spell Components
Detect Magic
Detect Phase
Feather Fall
Find Familiar
Hornung's Guess
Irresistible Kiss
Kiss of Sleeping
Kiss of Wounding
Read Magic
Shocking Grasp
Spider Climb
Tenser's Floating Disc
Wizard Mark

(Spells from George Hunter's spellbook, not yet learned)
1st level:
Burning Hands
Color Spray
Comprehend Languages
Magic Missile
Eldron's Secret Writing
Unseen Servant
Read Magic
Detect Magic
Alter Item
Darkness 15' Radius
Knock (couldn't learn)

(Spells from Darrin's spellbook, not yet learned)
1st level:
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Reckless Dweomer
Wall of Fog
2nd level:
Baneful Deflector
Continual Light
Fog Cloud
Nonsensical Nullifier
3rd level: Alternate Reality
Dispel Magic
Fool's Speech
Wall of Sound
Wizard Sight

(Spells from Richard's spellbooks, not yet learned)
Book 1, Scrolls of Teaching:
Affect Normal Fires
Comprehend Languages
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Sound Bubble
Unseen Servant
Book 2, Book of Brandon Portman:
Detect Magic
Phantasmal Force
Read Magic
Tenser's Floating Disk
Unseen Servant

(Spells from Byron Thomas's spellbooks, not yet learned)
Older book:
1st level:
Read Magic
Detect Magic
Audible Glamer
Phantasmal Force
Change Self
2nd level: Improved Audible Glamour
Improved Phantasmal Force
Fool's Gold
Voice Mimicry
Knock (couldn't learn)
3rd level: Imitation
Dispel Magic
Spectral Force
4th level:
Phantasmal Killer
Improved Invisibility
Newer book:
1st level: Charm Person
Color Spray
Affect Normal Fires
2nd level: Fanfare
Locate Object
Dream Control
Fog Cloud
Guilda's Sneakabout Light
3rd level: Leomund's Tiny Hut
Hold Person
Wizard Sight
Explosive Runes
Monster Summoning I
Protection From Normal Missiles
Mirror Escape
4th level: Vacancy

2 c (shiny!)
630 gp worth of misc gems
200 gp amethyst
1000 gp star ruby
500 gp topaz
500 gp pearl
100 gp pearl x5
25 gp citrines x3 (from Byron's pouch of holding)
2c, 24s, 37g, 29p
Gems and coins (cashed in from first tower's haul), approx 2200 gp worth


3 Dagger
3 Thrown weapon

5x6 School access
10 Book in head
5 Read magic
-5 Occasional eek!
Chance to learn new spells = 95%

10 Defense bonus (+2 AC)
Improvable: (base % + (bonuses) + level points)
5 Climb walls 60% +(10) +10 +5 = 85%
5 Detect magic 5% + 10 + 10 + 15 = 40%
5 Detect noise 15%
10 Escape bonds 10% +(10) +5 = 25%
5 Hide in shadows 5% +(10) +5 = 20%
10 Handle traps 5% +(5) +15 +10 +10 +10 = 55%
5 Move silently 10% +(10) +10 = 30%
10 Open locks 10% +(15) +10 +10 +10 +5 = 60%
10 Pick pockets 15% +(10) +5 = 30%

3 Observation 6 (Rea +5/Intu +4) = 15
3 Tumbling 7 (Bal +5/Musc 0) = 12
3 Spellcraft 7 (Rea +5) = 12
4 Animal Empathy
3 Silent Language (Aim +5/Know +4) 17
(1 unused point +6 CP)

Stuff of Note:
4 Displacer-beast claws (very sharp!)
6 throwing daggers
1 iron dagger
Dog "Chewer"
Puzzlebox "spellbook" (on order from Mouse, 200gp owed)
A few mummy-bones from Linus (including knucklebones for a necklace)
2 1 continual light rock
1 magic crossbow bolt
2 pieces of jet (from smashed evil idol)
black wooden staff with smooth, dull surface (+1 staff of shadow-binding, usable by priest of Shaddick) Whacked by Egon, removed evil; now just normal staff
potion of healing (used on ferret)
remains of a ring, amorphously carved jet, inlaid symbol
9 cups and flagon, all gold (to give to villagers)
Ring with red stone and flames etched on the side (tracking device)
6-inch puma figure from diorama (5gp) (sent to be buried with Richard)
Hunter (3gp), weaver (3gp), boy (2gp), girl (2gp) figures from Panalian diorama (given to Baby)
Silver and turquoise amulet of protection from turning undead (Egon has matching one) (left on Amun-Re's sarcophagus)
Coral and shell beads (to add to the knucklebone necklace, plus an extra strand for a separate necklace)
Richard's spellbooks
Platinum "life token" of Judgement Fork
Decanter of Endless Water
Vial of scorpion poison (taken from desert scorpion)

Byron's stuff:
Belt-pouch of holding - weighs 15 pounds, holds up to 250 pounds with 30 cubic feet volume
Mortar and pestle (magical) - can grind even hardest material into fine powder in minutes (magical items allowed a save, if it fails it disintegrates)
14-inch long, 1/2-inch diameter polished wood stick (magical) - wand of enemy detection - medium number of charges (about 50)
Three scrolls:
Inaudibility and invisibility (6th level)
Wizard sight and charm person (6th level)
Fool's gold, misdirection x3 (6th level)
Two spellbooks (with spells up to 4th level)
Spell components for every 3rd-level or lower spell in the books
small silver horn
5 small smoke-bombs
square of fine black silk worth 100 gp

Necklace, usable by anyone, with three beads:
6 hd fireball Used by Ray against Shaddick followers
5 hd fireball Used by Sarda against Minotaurs
8 hd fireball
(can tell them apart by size of the ball)

2 Star gems (in belt pouch of holding)
Star of Mo-pelar: clear star sapphire from Amun-Re's tomb

When gazed through, enables the user to detect all hidden, illusionary, invisible, astral, ethereal, or out-of-phase things within viewing range.

Peering though the Gem is time-consuming and tedious. The viewing range of the gem is 300 feet for a cursory scan if only large, obvious objects are being sought, 100 feet if small things are to be seen. It requires one round to scan a 200-square-foot area in a cursory manner, two rounds to view a 100-square-foot area in a careful way. There is a 5% chance each time the gem is used that the viewer will see a hallucination, something that is not there, or possibly through some real thing as if it were an illusion.

Star of Agapalar: black sapphire with white star, many small facets
When touched to the forehead of a person for a full round, it will heal them. This effect only operates once per day.
Heal (Necromancy)
Sphere: Healing
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 rnd
Saving Throw: None
The very potent heal spell enables the priest to wipe away disease and injury in the creature who receives the benefits of the spell. It completely cures all diseases or blindness of the recipient and heals all points of damage suffered due to wounds or injury. It dispels a feeblemind spell. It cures those mental disorders caused by spells or injury to the brain. Naturally, the effects can be negated by later wounds, injuries, and diseases.

Stuff taken from Amon-Re's temple
26 gp
38 gp
From impaled magic-user:
3 translucent apple-green stones
Brown stone w/ blue, red & white stripes
3 pink w/green-grey (moss agate)
2 aqua w/ darker mottling
dark green, changes color
5 large deep blue stones, square cut
2 dark green stones w/gold flecks & black mottling (some sort of opal)
fiery red opal
17 gp, 4 sp, 11 cp all marked w/ face w/ almond-shaped eyes
scroll: partially used, still has unseen servant, erase (7th level)
scroll: partially used, still has knock, knock
scroll: partially used, still has invisibility, inaudibility, improved invisibility, improved inaudibility
thieves' tools (finest set I've ever seen) +10% on any task using tools
3 throwing-blades (5-sided stars)
straight-edged blade, only one side sharpened
wineskin filled with healing water of Athis

Description of Decanter of Endless Water:
This stoppered flask looks ordinary but radiates the aura of magic. If the stopper is removed, and the proper words spoken, a stream of fresh or salt water pours out, as ordered. There are separate command words for the amount as well as the type of water. Water can be made to come forth as follows:
Stream: pours out 1 gallon per round
Fountain: 5-foot long stream at 5 gallons per round
Geyser: 20-foot long stream at 30 gallons per round
The geyser causes considerable back pressure, and the holder must be well braced or be knocked over. The force of the geyser will kill small animals and insects (mice, moles, small bats, etc.). The command word must be given to cease.

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