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...would be played in the movie by: Bjork

Inspired By: My sensitive songwriter friends in all their not-quite-living-in-the-real-world glory; relationships made bittersweet by circumstances beyond one's control; the quirky charm and childlike sensuality that is Bjork

The Lowdown: Folly is a musician, the daughter of an insufferable-celebrity mother (who happens to be the granddaughter of Prince Julian of Amber) and an as-yet-unknown father who is also believed to be a prince of Amber. She is also the former bandmate and lover of Random, new king of Amber, and the current lover of Random's son Martin.

With Random's recent creation of a new Pattern and Kingdom of Xanadu, Folly now finds herself in a position of great power -- but vulnerable to political scheming due to her association with the king and his Heir Presumptive. Her biggest challenge may be to balance her warm and giving disposition with a practical dose of paranoia.

Genevieve McCaine

...would be played in the movie by: Christina Ricci

Inspired By: Christina Ricci's sardonic, strong-willed characters (DeDee in The Opposite of Sex, Wendy in The Ice Storm, Shelley in Pecker)

Quote: "Is everyone in this family a f***ing PERVERT?"

The Lowdown: Bastard daughter of Prince Caine and a dockside barmaid, handed off to be raised by Princess Florimel when she suddenly materialized in Castle Amber after the death of her mother, Eve is a surly, bored, sarcastic teenager looking for something -- anything -- more entertaining than boarding school and Aunt Flora's endless lectures on how to behave like a lady.

Lucky for her, an invasion attempt by forces from Chaos and the always-wacky fun of her murderous psychopath Uncle Brand's schemes are just the kind of entertainment she thrives on. Now if she can just make it through the apocalypse without getting too attached to anyone....

Emily LeMay

...would be played in the movie by: Cameron Diaz at her spazziest

Quote: "We should go to Australia. No one there hates us yet!"

The Lowdown: A ditzy blonde nightclub singer in 1920's Shanghai until the fickle finger of fate flicked her onto the trail of a demon-worshipping cult of unspeakable evil, Emily is a comic relief character who nevertheless occasionally accomplishes useful things. She's so cluelessly earnest that she can fast-talk her way into and out of situations without necessarily realizing she's not telling the whole truth. She has also proved extremely good at getting information out of slightly drunk Australian men. But even her unusually high sanity -- the girl is too naive to understand the evil she witnesses most of the time -- has been shaken of late, and she's ended up with a shiny new psychosis. But perhaps paranoia is just what she needs to foil the plot to end the world....


...would be played in the movie by: Kate Winslet

Inspired By: The River/Delirium archetype of a half-mad powerful being in the guise of a vulnerable girl.

Quote: (upon meeting the mute elf NPC) "Kitty!"

The Lowdown: Recently escaped from being the lab rat of a powerful mage, Glee -- a mage by training, a thief by necessity -- has been "hired" to join a group of adventurers -- mostly fighter-types -- running errands for a group called Exotics. Blessed with a formidable intellect but plagued by a spotty memory and powers she hasn't yet mastered, Glee isn't entirely sure whether she's been teamed with the group for their good or her own. And no one knows whether her recent captor perished when his tower fell, or if he's still out there somewhere, tracking the experiment that got away....

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