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Folly suffers a musical embarrassment

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A glimpse into the future: A Soldier's Tale (added 4 Oct 2005)

Game Logs

Logs from Robin's adventures are located on Leslie's site. Robin's Black Road adventure is also collected here.

Amberside pregaming logs are located here. (48)

Chaosside pregaming logs are gathered into three large text files here, here, and here.

Precoronation logs are located here. (96)

Logs from the Coronation to Martin's return from Xanadu are located here. (83)

Logs from Martin's return to the Grand Tour of Xanadu are located here. (72)

Logs from the Xanadu tour through the day of Daeon's funeral are now located here. (61)

Logs through early summer (end of Scales) are now located here. (69)

Logs through the end of summer (21 Boatman) are now located here. (113)

Logs from Cambina's funeral to the birth of Lark are now located here. (93)

It's big! It's heavy! It's... pixels? The log of current game activity is being kept here. It is, of course, in a constant state of flux.

Thirstday, 6 Dragon

Newest Littlest Cousin: After the birth of their child, Folly and Martin discuss names and talk about Merlin; Folly and Brennan talk before his departure from Benedict's castle. (Avalon; Thirstday, 6 Dragon)

Fitting for a Queen: Celina seeks Llewella's advice; Silhouette talks with a Rebman Archivist; Celina and Silhouette talk during a dress fitting. (Rebma; through Thirstday, 6 Dragon)

Just Dessert: Hannah looks in on Vialle; Paige trumps to Corwin in Paris; Signy visits the Navy offices in Xanadu and talks with Marius; Vere and Robin are summoned to enjoy dessert with Random and Vialle. (Xanadu and Paris; Thirstday, 6 Dragon)

Gilt for the Guilty: Jerod and Raven sail to Amber to prepare for their trip to Gateway; Jerod and Raven talk with Thalia; Garrett goes to Red Mill to try to find Silken. (Amber; Thirstday, 6 Dragon)

Starday, 8 Dragon

Dinner With The Klybesians: Lilly sets out from Avalon; Fletcher explores Castle Avalon; Ossian makes a trump for the Klybesian monks and prepares to depart with Regenlief and Adriano; Folly and Martin trump Merlin and learn about Saeth's intentions; Silhouette talks with Corwin about her mother, until they are joined by Ossian. (Avalon, Shadow, and Paris; Starday, 8 Dragon)

My Cockatrice Has No Nose: Edan talks with Julian about the Moonriders and follows the sextant to Arcadia in the Deep Green. (Arden and Arcadia; Starday, 8 Dragon)

Cave Trolling: Robin and Vere visit Scarlett's, collect Victor, and track Grimey into a cave. (Xanadu; Starday, 8 Dragon)

Sunday, 9 Dragon

Return to the Depths: Brita and Conner collect Huon from Gateway; Celina talks with Ambrose until Huon's return is announced. (Rebma; through Sunday, 9 Dragon)

Shadows in Methryn: Brennan scouts for Benedict, joins a mercenary band, and finds trouble in Methryn. (Avalon and Shadow; through Sunday, 9 Dragon)

Ceremonials: Huon comes before the Rebman court and talks with Celina, Conner, Brita, and Llewella about the terms of his confinement; Silhouette talks with Celina about her upcoming Patternwalk. (Rebma; Sunday, 9 Dragon)

Cave Wrestling: Signy descends to the cave on the way to Rebma with Tomat and Red Fox Claws, and has a dream encounter with Floaty Woman; Conner talks with the Rebman mages about scrying on Loreena; Celina talks with Conner, Llewella, Brita, and Ambrose about Huon. (Rebma; Sunday, 9 Dragon)

Doctors in Xanadu: Hannah talks with Brij about training as a medic and gets Kyril out of jail to help. (Xanadu; Sunday, 9 Dragon)

News From The Mountain: Folly, Fletcher and Martin hold down the fort in Avalon, receive news from Brennan about the plot in Montparnasse, and trump Benedict. (Avalon; Sunday, 9 Dragon)

Moonday, 10 Dragon

Who's Your Mommy?: Ossian talks with Regenlief about the father of her child; Garrett brings Heap to Paris to look for Silken; Ossian trumps Random to break the news about Reid, and makes plans to return to the Klybesians; Garrett has tea with Florimel and inquires about Silken's whereabouts. (Paris; through Moonday, 10 Dragon)

Pattern Silent, Pattern Deep: Signy completes her descent into Rebma with Red Fox Claws and Tomat; Silhouette walks the Rebman Pattern while Celina, Brita, Conner, and Ambrose watch and discuss Patterns and Mirrors. (Rebma; Moonday, 10 Dragon)

Spinning Brass: Raven returns to her mother's old house and finds men breaking in; Raven asks Caine about the strange object she found in her mother's house. (Amber; Moonday, 10 Dragon)

The Road to Weirmonken: Jerod enlists the support of his father's Weir against Gateway. (Weirmonken; Moonday, 10 Dragon)

Unraveling Consult: Hannah works with Brij and Kyril to check on the Xanadu clinics; Raven trumps to report to the king in Xanadu, where they are joined by Jerod and Ossian. (Xanadu; Moonday, 10 Dragon)

Oh For a Gate of Fire!: Vere and Robin ride into Arden until they encounter another rider; Edan talks with Paige via Trump, meets Vere and Robin, and gets a trump call from Hannah. (Xanadu and Arden; Moonday, 10 Dragon)

The Green of My Heart is a City: Brita chats with Ambrose; Celina welcomes Signy to Rebma. (Rebma; Moonday, 10 Dragon)

Mountain Turbulence: Brennan investigates as Corsairs try to invade Montparnasse. (Avalon; Moonday, 10 Dragon)

Tirsday, 11 Dragon

Follow the Green Grass Road: Hannah talks with her father about her pregnancy and his chances on the Pattern; Vere and Robin report to Julian; Vere looks after the firelizards while Robin talks with Julian. (Xanadu and Arden; Tirsday, 11 Dragon)

In For a Penny, In For a Pound: Edan journeys to Ygg, where he finds a raven and talks to grackleflints; Edan returns to Xanadu and reports his findings to Random. (Ygg and Xanadu; Tirsday, 11 Dragon)

We Only Want Your Body: Jerod, Raven, and Ossian travel to a monastery of the Klybesian monks to retrieve Reid's body. (Shadow; Tirsday, 11 Dragon)

Fit the Fourth: Brennan foils the castle invasion plan and captures a Maghee hedge wizard; Fletcher, Folly, and Martin discuss family history. (Montparnasse and Avalon; Moonday, 10 Dragon)

No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Surf: Brennan parleys with the Corsairs and prepares to interrogate the Maghee wizard; Folly has breakfast with Martin and Lark until she gets a trump call from Brennan; Brennan peruses the Maghee's prayer book. (Montparnasse and Lauderville; Moonday, 10 Dragon)

Six Eyes are Better Than Two: Robin talks with Fiona, who consults with Brennan about her situation; Robin takes the Primal Pattern. (Shadow; Tirsday, 11 Dragon)

Moonday, 3 Warrior

If I Had a Hammer: Brita and Conner talk with Silhouette after her Patternwalk; Silhouette talks with Huon; Celina works in a mirror workshop; Silhouette talks and shops for fabric with Llewella; Signy sets up shop and takes on apprentices. (Rebma; through Moonday, 3 Warrior)

Kelp! I Need Somebody: Brita and Conner explore the kelp forest of Nedra. (Nedra; through Moonday, 3 Warrior)

In My Heart a Name: Celina talks with Silhouette and Llewella, and trumps Corwin. (Rebma; Moonday, 3 Warrior)

Tirsday, 4 Warrior

Monasteries and Hospitals: Raven and Jerod question a monk and continue to explore the monastery; Ossian follows a shadowpath to a mechanical room and takes a prisoner; Raven, Jerod, and Ossian report to Random. (Shadow; through Tirsday, 4 Warrior)

Code Wheels and Gauntlets: Celina talks with Ambrose about metaphysics and code wheels; Signy brings the gauntlet to Celina; Ambrose requests Signy's help in constructing an Uxmali code wheel; Ambrose and Signy seek Celina's permission to travel into shadow; Celina inspects Huon's rebuilding process. (Rebma; through Tirsday, 4 Warrior)

Wheel in the Sea Keep on Turning: Edan contacts Celina and comes to Rebma; Signy and Ambrose visit the smithy, and Edan arrives to ask about Tomat; Edan trumps to Llewella; Conner and Brita report their findings from the kelp forest of Nedra to Celina, Signy, and the rest of the family in Rebma, and Edan arrives bringing the news of Reid's death. (Rebma; through Tirsday, 4 Warrior)

Tea and Other Forms of Deadly Combat: Silhouette visits Paris and talks with Corwin; Silhouette talks with Flora about her conspiracy theory. (Paris; Tirsday, 4 Warrior)

Interrogation Room: Brennan questions the Maghee hedge wizard while Folly assists via Trump. (Montparnasse; Tirsday, 4 Warrior)

Joining the Rangers: Vere talks with Julian about joining the Rangers and trumps his father; Robin wakes after taking the Pattern, talks with Fiona, and returns to her father. (Broceliande; Tirsday, 4 Warrior)

Mama Couldn't Be Persuaded: After talking with Balen, Brennan gets a Trump call from Ossian about Reid; Folly tells Martin about the conversation with the Maghee. (Montparnasse; Tirsday, 4 Warrior)

Windsday, 5 Warrior

Red Tide Rising: Conner shows Edan around Rebma; Brita talks with Ambrose; Celina talks with Llewella and trumps Corwin to discuss news of Reid. (Rebma; through Windsday morning, 5 Warrior)

I AM a Merry Man: Vere patrols with the rangers, meets a ghost in the Green who asks him to carry a message to Julian, and talks with Estimaza. (Broceliande; Windsday, 5 Warrior)

Widening Gyre: Raven takes the Xanadu Pattern while Jerod and Random look on. (Xanadu; Windsday, 5 Warrior)

Klybesian Confessions: Edan talks with Signy and Tomat about the Klybesians. (Rebma; Windsday, 5 Warrior)

Jinn and Tonic: Edan dines with Silhouette. (Rebma; Windsday, 5 Warrior)

...And Sendeth Rocks on the Just and the Unjust: Brennan tracks the Bobbit worm and meets Benedict. (Montparnasse; Windsday, 5 Warrior)

Thirstday, 6 Warrior

Dear Uncle Bear: Brita talks with Celina about creating Rebman trumps, until they receive a call from Ossian to discuss the news about Reid; Signy and Ambrose set out toward Paris; Ossian and Folly trump to Paris to bring news to Corwin; Ossian trumps Silhouette to discuss a response to the Klybesian situation. (Rebma and Paris; through Thirstday, 6 Warrior)

There Is a Fountain: Robin tracks settlers in the Green and meets Ywain and Laudine. (Shadow; through Thirstday, 6 Warrior)

Order of the Lamp: Edan returns to Xanadu, talks with Random, and becomes a knight-commander; Edan talks with Ash and Michelle about the details of the new Order of the Lamp. (Xanadu; Thirstday, 6 Warrior)

Paris War Council: Ossian, Folly, Florimel, and Corwin hold a war council; Folly asks Corwin about his history. (Paris; Thirstday, 6 Warrior)

Writhing in Amber: Vere sails for Amber, finds a shadow Caine, trumps his father, and finds M in the real Amber. (Amber; Thirstday, 6 Warrior)

Freeday, 7 Warrior

As Above, So Woleb: Robin travels to a fountain beneath the waves. (Shadow; Freeday, 7 Warrior)

Freeday, 14 Warrior

Big Stick Diplomacy: Silhouette questions Lamell; Raven awakes and talks with Jerod about their plans for Gateway; Raven and Jerod sail for Weirmonken. (Rebma, Amber, and Weirmonken; through Freeday, 14 Warrior)

To Plot Against Monks: Celina, Brita, Silhouette, and Conner trump Brennan; Brennan, Celina, and Conner talk about methods of communication and the situation in Avalon. (Rebma; Freeday, 14 Warrior)

Arcadian in the Woods: Vere sets off for Arden with goods from Amber and encounters the Arcadian Adrastos. (Arden; Freeday, 14 Warrior)

There Were Six F's: Robin travels with Morgne to find the center of her realm, is joined by Vere, and tries to untie a metaphysical knot. (Shadow; Freeday, 14 Warrior)

Starday, 15 Warrior

Question Time in Avalon: Brennan talks with Trippel, Balen, and Benedict. (Avalon; Starday, 15 Warrior)

Code Wheels Keep On Turning: Signy and Ambrose set out into shadow to work on code wheels, and join Fiona for a trump call from Brennan. (Shadow; through Starday, 15 Warrior)

Something Bad Happened to a Clown: Brennan talks with Fiona via trump about Robin; Brennan encounters Cledwyn, now the prisoner of Sessile, and sets out with them to find a Maghee wizard. (Shadow/Avalon; Starday, 15 Warrior)

Marid to the Mob: Edan journeys to the Land of Peace to recruit knights and warriors. (Land of Peace; Starday, 15 Warrior)

Paresh the Thought: Vere, Morgne, and Laudine are separated from Robin and encounter Elder Germaine; Vere trumps his father. (Asir; Starday, 15 Warrior)

Lower Periscope: Robin and Ophiuchus find the sunken silver towers and an empty tomb. (Silver Towers; Starday, 15 Warrior)

Tirsday, 18 Warrior

From Weirmonken to Gateway: Raven and Jerod meet the count, set a challenge for the Weir to choose their team, and sail to Gateway. (Weirmonken and Gateway; through Tirsday, 18 Warrior)

A Merry, Wintery Way: Brita sets out through the Seaward, meets Rilsa, and hires on at Gateway with the sorcerer Walder; Jerod talks with the Port-Captain about trade. (Seaward and Gateway; through Tirsday, 18 Warrior)

Of Mirrors and Mayhem: Celina and Conner discuss mirror magic and talk with Teukros; Silhouette looks for information about Moire's departure from Rebma; Silhouette and Ossian make plans to hunt Klybesians. (Rebma; through Tirsday, 18 Warrior)

In Her Rebma Waits Invention: Celina, Ossian, and Silhouette question Tomat. (Rebma; Tirsday, 18 Warrior)

A Fam, a Plan, a Clan, Panadu!: Raven and Jerod (as Beam and Cambric) talk with Brita and Weyland (as Briena and Walder). (Gateway; Tirsday, 18 Warrior)

Road to Ballyhoo: Edan journeys with his new knights to Xanadu, makes plans for their introduction, and counsels Slim over a crisis of faith. (Land of Peace and Xanadu; Tirsday, 18 Warrior)

Inspections Above and Below: Vere brings Morgne and Laudine to Amber and gets a mission from Caine; Robin contacts Bleys to investigate the sunken towers. (Amber and Shadow; Tirsday, 18 Warrior)

Windsday, 19 Warrior

Round and Round: In Fiona's lab, Signy begins to study Brand's code wheels. (Shadow; through Windsday, 19 Warrior)

Painting an Audience Blind: Brita works on a trump as Weyland watches; Jerod makes connections as Master Cambric; Raven wanders the city listening for gossip. (Gateway; Windsday, 19 Warrior)

Hot Heart, Cold Lunch: Celina talks with Llewella about Pattern tutoring and finding Moire; lunches with Tomat and brings him to train with the archivists; and calls Caine. (Rebma; Windsday, 19 Warrior)

Off to See a Man About a Mermaid: On his way to Gateway, Conner goes to Paris and finds Garrett and Folly. (Paris; Windsday, 19 Warrior)

Off to See a Man About a Giraffe: Brennan takes Sessile and Cledwyn to see the Council of Sons of Ghee. (Avalon; Windsday, 19 Warrior)

Robin is the One that Interrupts the Morn: Edan talks with Random about his knights until they are joined by Vere; Vere asks Edan to spot for him on his Tir mission; Robin trumps to Llewella in Rebma, and the two of them trump Random and Vere to report on her recent adventures. (Rebma and Xanadu; Windsday, 19 Warrior)

You'll Never Guess...: Brennan trumps Folly, who is joined by Conner to discuss the Avalon situation; Celina trumps to Corwin in Paris, where they are joined by Conner, Folly, and a trumped-in Brennan to discuss whether Moire or her agents are in Avalon; Celina and Folly discuss Moire and Lark while Folly sketches. (Paris; Windsday, 19 Warrior)

Sometimes Words Have Two Meanings: With Edan spotting, Vere journeys to Tir and meets an unexpected presence. (Xanadu; Windsday, 19 Warrior)

Thirstday, 20 Warrior

Hedge Fund: Raven and Brita try to make hedge wizard friends in a bar by attending a mage fight. (Gateway; Thirstday, 20 Warrior)

Constitutional Peasantries: Ossian and Silhouette journey to the Land of Peace and attempt to flush out leads on the Klybesians by befriending some priests. (Land of Peace; Thirstday, 20 Warrior)

Scoped Out: Robin visits the stables with Sir Ophiuchius; Celina returns from Paris, meets with Robin to hear her story, and talks with Llewella about Lady Morgne and Huon; Robin talks with Llewella about the plans for Morgne and Ophiuchius, and about Ysabeau. (Rebma; Thirstday, 20 Warrior)

By Your Command: Celina checks in on Tomat; Robin and Celina receive news from Xanadu by trump; Celina and Llewella examine Robin with mirrors. (Rebma; Thirstday, 20 Warrior)

Ship of Thules: As a riot breaks out, Brita, Raven, and Jerod free an emuraptor. (Gateway; Thirstday, 20 Warrior)

We Sing in Praise of Total War: Conner, Regenlief, and Firumbras join Brennan in Avalon; Conner casts cards with Ramjollock; Brennan and Conner watch as the Maghee examine Cledwyn, then journey beneath the waves and find Bleys. (Avalon; Windsday, 19 Warrior)

Thule on the Hill: Brita, Raven, and Jerod, along with Weyland, pursue Dexamene and a Chaosian ice beast. (Gateway; Thirstday, 20 Warrior)

Exeunt Stage Left: Ossian and Silhouette find evidence of a Klybesian network and shadowpaths. (Land of Peace; Thirstday, 20 Warrior)

Freeday, 21 Warrior

Morning Has Broken: Edan and Vere return to the Xanadu stables and learn of the family summons; Edan returns to the Order compound and trumps Paige about the ball; Silhouette visits Solace and her children; Robin and Celina visit Ophiuchus to discuss plans for him and Morgne, and travel to Xanadu. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Well Met!: Vere trumps Caine and visits with Gerard, Garrett, and Fletcher until interrupted by Robin's return. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

How Long Has It Been?: Brennan, Ossian, and Regenlief have a family meeting. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Plans for Later To-Knight: Brennan and Edan have dinner and discuss the knights and Klybesians. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Cat on a Hot Tin Rufa: Conner visits Scarlett and receives surprising news; Conner trumps Fiona; Vere tells Robin about his adventures at Tir; Signy arrives in Xanadu and visits with Celina; Vere and Robin prepare for dinner. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Check and Mate: Brita, Raven, Jerod, and Weyland do battle with Gatwegian mages. (Gateway; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Dinner Gathering: The family begins arriving for a pre-ball family dinner; Brennan chats with Marius about the KCOR and their likely upcoming business; Celina talks of heirs with Merlin; Conner mixes a drink and talks with Ossian about the Klybesians; Signy talks with Silhouette about her attempts with the code wheels. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Dinner Greetings: Edan greets Corwin and Julian; Hannah talks with Garrett; Robin and Vere arrive and talk with Corwin, Julian, and Edan; Fletcher enters and talks with Bleys; Robin and Vere approach Brennan about a private chat. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Postcards to Zombieland: Folly trumps Martin and finds Lark, Solange, and zombies; at dinner, Edan joins Hannah and Garrett; Garrett brings Folly, Solange, and Lark to Xanadu via trump. (Shadow and Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Gatwegian Return: Celina and Merlin talk with Fletcher; Brita and Raven arrive from Gateway and join Ossian and Conner; Jerod arrives from Gateway and cleans up. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Balcony Conference: Vere and Robin tell Brennan of Vere's experience in Tir, and are joined partway through by Jerod. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

The Gang's All Here: Solange makes an appearance at dinner; Edan and Hannah continue chatting and are joined by Paige and Ossian; Signy talks with Marius; Raven talks with Gerard until they are joined first by Silhouette, then Lilly; Brennan and Jerod continue talking on the balcony. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Fly-By Hugging: Celina, Merlin, and Fletcher join Conner; Robin and Vere join Solange and Silhouette; Lilly talks with Corwin; Brita talks with Ambrose. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

A Shark Out of Water: Raven continues talking with Gerard; Garrett and Lark return and join them; Edan talks with Lark at the buffett; Hannah, Paige, and Ossian continue talking and are joined by Solange and Lark; Silhouette joins Lilly and Corwin. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Closet Raiding: Robin and Vere tell Soren what Vere saw in Tir; Conner and Raven play pool and discuss their family situation; Folly looks for her mother, finds Soren and Haven and Kyril, and learns Vere's news from Soren. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Lamp Party Arrivals: Family members begin to gather in the town square, including Brennan, Brita, Ossian, and Fletcher; Brennan and Lilly talk, and are joined by Fletcher; Signy arrives and talks with Marius; Robin and Vere arrive, talk with Victor, Max, Conner, and Abd-Allah, and are joined by Garrett. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Disco Inferno: Jerod arrives and talks with Valeria until they are joined by Ossian; Celina arrives, chats with Michelle and Huon, and is joined by Brij and Lark; Brita talks with Signy; Raven arrives and talks with Flora about her brother. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Good Intentions: Hannah and Edan chat as they arrive by carriage; Silhouette arrives with Corwin; Edan talks with Gerard about his intentions toward Hannah. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

Flying Murder Kittens: Paige arrives, tracks her misbehaving children, and is joined by Folly via trump; Hannah talks with Huon about his intentions toward her tribe; Garrett and Vere talk with Max; Robin and Conner discuss Tritons. (Xanadu; Freeday, 21 Warrior)

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